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Introductory Classes Designed to Start Your Healing Journey!

Simple Techniques for Greater Energy, Increased Joy, and Better Health!

In this 60-minute class, Donna Eden shows you how you can use your body’s own energy to live a long, healthy, and joyful life.

You'll receive 4 techniques immediately to help you get out of pain, relieve stress, and calm anxious moments.

Beginners should start here!

Radiant Circuits: Your Pathways to Joy, Bliss, and Wonder!

In this free 60-Minute Class, Donna Eden will show you how to shift into a more joyful state - even when you can't seem to "think positive".

Activate an energy system called the Radiant Circuits and you can shift out of negativity and into a state of joy, which not only feels great, but also can lead to profound and lasting healing.