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Choose from a variety of online and in-person classes to begin to activate your self-healing abilities with Eden Method

FREE 1-Hour Classes

Introductory Classes Designed to Start Your Healing Journey!

These classes will give you practical exercises you can begin using right now to kick-start your healing with energy. Plus, open your mind to what's possible with Eden Energy Medicine. They are perfect for beginners.

In-Depth Online Courses

Activate Your Body's Self-Healing Abilities!

Donna has been teaching energy techniques for over 40 years. You just can't find a more authentic or experienced teacher out there. 

The body is designed to heal itself and these tools will get your healing process started.

Go in-depth into

In-Person, Hands-On Classes & Events!

We have small, personalized classes all over the globe. Whether you want to work on family or friends or continue into our Certification program, this is a perfect start. 

These classes are exceptional for giving you healing tools that will last a lifetime.

Plus in 2024, we are going cruising down the Danube! We will have at the entire boat to ourselves and enjoy historical Europe together!

Weekend LIVE ONLINE Classes

Our next class will be on Gut Health!
May, 2023 with Unlimited Access to Recordings

This class is currently being developed so details to follow. 

Stay tuned in April for more information!