Fundamentals Year Teacher Training

For Graduates of the Eden Method Teacher Training Program (and Level 3) Looking to Advance Their Teaching Career. 

Become a Confident, Skilled, and Successful Level 1: Fundamentals Teacher!

Join Our Growing Number of Highly Trained Eden Method Fundamentals Trainers and Get The Skills and Support You Need to Thrive as a  Fundamentals Teacher!

Fundamentals Year Teacher Training

October 11 - 15, 2023
San Diego, California

The 2023 Application has closed

Have you dreamed of bringing Eden Energy Medicine training to your community?

Do you want to expand your Eden Energy Medicine career opportunities so you can earn a living following your passion for Eden Energy Medicine?

We've got you! Our Fundamentals Year Teacher Training program is designed to set you up for success.

Imagine running a Fundamentals class in your area. You're well trained and confident after going through our program. You have our curriculum and handouts. Your self-care is a given. Your classes are listed on our website. Your students are loving your classes (just like you loved Fundamentals) and pretty soon, word gets out and you become the "go-to" energy expert in your area.  

Just imagine how great that would feel.

As an Eden Method Teacher Training AND Level 3 Graduate, you are eligible to apply for the Fundamentals Year Teacher Training!  (Application details below.)

Fundamentals Year Teacher Training Details

The Fundamentals Year Teacher Training is a 5-day class that builds on the tools and techniques learned during the Eden Method Teacher Training training.

Graduates of the Fundamentals Year Teacher Training are eligible to teach their own Level 1 Fundamentals classes anywhere in the world and are also eligible to be considered as candidates for EEM Faculty positions.

The faculty for the Fundamentals Year Teacher Training class are all highly-rated, senior teachers from EEM. They are also experienced Level 1: Fundamentals Classes teachers, so they bring a wealth of knowledge to this training.

Our Goal is to Prepare You To Run Fundamentals Classes That Feel Great to You and Your Students!

The goal of the Fundamentals Year Teacher Training is to help prepare select Eden Method Teacher Training graduates to run and teach a 4-day class of detailed EEM material 4 times a year. A special mix of EEM knowledge, teaching skill, energetic strength, and stamina is needed to teach the Level 1: Fundamentals Classes.

Fundamentals Year Teacher Training focuses on preparation to teach EEM material in the Level 1: Fundamentals Classes. Students who successfully complete this training, as well as all required student teaching and supervision elements, are eligible to teach their own Level 1: Fundamentals classes and are eligible to be considered as candidates to join the EEM Faculty.

It is our intention and hope that all applicants have ample self-care and self-awareness practices as well as a deep and resounding dedication to the work.

What You'll Learn During Your In-Class Training 

The Fundamentals Year Teacher Training class provides the tools and techniques necessary to teach the advanced-level topics covered in the Level 1: Fundamentals classes.

You will learn:

  • How to excel as a teacher, trainer, and business person so you can build a successful career.
  • How to respond well under pressure and breeze through Q&A sessions so you can handle whatever questions come your way.
  • Techniques to help keep your students engaged and interested over the 4 days of classes. 
  • Ways to manage energetic problems that arise in classes so your classes don't get derailed.
  • Time management techniques so your classes run smoothly and end on-time and you don't get burned out.
  • Self-care practices to keep you and your students centered, grounded, and clear during class.
  • Tools to lead on-stage demos with clarity and ease that will inspire your students.
  • Administrative functions necessary to partner with Innersource so you get the support you need to run a great class.
  • Hints for working with teaching assistants so you can make the most out of their presence in class.

The EEM Faculty involved in this training help students gain the experience and knowledge needed to run highly successful Level 1: Fundamentals Classes.

Real-World Practice With Guidance and Support!
The Year-Long Mentoring and Internship Phase

After the in-person FYTT class, those who have excelled in class and in their post-class requirements will be invited to the next phase of the training, the year-long internship process. Internships will be assigned based on student readiness and mentor availability. Students may not intern with their Level 1 teacher.

The Mentorship Phase

The first mentor is your small group leader from the Fundamentals Year Teacher Training class. In the 3 months after class, you are required to teach at least three Introductory 1-Hour Energy Medicine Classes and to submit a teaching video to your mentor. Your small group leader supports you in this process, helps with venue selection, marketing, and other issues relevant to running successful classes. Your small group leader also goes over the teaching evaluations from your initial classes with you. You have two hours of mentoring with your small group leader.

The Internship Phase

The second mentor is a current Level 1: Fundamentals Authorized Teacher. Every Fundamentals Year Teacher Training student is required to serve as an Intern in four sequential classes of an established Level 1: Fundamentals training. The teacher of these Level 1: Fundamentals classes serves as a second mentor.

As an intern, you will teach from the stage during the Level 1: Fundamentals Classes, gain on-site experience with the class material, and assist a seasoned Level 1: Fundamentals Authorized Teacher in handling the myriad of details necessary to run a successful program. During this Internship year, you will also focus on the details involved in the relationship between the teacher and Innersource.

Interns receive four hours of mentoring and feedback from their Fundamentals Year Teacher Training mentor: one hour per class for Classes 1-4. Interns are also required to complete an hour of mentoring on administrative procedures.

Interns are eligible for placement after all class and post-class requirements are completed at a high level of competency. When it’s time to choose a location to intern, students should contact the FYTT Class Administrator to meet and discuss options and recommendations. Students may not intern with their Level 1 teacher.

Placement is ideally about having students work with a mentor who can model and teach to the student’s growth edges. So, it’s about skills and experience, but also about the rhythm and strengths of the mentor and how those will support the intern’s growth. The FYTT Class Administrator, having seen the teaching skills of each intern, makes recommendations and approves placements based on what skills the intern needs to see modeled, what strengths the mentor offers, and the best fit for all involved. 

Graduation Requirements

To graduate from the Fundamentals Year Teacher Training, students must:

  • Attend all hours of the Fundamentals Year Teacher Training class time.
  • Complete in-class teaching assignments with a strong skill set.
  • Teach at least three 1-hour EM classes.
  • Complete all mentoring hours by the assigned due dates. 
  • Serve successfully as an Intern in four consecutive Level 1: Fundamentals classes.
  • Receive glowing evaluations from your mentors.
  • At the end of each step, you will need the official approval of your mentor and the class administrator in order to continue your training. Students who need more training may be required to schedule additional teaching and mentoring in order to be ready to move to the next level.

Once these requirements have been successfully completed, students will be asked to obtain:

  • A Letter of Assessment from their Fundamentals Year Teacher Training small group leader.
  • A Letter of Assessment from their internship mentor, the Level 1: Fundamentals Authorized Teacher.

Innersource will, in some instances, also require students to provide videos of themselves teaching Level 1: Fundamentals-level material or participate in an online session with selected Innersource faculty to assure competency with Level 1: Fundamentals-level material prior to graduation. Additional training and/or supervision may be required of some students before they graduate.

Graduates of Fundamentals Year Teacher Training will be eligible to teach and promote official Level 1: Fundamentals classes and list those classes on the Innersource website. Fundamentals Year Teacher Training graduates will also be eligible to be considered as candidates to join the EEM Faculty when vacancies exist.

Fundamentals Year Teacher Training Tuition

Registration for Fundamentals Year Teacher Training is by an application process in the selected years that Fundamentals Year Teacher Training takes place. The 2023 tuition for this important 5-day training is $2895. This includes the interactive class instruction, after class supervision by your small group leader, and a full year of mentorship and internship in current Level 1: Fundamental classes.

Payments for any extensions and/or extra required mentoring are the responsibility of the student.

Students can expect to pay the following in Fundamentals Year Teacher Training:

To Innersource:

  • Tuition for the class
  • Late fees, paid extra mentoring, missed class time fees, extension fees, and other fees may be required in special cases.
  • Active EEM Practitioner status is maintained by renewing your EEM Continued Training Certificate via attendance of Continued Training courses
  • The above certificate and a current liability insurance policy are required to maintain a practitioner listing on the Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner Directory

To Other Agencies:

  • Hotel, Transportation, and Meals per class
Registration and Payment Methods:

Registration is online. After completion of an application process, accepted applicants will receive an email containing a link to the online registration form for this class.

We accept major credit cards and PayPal on our online registration form.

Pay Pal users: You will receive a PayPal invoice within 48 hours after submitting your registration form with PayPal selected as your payment . Your registration will not be considered complete until PayPal (or other) payment is received. Thank you!

Fundamentals Year Teacher Training Application

The application for Fundamentals Year Teacher Training has closed for 2023.

The elements listed below are to be compiled and submitted on an online application form. It is a lengthy process, so we recommend starting as soon as possible.

Application Elements

  • EEM Educational Prerequisites
  • Information Regarding Use of EEM
  • Self-Care
  • Statement of Intent about why you want to teach Level 1: Fundamentals
  • Three Letters of Recommendation

Before you start filling out the application, please look over these elements and instructions. Gather all the information and documents you will need to complete the application. Also, write your longer answers in separate documents in advance and then either copy and paste them into the application or upload them (as specified on the form) to prevent the form from timing out and having to start over.

1. EEM Prerequisites

To qualify to apply for Fundamentals Year Teacher Training, you must have completed Level 1: Fundamentals, Level 2: Certification Training, and Level 3: Professional Skills Mastery, as well as successfully completing Eden Method Teacher Training.

2. Information Regarding Use of EEM

As part of your application, you will be asked some simple questions regarding how you use EEM with others (i.e. about your EEM practice, teaching EEM, being a TA in EEM classes, etc.).

While experience with an EEM practice is usually the most frequent route for gaining the necessary proficiency with EEM, we acknowledge that this may not always be the case.

3. Self-Care

A. You will be asked to describe the modalities you have explored to assist in your healing and self-development, as well as some of the self-care activities you practice.

We're interested in the tools you have developed to ground and center yourself, and how you have explored your own healing adventure. The question is not a test or a resume, but is designed to have you assess and explain how you are taking care of your own energies and how you are walking in the work. Simply talk a bit about what you do to help you stay grounded: EEM daily routine, other energy practices, exercise, music, meditation, journaling, dancing, etc.

Speak briefly in regard to any healing modalities you may have explored when working with the issues in your own life, including what worked for you (or didn't) and why: Energy sessions, acupuncture, homeopathy, psychotherapy, lessons/classes in any art form, etc.

B. You will be requested to indicate if you have had Grid and/or Regression work done, and if you have, to please list the practitioner and the date. (This is not a prerequisite for joining Fundamentals Year Teacher Training.)

C. You will be asked to explain what kind of regular session support you receive. Applicants need to have received at least 4 sessions in the last 6 months with an EEM practitioner (remote sessions count towards this total).  Please list the practitioner and the date.

4. Three Letters of Assessment (The 4th Letter of Assessment is optional)

Applicants are required to have three Letters of Assessment submitted, specifically discussing the applicant's readiness to join Fundamentals Year Teacher Training.

  • One letter from your Eden Method Teacher Training supervisor stating your readiness to undertake the Fundamentals Year Teacher Training.
  • One letter from your Level 3 Class 1 mentor.
  • One letter from your Level 3 Class 2 mentor.
  • One additional letter from an additional faculty member or someone familiar with your teaching skills. (optional)

Before you submit your Fundamentals Year Teacher Training application, please contact the people who have agreed to provide your Letters of Assessment and verify that they have submitted their letters using our online forms. All Letters of Assessment must be submitted using our online forms as indicated below. Applications will not be considered until all Letters of Assessment have been received.

Email the faculty members who be providing letters for you to request that they fill out and submit Innersource’s online Letter of Assessment form for you. Faculty members can access the form which is located in the FYTT Faculty Resource Center on EEM Central. For easier reference here is the direct link to the form: If you do not know the email address for a selected faculty member, please email [email protected]

Out of respect for faculty schedules, please email your faculty requests early in the process; give them at least a week’s notice to compete the form.

Also, if you choose to add the optional fourth Letter of Assessment from someone familiar with your teaching, please email them this link to the Fundamentals Year Teacher Training Assessment Form, so they can submit it to us. Here is the link:

All Letters of Assessment MUST be received by Innersource before the application deadline.

Application Form

The application for Fundamentals Year Teacher Training has closed for 2023.

Dates and Times

The dates for the 2023-24 class in San Diego, California are October 11 - 15, 2023.

Class begins daily at 9am. On days 1 – 4, we’ll have lunch from 12 – 2pm and will end at 6pm. On the final day, we’ll have a shorter lunch (1.5 hours) and will end at 4pm. 

A note on flight times: The final afternoon of class is an integral part of our curriculum and includes tracker demo presentations, which cannot be made up or missed. So please plan to attend class in its entirety. When making reservations for flights, the earliest you would be able to leave the classroom is 4pm Pacific on the final day. Leaving the day after class ends is ideal.


After completion of an application process, accepted applicants will receive an email containing a link to the online registration form for this class.

Payment Methods

We accept major credit cards and PayPal on our online registration form.

Pay Pal users: You will receive a PayPal invoice within 48 hours after submitting your registration form with PayPal selected as your payment . Your registration will not be considered complete until PayPal (or other) payment is received. Thank you!


The location of the 2023 Fundamentals Year Teacher Training class will be at the Hilton San Diego Airport/Harbor Island Hotel in San Diego, California. 

Located on San Diego Bay, the elegant Hilton San Diego Airport/Harbor Island hotel provides unmatched comfort and service. This hotel is located just minutes from downtown San Diego and other well known San Diego attractions such as the San Diego Zoo, Little Italy, PETCO Park, SeaWorld. and the Seaport Village Shopping Center.

All accommodations are non-smoking. Each room has a balcony and comes equipped with a mini refrigerator, work desk, hair dryer, iron and ironing board, scald-proof shower/tub, LCD TV, free WiFi, and a Hilton Serenity Bed which features luxurious, allergen-free down comforter and pillows.

We have arranged a block of rooms at a discounted rate of $239/night plus tax.

Please click here to make, change, or cancel hotel reservations, or call the hotel’s reservations center at +1 619-291-6700 and refer to group code "FYTT". 

Reservation cutoff date is September 19, 2023; all reservations requested after that will be made on a space available basis and sold at best available rate.

Students are responsible for their own lodging.

If you do not have a roommate but would like one, we offer a Roommate Finder Forum.

Hotel Amenities

Amenities at the Hilton San Diego Airport/Harbor Island Hotel include free WiFi, an on-site restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, and room service, a beautiful outdoor pool, airport shuttle, fitness center, business center, pet-friendly rooms, digital key, laundry/valet service, on-site convenience store, safety deposit box, and a snack shop.


Fundamentals Year Teacher Training students will be provided the following on each day of their classes (Friday to Monday):

  • Morning modified Continental Breakfast
  • Morning hot beverage break
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon snack/treat and beverage break

All other meals are on your own.

Transportation Information

General Transportation

Students are responsible for making their own transportation reservations.

Airport Information

San Diego International Airport (SAN), 3225 N Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA.

Hotel Shuttle

For arrivals, complimentary airport (SAN) shuttle service is available between the hours of 5:00am-9:00pm. Once you have retrieved your luggage from the baggage claim and are at the Courtesy Vehicles area outside of each Terminal, please call the hotel (619)291-6700 to have a van dispatched. For departures to the airport a reservation will be required between 10:00am and 4:00pm. Service to the airport outside of these hours will be provided based on availability.

Ground Transportation

All major car rental companies service San Diego International Airport. Guest transportation is available through various taxi, shuttle van services (such as Super Shuttle), and ride shares (such as Uber and Lyft).