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We all wear many hats at Eden Energy Medicine, and one of them is answering your questions. We are a virtual office with most of us working from our homes across the U.S., from Missouri to Oregon. We will do our best to answer your questions in a timely manner and look forward to connecting with you.

Most likely, your questions will be answered by one of these folks!

Katrina Hill
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Brittney Bass

Eric Stahlman
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Lori Kats

Please Read For Assistance With Health Related Questions

We appreciate that many of you are turning to Eden Energy Medicine in response to an often painful or frightening health issue. We welcome you with open arms to our Eden Energy Medicine community, where we embrace Donna’s mission to empower everyone to take better control of their health!

While our Customer Service Team is unable to answer specific health questions, there are many routes for getting help. A great way to start is by practicing Donna’s Daily Energy Routine. This easy routine encourages your body to do what it is designed to do: heal itself. For any serious health challenges issues, it is often necessary to address underlying energetic imbalances. If you can’t figure this out based on our online courses, a personal assessment by a qualified practitioner may be in order.

If you need further assistance with specific health issues, we recommend contacting one of our Certified Practitioners or learning techniques from one of our many self-empowering books and videos in our Eden Energy Medicine Store.

Due to her busy teaching and writing schedule, Donna Eden is unable to offer private sessions.

Use the information below to ask your non-health related questions.
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Customer Service:
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General Line:
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