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For people looking to achieve and sustain a LIFESTYLE of greater health and vitality with the support of Eden Energy Medicine.

Join An Interactive Community Space Where You Can Learn, Grow, and Become One of The Happiest, Healthiest People You Know!

Bringing 40 years of innovation and training developed by Donna Eden and practiced by thousands globally - together in a dedicated online space - so we can have a daily touchstone into one of the most powerful healing methods available today.

As a member of the Eden Method community, you are important to us. It is the passion and purpose of every person on our team to be a resource in helping you maintain your health and ongoing well-being. This is Donna and David’s mission, “raise the vibration of the planet, one person at a time.”

And right now as you are reading this, that person is you. And this doesn’t mean we raise it once, only to have it fall back down again. 🙂

We want to help you achieve a consistent state of ongoing health and happiness.

The Eden Method is not a “one and done” type of solution. 

Energy is constantly in motion. It’s fluid. It’s responsive. It changes from situation to situation.

And that means you have to continually dance and tune in to your energy through ongoing practice.

And yet, we know it can be difficult to establish healthy energy habits when you return to your everyday life after one of Donna’s inspiring videos or uplifting classes.

You can easily go from feeling eager and hopeful to feeling a bit of a letdown as time passes and you reabsorb back into your world.

And that technique that you were determined to practice to help with your digestion?  Or your eye-sight, or your fatigue or, or, or … ? Soon it falls to the wayside.

What’s more, if you don’t keep up with tuning in and balancing your energies, then soon low-level issues can start to pop up.

Those annoying little things that you’ve learned to put up with but if left unchecked can lead to serious issues. 

Maybe it’s low-level pain. Or occasional anxiety. Or even a nagging low level of dissatisfaction. 

Maybe it’s stiffness. Or trouble sleeping. Or trouble digesting. The list goes on. 

Even though we are conditioned to “tough it out”, “walk it off”, “suck it up” and just carry on, we want more for you.

We want you to feel good most, if not all, of the time!

And we have something in mind that can help you get there.

Eden Living Membership

The Main Reason It Can Be Difficult to Establish and Maintain Healthy Energy Habits. 

The main reason people lose steam on practicing the Eden Method lies in a basic fact about human nature. 

It’s tough going it alone.

And chances are, all this “talk about energy” can make you somewhat of an outlier with your family, or at work, or perhaps even with your friends.

Almost all of us have had that awkward moment of silence when we attempt to share one of Donna’s techniques only to have it fall on deaf ears. 


Maybe your teenagers roll their eyes at you.


Maybe your spouse humors you with a polite smile but doesn’t really get it. 


And maybe you’re dying to tell your co-worker to do a Wayne Cook but you know it’s just not the time or the place. 

That can make you feel like an island, isolated and alone.

Without someone to witness and share in your victories, or inspire you with new ideas, your motivation and enthusiasm can wane - and that can make it difficult to consistently achieve a higher state of health and happiness.

Studies show time and time again that the main reason people do not keep up with healthy habits is due to the lack of a support structure. Without support, it’s really hard to stay on track and do the things you know are good for you. 


So, where do you go for immediate support and inspiration? Where do you go when you need a boost? Or have an issue you’d like help with?


The places are few and far between. 

That’s why we are creating a dedicated online space for our people -- an online sanctuary – where you can go to touch-in with the Eden Method and get the support you need to not just practice the Eden Method but LIVE it.

Eden Method Workshops

What does it mean to LIVE by the Eden Method?

What comes to mind when you think of Donna?

Joy. Radiance. Compassion. Vibrance. Authenticity.

Donna stays happier, healthier (and more youthful!) than just about anyone we know… year after year!

To Donna, working with energy tools and techniques isn’t something she has to consciously think about anymore because it’s a part of who she is

This becomes very clear if you ever spent a day with Donna. 

She starts her day with energy work - often receiving a mini balancing from David. She prepares for all her Facebook Lives and zoom calls by doing Hook-ups and Wayne Cooks. She energy tests all her food and supplements  - often while standing in the grocery aisles of a store. She is constantly tuning in and dancing with her own energy. 

That’s a big part of the secret of how she manages to maintain that effervescence and vibrance that we’ve come to love and expect from her.

The Eden Method is a way of life.

And with ongoing support, learning, and inspiration, you can live it, too.

A  Place Where You Can Turn Every Week for All Things Eden Method.

What if you had a place where you could go EVERY WEEK to touch base with the Eden Method - a touchstone so you didn’t have to go it alone?

What if you had support so you could live the Eden Method Lifestyle and get even healthier and happier as you age?

What if you could watch Donna give advice on common health issues - ranging from cancer to MS to the common cold?

Or learn the latest techniques in hour-long classes taught by Eden Method faculty so you expand your skills as a healer?

What if you had a community of people who spoke the language of energy and “got” you?

Imagine what that would feel like?

We have. 

It would feel amazing to have a touchstone where we could all come together and speak the language of energy. To feel seen AND understood. To initiate healing. To play.


Introducing Eden Living!
Your Online Community for Living Happier and Healthier!  

Eden Living is a brand new, dedicated, online space where we can be ourselves, ask our questions openly, and, feel supported. A place where we can take Donna’s energy baton and run with it!  A place we can go to grow into our authentic selves, acknowledging the power that energy has to shift our health and our happiness. 

A place where talking energy is as natural and easy as talking about the weather.

With Eden Living, you will get access to exclusive, members-only content designed to sustain and nourish you with the things you’ve come to expect from Donna and the Eden Method: insights you won’t find anywhere else, time-tested energy-based tools that address your health issues, a supportive community that inspires and delights, and a whole lot of joy and laughter.

Through Eden Living you will:

  • Enjoy delightful member-exclusive perks like expert mini masterclasses by some of our most experienced practitioners (including recordings and guidance from Donna herself!) 
  • Begin building a lifelong habit using energy tools to improve your mental, emotional, and physical health no matter what else is going on in your life (no more falling off the "energy routine" bandwagon!)
  • Feel comforted and assured knowing you can ask questions and receive answers to challenges in different aspects of your life with access to some of the most advanced energy medicine practitioners in the world.