How Donna Works with Kids

I love bringing Energy Medicine to children. Children are closer to their instincts and can often feel the techniques working more vividly than adults. Many times, desperate parents have brought in a child whose ailments have stumped the doctors, yet when understood in terms of the energies being blocked or out of harmony, the path to healing becomes obvious. For instance, I was once brought an 18-month-old boy with a lung infection that wasn’t responding to antibiotics. His coughing had been keeping everyone awake for several long nights. As expected, his lung meridian was very weak, but the energy in his liver was also disturbed. His liver wasn’t processing the toxins being discharged from his lungs and also from the antibiotics that weren’t working. Sedating and then strengthening his distressed liver meridian was the key to rapidly overcoming his symptoms. Energetically, the liver meridian feeds the lung meridian, so once liver had been stabilized and was able to do its job, the lung meridian could hold its strength and do its job. The day following the session, the boy’s mother called to tell me his cough was gone, his fever was gone, and he wanted to eat for the first time in days. 

It was very handy for me to have Energy Medicine at my hands while my daughters Titanya and Dondi were growing up.  There was a period when Titanya was regularly getting sore throats. None of the usual remedies were working. Titanya is a fire element, and a sore throat feels like fire. The color of its energy is red. My intuition told me that if the red energy could be infused with green energy, it would neutralize it. Colors are important because they represent different vibrations, so if you can usher a needed color into the body, it shifts the vibration, the energy. I found a piece of green theatre film. The next time Titanya’s throat was flaring, I held the green film up against her throat and shined a light through it. Within moments, her pain started to decrease and was soon gone. I got a tiny flashlight that she could carry around with her, even to school. Whenever she would feel irritation starting in her throat, she would shine the light through the green film, and it would instantly calm it.

My daughter Dondi was experiencing a lot of stress when she was 12 and we had just made a big family move to another state. She was having to endure bullying in school and started to get daily stomach aches. I taught Dondi how to circle her hand over her stomach in a counter-clockwise motion. This pulls disturbed energies out like a vacuum cleaner. As happened with Titanya and the green light, Dondi started to feel better almost instantly. The technique was so simple that she could use it on herself anytime she would feel pain in her tummy, and that was the end of her stomach aches (it also helped with menstrual cramps).  It was an incredible gift to give a pre-teen – empowerment at one of the most vulnerable times in the lives of many young girls.

As the girls were growing up, there were many times that an energy technique saved the day. When Titanya, a natural dancer, started high school, she wanted to be on the drill team. But she couldn’t do the splits, which was a requirement, even after hours and hours of stretching and practice. I showed her acupressure points that relax the muscles involved, and she did a full splits for the first time that very day. She went on to be the only freshman to make her high school drill team that year. 

Dondi went through a period where she couldn’t fall asleep. She was having all kinds of pictures going through her head, some being so vivid about other people and other situations that it seemed to me that she was picking things up psychically that had nothing to do with her.  It was intrusive. I put a finger at the top of her Third Eye, her sixth chakra, and pulled downward toward the top of her nose. It was as if I was closing her Third Eye. The pictures stopped and she was soon deep asleep. I taught her to do this any time the pictures were upsetting or were keeping her from sleeping.

These are just a few examples of how Energy Medicine has helped children, often when other modalities have failed. It is never too early to start practicing Energy Medicine with your children. Teaching them these simple techniques will serve them for the rest of their lives.