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Introductory Classes Designed to Start Your Healing Journey!

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Simple Techniques for Greater Energy, Increased Joy, and Better Health!

In this 60-minute class, Donna Eden shows you how you can use your body’s own energy to live a long, healthy, and joyful life.

You'll receive 4 techniques immediately to help you get out of pain, relieve stress, and calm anxious moments.

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Radiant Circuits

Your Pathways to Joy, Bliss, and Wonder!

In this free 60-Minute Class, Donna Eden will show you how to shift into a more joyful state - even when you can't seem to "think positive".

Activate an energy system called the Radiant Circuits and you can shift out of negativity and into a state of joy, which not only feels great, but also can lead to profound and lasting healing.

 Align with Your Authentic Nature and Overcome Health and Relationship Challenges

There's an energy you're born with that drives your unique needs and your unique preferences. Identifying that energy in you can help you make healthy choices that are "in-step" with your core nature. So instead of fighting against your natural and inborn tendencies, you begin to support and embrace them in transformative ways. 

Identifying that energy in others, can help you understand people, their motivations and behaviors, in ways that give you the keys to more effective communication.