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Choose from a variety of online and in-person classes to begin to activate your self-healing abilities with Eden Method

FREE 1-Hour Classes

Introductory Classes Designed to Start Your Healing Journey!

These classes will give you practical exercises you can begin using right now to kick-start your healing with energy. Plus, open your mind to what's possible with Eden Energy Medicine. They are perfect for beginners.

In-Depth Online Courses

Activate Your Body's Self-Healing Abilities!

Donna has been teaching energy techniques for over 40 years. You just can't find a more authentic or experienced teacher out there. 

The body is designed to heal itself and these tools will get your healing process started.

Go in-depth into

In-Person, Hands-On Classes & Events!

We have small, personalized classes all over the globe. Whether you want to work on family or friends or continue into our Certification program, this is a perfect start. 

These classes are exceptional for giving you healing tools that will last a lifetime.

Plus in 2024, we are going cruising down the Danube! We will have at the entire boat to ourselves and enjoy historical Europe together!