The Energies of Love

From  Renowned Energy Experts Donna Eden and David Feinstein Comes a New Model for Healing Even The Most Challenging of Relationships!

Heal Old Wounds and Rediscover Your Love with NY Times Bestseller: The Energies of Love

Donna Eden and David Feinstein have helped thousands of couple rekindle their passion with their revolutionary approach to relationships. 

Are You Longing To Connect With Your Partner?

Do you remember when you fell in love? The excitement. The eagerness. The closeness. Most likely you felt a deep connection with your partner and were eager to share life together.

Maybe you couldn't even get enough of each other.

Fast forward to the present and you may be wondering what happened to those feelings of closeness. For some couples a quiet distance builds. For others, it's constant conflict. You may even wonder sometimes how did we get here? It may or may not feel awful, but it certainly isn't what you hoped it would be when you started out.

Couples counseling is the route many people go. And although couples can find relief there, we have found that talk therapy can have varied success and take a long time to complete. Talk therapy alone often misses a key component to solving relationship problems. And that component is ENERGY. Your energy. Your partner's energy. And the energy of the two of you together.

The Invisible Keys To Relationship Success

All of us are born unique. And a big part of that uniqueness is determined by our underlying energy signature. This energetic signature is key to understanding yourself and your partner in a relationship. It determines how you move in the world, how you want to be loved, how you argue, how you connect. In The Energies of Love, you will learn your energetic signature as well as that of your partner (or child, or boss) and this knowledge is an invisible key to making things work in your relationships.

It's the key to understanding WHY you and your partner behave the way you do in relationship. Why one of you is quick to blame or criticize. Why one of you might shut down and lose your words in an argument. Why one of you might need space sometimes.

Once you gain this energetic understanding, things can begin to open up and soften between you and your partner. It's as-if the years of judgement and frustration get replaced with understanding and compassion. Now you have the missing piece to understanding each other without judgement. Blame gets replaced by curiosity. Old wounds and hurts can be repaired. Closeness can be restored.

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These are revolutionary ideas! I highly recommend The Energies of Love.

John Gray, Ph.D. | Author

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

... One of the most important books of our time.

JEAN HOUSTON, Ph.D. | Author

The Possible Human

Donna and David have been healing couples for over 40 years!

Asked how long they have been working on their new book, Donna Eden and David Feinstein smile. “Forty years: thirty-seven years doing the painful research and three years actually writing it.”

The book is about love and the invisible energies that shape a relationship. Their own relationship was, from the start all those years ago, a joining of unlikely and seemingly incompatible forces. The book begins, “If we can make it, we sometimes joke or half-joke, any couple can make it.”

The Energies of Love is a comprehensive resource designed to help couples overcome the obstacles to truly thriving with one another. Donna and David have used their understanding of energy to forge what Jean Houston calls in the book’s foreword “a loving, creative, and exemplary marriage.” The Energies of Love is a treasure house of concepts and techniques that draw from Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology, as Donna and David have used these approaches in their own relationship and with their clients over the decades.

Donna and David having fun onstage!

In The Energies of Love, you will learn:

  • How you and your partner's underlying energetic blueprint shapes how you each behave in a relationship and how you can work with your energies to bring compassion and understanding to the relationship.
  • New ways to energetically bridge your differences so you can turn your challenges into strengths and feel close again.
  • How to optimize the flow of energy within yourself so you can bring a better self to the relationship.
  • Ways to effectively communicate so that you can finally stop arguing over the same things, over and over again.
  • A brand new technique designed to stop arguments in their tracks so you can circumvent painful misunderstandings

Remarkable Results! 

In fact the results were so remarkable, that my husband queried how we had been so at peace the last three days, with no disputes.I have even taken my husband through each step, teaching him the process. He was very thankful for peaceful solutions and interested to learn of more positive ways to interact with me.

You'll Also Receive Exclusive Bonuses that Perfectly Complement The Book. These Free Gifts Will Help You Deepen Your Understanding of The Power of Donna and David's Work To Transform Your Relationships.

Bonus 01

Energies of Love Video with Donna and David

Donna and David inspire us with their story and reasons for wanting to write The Energies of Love. If they can overcome their relationship challenges using these techniques, anyone can!

Bonus 02

Top Ten Tips for Couples

Donna and David compiled their top 10 tips from the book so that you could have a quick and easy-to-access reference to get you started with their work.

Bonus 03

In-Depth Audio Interview 

With Energy Psychology Expert Dawson Church

Dawson Church delves into the books core principles in this lively and fun interview with Donna and David.

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