The Energies of Love

The Three Questions All Couples Should Ask:

  • How can I get my energies to bring out the best in my partner?
  • How can I help my partner’s energies to bring out the best in me?
  • How can we align our energies to enhance our love, passion, and joy?

Heal old wounds, sense new possibilities, and rediscover your love with the NY Times Bestselling The Energies of Love.

Connect with Renewed Passion and Affection

  • Learn how energy shapes how you argue, love, and want to be loved.
  • Optimize the flow of energy within yourself and between yourself and your partner.
  • Recognize that the differences between your energies are not only your toughest challenges but also your greatest strengths.

U.S.A Book News Relationship Book of the Year

New York Times Relationship Bestseller List

" of the most important books of our time."

Jean Houston, Ph.D.

"These are revolutionary ideas! I highly recommend The Energies of Love."

John Gray, Ph.D.

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Donna and David have taught hundreds of workshops that have helped countless couples turn their relationships around.

How to stop those painful arguments that lead nowhere!

Most of us can tell when we are locked into an unproductive argument with our partner. The energy is palpable and even though we know that we are most likely NOT going to argue our partner out of their position, we carry on until it escalates into some very painful places.

Donna and David know all about this in their 38 year marriage and have some very simple, yet powerful techniques to offer when you are at that point with your partner. Watch the video and find out what you can do!

"In fact the results were so remarkable, that my husband queried how we had been so at peace the last three days, with no disputes. I have even taken my husband through each step, teaching him the process. He was very thankful for peaceful solutions and interested to learn of more positive ways to interact with me."

"...wonderful practices for experimenting, understanding, and opening..."

Harville Hendrix, Ph.D.

"...a key to conscious evolution for both people and the planet."

Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.

"Is there anything new that can be said about love? Yes there is and you can find it in this remarkable book."

Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.

"An important book for anyone that wants to take their relationship to the next level."

Larry Dossey, M.D.