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This class is for anyone in need of a powerful new approach to healing and vitality!

Your Body Wants To Be Free of Pain and Anxiety

Free 60-Minute Online Class Gets You Out of Your Own Way


The Nine Energy Systems

Your body is made up of 9 energy systems that are key to keeping you healthy and happy.


A Time-Tested Method

Donna has taught over 100,000 people and sold over 300,000 copies of her book Energy Medicine. Her system has often brought about healing where other methods have failed.

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You Can Do It

You don't need to be "gifted" to bring about healing. Donna will show you simple, yet powerful techniques anyone can do.

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  • How a "death sentence" turned a young 30-something into one of the best healers of our time and what you can learn from her journey.
  • You need medication to heal, right? Often there is a better route... Discover ways of healing yourself naturally. In this class you will learn how medication might be hurting you and how to use your body’s natural energies to look better, feel better, and think better.
  • Learn how our clients have healed themselves from pain and chronic health issues.
  • Learn how Stephanie, one of our students, said goodbye to fatigue, stress and anxiety... Get started right away with 4 energy techniques you can use immediately even during the class and see the results almost instantly (And this is only the beginning...)
  • How to balance your energies by doing easy techniques, without hours of study and practice.
  • How to balance your energies so your body becomes your best friend and gets stronger year after year without having to do bulky exercises or sweating in the gym.
  • With so many competing do's and don'ts when it comes to your health, how do you know what's right for you? The answer might surprise you. 
  • What to do when your doctors don’t have a solution for you and how to take charge of your own health in new ways!
Donna and Titanya teaching
Energy Medicine Class
Donna Teaching

We live in a culture that is used to reaching for medication when we don't feel good. Many of us have been spoiled by Western Medicine. "There's a pill for that!"

But medications have side effects and, in some cases, do more harm than good.

And more importantly, for an increasingly growing number of our population, medication simply doesn't work.


Because treating the symptom does not get at the underlying cause of the problem in the first place.

Why the Eden Method

We all know someone who has fallen through the cracks of Western Medicine. Maybe it's even you. Auto-immune diseases have no easy fix. Neither do migraines. Cancer. Anxiety. Diabetes. The list goes on. Western Medicine has carried us far. But Western Medicine is not the only option available to you. Its reliance on medications with their often risky side effects, can leave you feeling like you have no choice but to do what is prescribed for you.

What if you had another option? What if there was a different choice than to risky medication? What if there were alternative methods to bring about powerful healing?

The Eden Method IS that option. It sees the body as it truly is: a complex unit, animated and supported by ENERGY. Physical symptoms are pointers to underlying energetic disturbances. Fix the energies and you not only remove the cause of many symptoms, you spark your body's self-healing abilities.

Take Control of Your Health with
Eden Energy Medicine.

It's time. Time to acknowledge your body's wisdom. Time to tap into this incredible powerhouse of healing energy that's right inside of you.

Donna will show you how. It worked for her and has helped and inspired hundreds of thousands of people just like you.

Sign up for our one hour Energy Class and a new path to health and vitality will unfold.

Meet Your Teacher

Donna Eden

Donna Eden

NY Times Bestselling Author
Founder of The Eden Method

Donna is a World-Renowned Healer who has taught over 100,000 people a NEW and EFFECTIVE WAY of HEALING that draws upon the body's natural ability to heal itself.

Meet Your Host

Dondi Dahlin

Dondi Dahlin

Author of The Five Elements
Co-Author with Donna Eden of The Little Book of Energy Medicine

Dondi is Donna's daughter. She grew up in Energy Medicine and has also enjoyed a highly successful career as an actress and dancer. She has performed in more than 25 countries, has been in over 100 commercials, and is a sought-after spokesperson and emcee. She is a member of the Screen Actors Guild.

Join 300,000+ people in a life-changing movement that empowers YOU to take control of your health and become your own best medicine.