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Donna Eden’s Certification Program

Receive Hands-On Training and Mentoring in Donna's Proven and Time-Tested Techniques and Become an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner!!

Donna Eden’s time-tested and proven healing methods are recognized and highly recommended all over the world. 

As a Certified Practitioner, you will be on the leading-edge of health care, providing some of the most effective healing techniques available today. Not only can Energy Medicine work in concert with Western Medicine, we’ve seen time and time again that getting a person’s energies into optimum flow and harmony was the missing ingredient for bringing about healing. And people who slip through the cracks of Western Medicine are often in need of a powerful alternative.

Afterall, that’s how it all started for Donna, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in her teens. She hit a dead-end with Western Medicine as the disease was progressing, and by her mid-thirties, as her organs were breaking down, she was told to “get your affairs in order.” She instead figured out how to work with her body’s energies to address her disease, and that was the start of what has come to be known as Eden Energy Medicine 

Fast forward 40+ years. She has not only remained symptom-free, she has built an entire healing method based on the energy techniques that got her well - a method that you can learn in her Certification Program so you are able to offer services to people in need of an effective path to healing.

Eden Energy Medicine is one of the most comprehensive healing systems in the world.

At its core is the principle that subtle, invisible energies are at the root of human health, behavior, and consciousness. And when you address health issues at their energetic root, the healing is lasting and profound.

One of the hallmarks of Eden Energy Medicine is that it doesn’t just focus on one particular energy system. Donna, with her ability to see subtle energy, has made a significant contribution to the field of Energy Medicine by identifying and integrating nine different energy systems. These systems are: Meridians, Chakras, Aura, Radiant Circuits, Five Rhythms, Triple Warmer, Celtic Weave, Electrics, and Basic Grid. In the certification program you will learn to mobilize all of these systems for profound and lasting healing.  

You don’t have “see” energy to become certified...

Since 2006, we have trained more than 1600 fully certified practitioners in Eden Energy Medicine. Our students come from all backgrounds and all walks of life - many of them discovering us through their own healing experiences with Eden Energy Medicine. We have accountants, lawyers, doctors, massage therapists, reiki masters, grandmothers, entrepreneurs, coaches, recent college graduates… 

One of the first skills you’ll learn in the program is “energy testing”. It’s a tool anyone can learn to get immediate feedback on how energy flows through the body. Donna loves it because it opens the work to everyone. You don’t need to be able to “see” energy to become an effective practitioner. These are skills anyone can learn and master in our program.

We’ve had 15+ years to perfect our teaching model.

Donna, together with her faculty, has worked diligently over the past 15 years to develop the very best energy healing curriculum. You’ll be guided, step-by-step, through a logical, well-paced progression of in-person training so you can grasp and master the techniques.

You’ll be trained by our top-notch, highly skilled faculty who will be dedicated to your personal development and eager to share what they themselves have learned and are applying with their clients. You will come to think of them as mentors - taking you under their wings to offer you training, guidance, and support.

We have 4 levels of training but you can stop after any level. Each level is taught over the space of a year and includes significant amounts of back-home practice and mentoring between classes. Classes are spaced so it is possible to keep your “day job”.  Each level is complete unto itself. To achieve certification, you must complete Level 2.

Here’s the training sequence:

Level 1: Fundamentals

Open the Door of Possibilities for You as a Healer!

Level 1 class
With over 50 class locations worldwide, these small, hands-on classes are an excellent way to learn the fundamentals of Energy Medicine in a very supportive setting. 

Level 2: Certification Training

Take Your Skills To The Next Level and Become an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner!

Our Certification level prepares you with the skills and confidence to run sessions and eventually open a practice. You'll leave this level as a Certified Practitioner, joining a growing number of healers bringing Energy Medicine to their communities. 

Level 3: Professional Skills Mastery

Develop Your Unique Style and Make Energy Medicine Your Own! 

Level 3 is about Mastery. We'll also show you how to lean into your intuition and handle the more challenging cases like cancer and heart disease.  

Level 4: Advanced Protocols

Explore the Deepest Layers of Eden Energy Medicine

Level 4 goes into sacred territory to work on the GRID and also shows you Donna's regression techniques. This is a very rewarding and deep level of training.