How Donna Works with Kids

I love bringing Energy Medicine to children. Children are closer to their instincts and can often feel the techniques working more vividly than adults. Many times, desperate parents have brought in a child whose ailments have stumped the doctors, yet when understood in terms of the energies being blocked or out of harmony, the path […]

Coping With COVID Using Eden Energy Medicine

Eden Method Team: Can you please tell us a bit about yourself?Shawn Doubiago: My name is Shawn Doubiago. I live in San Francisco, California. I am a professor of Comparative Literature, an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner, and I am currently training to be a Fundamental year teacher. I am also Donna Eden’s niece.EMT: Can […]

Matters of the Heart: Finding Soul Satisfaction in World-Class Athletic Performance

Two-time Olympic runner Robyn Meagher first became aware of the world of energy medicine during her years as a competitive athlete. “During my competition years, I utilized energy-based methods to support my own performance,” she shares. “It began with seeing a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine for acupuncture to treat my Achilles. I had exercise-induced […]