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Level 3: Professional Skills Mastery

Become a Confident, Skilled, and Intuitive Healer and Learn How to Provide Great Healing Sessions for Your Clients!

As an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner, you are now poised to put Eden Energy Medicine techniques and protocols into a thriving practice.

A good, seasoned practitioner knows how to weave techniques together, how to follow his/her instincts, how to tune-in, and how to get the best healing energy moving for the client.

And that's where Level 3: Professional Skills Mastery comes in.

Level 3 is designed to make you a confident and successful practitioner. It goes beyond the techniques so you know what to apply when and how to run a session from start to finish.

You'll learn from experienced practitioners. And you will do hands on work under their guidance so you can learn from the best, while developing your own unique style. It could be described as an apprenticeship.

And in the words of students, it's the year where "it all came together."

Level 2 was receiving information and learning. Level 3 was putting that knowledge into practice with mentors guiding me along the way. I did not feel confident to do the work that I learned after finishing Level 2, but about half way through Level 3, I remember gaining confidence and even telling a friend, "I'm good at this!"

Christy Freeborn
Level 3 Graduate

A Message from Donna about Level 3

In speaking about Level 3 ("Clinical Practicum"), Donna says, "I would like you to have the experience of truly owning Energy Medicine!"

In the Level 3: Professional Skills Mastery

  • Observe Senior Practitioners giving complete sessions so you can see how to run a great healing session from start to finish.
  • Give and receive at least two sessions with supervised feedback so you get to go beyond theory into actual hands-on practice running a session.
  • Participate in small group demonstrations so you can have an opportunity for personalized instruction.
  • Get hints, tips, and guidance for running sessions so you gain confidence in your skills.
  • Mentor with a senior EEMCP faculty member for a year so you can continue to grow even after class ends.
  • Participate in occasional Q&A sessions with Donna Eden that will get your questions answered and take your knowledge to a new level.

The First Two Levels Gave You The Basics,
Now It's Time Make Eden Energy Medicine Your Own!

Level 3: Professional Skills Mastery gives you the mentoring and guidance you need to make Eden Energy Medicine your own. By the end of Level 3, you'll know how to run an excellent healing session and be on your way toward a thriving practice.

During Level 3: Professional Skills Mastery:

  • You will watch senior practitioners do sessions from start to finish.
  • You will see all their tips and tricks, how they sense the energy, what they do with that energy, and how they make the protocols and procedures that were taught in the first two levels their own.
  • You will find a breadth and a depth to these techniques that you never saw before.

Watch a Student Testimonial

Level 3: Professional Skills Mastery Qualifies for 26 Continued Training (CT) Hours per Class!

Level 3: Professional Skills Mastery Scholarship

Thanks to donations from the many generous hearts within the Eden Energy Medicine community, we are able to maintain an EEM Scholarship Fund.

Our Scholarship Program is available to Level 3: Professional Skills Mastery students. Each year, the Energy Medicine Institute runs a scholarship drive so that students who may not otherwise be able to attend our Level 3 program can receive financial aid.

Scholarships cover half the cost of tuition for the entire year. Applicants must submit an online application form in order to be considered for a scholarship. Due to the limited nature of the scholarship funds, not all students who apply will receive a scholarship.

For the 2020-21 school year, the application deadline is March 31, 2020.

The 2019-20 Level 3: Professional Skills Mastery Class Registration is Open in both the US and Europe!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I know whether Level 3: Professional Skills Mastery is right for me?

Everyone will know more than I do. I haven't worked on many people.

How can I ever get 100 sessions done in a year?

What support do I get during Level 3: Professional Skills Mastery?

How is Level 3: Professional Skills Mastery different from the first two levels?

When do classes meet?


  • Students must be a graduate of Level 2: Certification Training.
  • It is advisable that Level 3: Professional Skills Mastery students have access to a source of potential clients or a network of friends and family members who are willing to have EEM sessions, so they are able to easily fulfill the session requirements of Level 3.
  • Since Level 3: Professional Skills Mastery draws on the knowledge base of Levels 1 and 2, it is recommended that Level 3: Professional Skills Mastery students review the course materials from those previous levels prior to attending class.
  • If incoming students feel they need help in preparing for Level 3: Professional Skills Mastery, they are encouraged to work with a study group or mentor to ensure comfort with the materials before attending Level 3.

During Each Class

Level 3: Professional Skills Mastery provides an opportunity to review, refine, and expand your EEM skills. As part of the class experience, Faculty Clinical Practitioners demonstrate full sessions incorporating basic skills, energy testing, energy tracking, intuitive energy following, advanced techniques, and new protocols.

Level 3: Professional Skills Mastery students are introduced to select Advanced Topics and Protocols. During Level 3, one class covers Heart Health and Healing, and the other deals with Energy Medicine and Cancer. Handouts are provided, the topics are taught from the stage, and students watch a demo session using the newly learned protocol.

Throughout Level 3, students are encouraged to go deeper into the intuitive nature of energy work by exploring the subtle connections between “knowing” and “testing” the energies. By watching class demo sessions and participating in small group discussions and demos, students are challenged to develop an advanced “practitioner mind” that integrates intuition with basic EEM material, new techniques and skills, and enhanced energy tracking.

After Each Class

The essential ingredient in developing proficiency is lots and lots of practice. While students are expected to do an average of two documented EEM sessions per week (for a total of 100 documented EEM sessions over one year), we encourage students to expand that to three or four EEM sessions a week while in Level 3: Professional Skills Mastery.

Students will receive two additional hours of mentoring time (per class) from their faculty mentor to receive feedback and ask questions. A total of four hours of one-on-one mentoring is provided during Level 3: Professional Skills Mastery. The four hours of consultation can be done by phone, in person, email, or Skype conversations. Additional time may be arranged between you and your faculty mentor at the rate of $100 per hour.

While in Level 3: Professional Skills Mastery, you will give six live or Skype sessions which are watched by your faculty mentor, three after each class. These sessions may be written up and included in the 100 sessions required during Level 3. Each of these live or Skype sessions will be about 60 minutes in duration. Video taped demonstrations will not be accepted. The three live or Skype sessions, as well as the two hours of consultation, must be completed with the faculty mentor from your last class so there is continuity in the mentoring process, and may not be carried over.

Note: If you do not have an established EEM practice where you can comfortably give two EEM sessions per week, we suggest that you find "sponsors" during your time in Level 3: Professional Skills Mastery. This is particularly helpful for students who have limited access to clients. Sponsors are individuals who receive EEM sessions from you as part of your training, usually at a discounted rate that allows them to receive more sessions than they could normally afford. They have the opportunity to receive regular sessions, help sponsor your training, and participate in bringing EEM to their community.

Graduation Requirements

To complete Level 3: Professional Skills Mastery, you must:

  • Attend both Level 3: Professional Skills Mastery classes.
  • Document an average of 2 EEM sessions per week (for a total of 100 sessions) and submit that documentation using online Level 3 session sheets.
  • Give six live or Skype sessions that are observed by your Level 3: Professional Skills Mastery mentor.
  • Receive four hours of consultation from Level 3: Professional Skills Mastery faculty mentors.
  • Complete all recommendations from mentoring faculty.
  • Carry professional liability insurance with Innersource named as an "Additional Insured Endorsement".
  • Complete all Level 3: Professional Skills Mastery class requirements within two years of beginning Level 3.

Other Benefits:

Graduates of Level 3: Professional Skills Mastery will have the opportunity to audit future Level 3 classes at half the cost of the current tuition. Our goal is to provide an environment where students can continue to deepen their work. Auditors will be able to watch demonstration sessions and receive feedback while giving sessions, but will have no between class requirements, will receive no after class mentoring, and will not receive a new diploma.

The hours spent in class during Level 3: Professional Skills Mastery count toward the Continued Training (CT) requirements needed to maintain your EEM Continued Training Certificate. If you audit Level 3 after graduating from it, these hours also count toward your CT requirements.