Eden Method Teacher Training

Would you like to follow your passion and teach Eden Energy Medicine classes?

Become an Eden Energy Medicine Authorized Teacher and Receive the Tools and Training You Need to Start Teaching Right Away!

Eden Method Teacher Training

August 15 – 19, 2024

Think back on your school days. Most of us have had experience with at least one teacher who, although potentially brilliant in their field, just couldn't break it down for us in ways we could easily understand and eventually integrate into our lives.

Remember how that felt? 

It's because teaching itself is a unique skill. It's a blend of finding the best way to communicate and share ideas while creating a great environment for students to learn in.

Teaching Eden Energy Medicine adds its own level of complexity to the skill set. How exactly do you teach people to tune-in to something they can't necessarily see? What are the best ways to teach our hands-on techniques so you know your students are really "getting it"?

In our Teacher Training program, we are dedicated to helping you be the best possible teacher you can be. We have been training teachers now for over 5 years and have developed a curriculum that will make you a successful Eden Energy Medicine teacher.

Become a Confident and Skilled
Eden Energy Medicine Teacher

It is our mission to raise the vibration of the planet, one person at a time. And that means we want quality teachers bringing Donna's techniques to the world!

To make that possible, we have created a professional teacher training program that gives you what you need to become a great teacher of Eden Energy Medicine. We show you the latest best practices of teaching - from public speaking to class control - to Eden Energy Medicine specifics that draw upon Donna's years of experience in teaching Eden Energy Medicine.

We do have an advantage over other training programs. Just like with everything we do at Eden Method, our secret sauce is ENERGY. By acknowledging the energy of you, your students, and even your classroom, we leverage an element that often goes unrecognized in other teaching curriculums.

All of this in a very supportive and caring environment. Our classes are intentionally kept small so you can get the personal attention you need. And our instructors are compassionate and caring.

In this live training, you will:

  • Receive the necessary tools to begin teaching as a confident Authorized Eden Method teacher.
  • Receive several “Classes in a Box,” so you have the curriculum and confidence to start teaching right away.
  • Understand how each elemental type learns, so you can appeal to your students whether they are Waters, Woods, Fires, Earths, or Metals.
  • Discover one of the most valuable skills you can have as a teacher – public speaking – and how it is key to take your teaching skills to the next level.
  • Dive deeper into how to energy test in front of a large group, so you know what to do when you are “on stage” and the Energy Test doesn’t give a clear answer.
  • Explore holding space for all types of students, so you are confident in meeting student challenges as they arise.
  • Think you don’t like marketing? You probably don’t like what you think marketing is. In this class you will learn about how fun marketing can be so you can fill your classes with eager students.
  • Figure out your best venue for teaching, whether that is your living room or a hotel ballroom. (We will teach you how to set up your venue so your students to feel comfortable and welcome in your class.)
  • Practice the art of teaching in front of your small group so you can get the feedback you need to become a confident and skilled teacher.
  • Receive the Continued Training hours needed for one renewal cycle.

Not Only Will We Train You But We'll Support You Out In the World!

Once you complete our training that is just the beginning.

We will support you out in the world by:

  • Providing 3 months of after-class guidance during which time you will teach your first 1-hour class, film it (most people film it on their smart phone)… and receive feedback from your small group leader.
  • Providing you with course curriculum and handouts.
  • Listing your classes on our website.
  • Promoting your classes to our email list.
  • Promoting your classes on our social media pages.
  • and more...

Your success is our success. Eden Energy Medicine has far outgrown the reach of a single teacher like Donna.  We need teachers to help us continue to bring Eden Energy Medicine to the world so that people don't have to be scared or suffer when their health is compromised.

Teaching Eden Energy Medicine is extremely rewarding. Come take a powerful step toward a satisfying and meaningful career as an Authorized Eden Method Teacher.

The spirit of Eden Method Teacher Training is to train our practitioners to be Authorized Teachers in towns, villages, and cities around the world.

This is not a teaching program to train teachers to teach online classes. This program is to learn the art of teaching “hands-on.” Our goal is to train our teachers to interact with humans - not through a computer screen - but in person. The spirit of EMTT is to train our practitioners to be Authorized Teachers in towns, villages, and cities around the world - in person and engaging local communities. We would love for you to be one of our newest teachers trotting the globe!

I went through the teaching program in 2013 and it really helped me to build my confidence and discover my passion for teaching the Eden Method. I have been teaching the introductory classes ever since and many of the students become my clients or go on to take Fundamentals. I absolutely love teaching the classes and Innersource made it easier for me to get out there and start spreading the work. They provided the class handouts, powerpoint, class schedules and even and promoted my classes on the Innersource web site and on FB! Talk about making it easy to get started! I would highly recommend this quality program if you want to begin teaching the Eden Method or build your practice.

Julie Fowler 
Advanced Practitioner,  Faculty Member, and Authorized Eden Method Teacher

This is the BEST teaching program!! It´s fun, packed with great information and has a strong practical component. Even though Innersource provided the structure, with a great curriculum, handouts, and power points, I was pleased that the teachers encouraged our own creative process as much, providing immediate and constructive feedback. You will LOVE this program and I highly recommend it if you want to teach the Eden Method.

João Paulo Pestana -
Advanced Practitioner, Faculty Member, and Authorized Eden Method Teacher

My experience throughout the Eden Method Teaching Program has been exceptional! The curriculum was rich, creatively delivered by experienced faculty in a very supportive environment. The format of the class supported my learning style, and I really valued the support and feedback from my teachers, mentor, and fellow students. The confidence, learning, and resources that I received from this program prepared me for a beautiful unfolding. Teaching became a joyous experience for me, and my life has truly changed. I am now living my passion offering this empowering, healing modality through Eden Method classes in Australia.

Elizabeth Caruana -
Advanced Practitioner, Faculty Member, and Authorized Eden Method Teacher

Program Information

Here's What You'll Experience in Class


  • Overview of Eden Method Teacher Training
  • Compassionate Feedback and Safe Spaces
  • Introduction of Different Styles
  • What is Your Presentation Style?
  • Energy Testing – You Can Do This!
  • 8 Classroom Challenges and How to Resolve Them
  • The Power of the One-Hour Class
  • Working with Innersource as a Partner
  • Your Voice as a Healer (Interactive Exercises)
  • Teaching to the Five Elements & Sensory Types
  • Developing Your Lectures – How Well Can You Articulate the Theories and Techniques of Energy Medicine?
  • Boundaries and Student Management
  • Marketing and Promoting Your Classes
  • Small Group Presentations and Practice
  • Ensure Your Student's Attention & Retention
  • Creative Teaching Ideas
  • Sample One-Hour Pain Class

Imagine Doing Something You Love and Making Money at The Same Time! What is that worth?

As a Level 2 graduate, you are eligible for something not many people can have - a career teaching Energy Medicine, backed by Donna and her team. 

That's quite an opportunity.

To be able to teach Eden Energy Medicine and eventually make money doing something you love is a dream come true for many.

And we want to get you there. 

We want to invest in you with quality training, great course content, and ongoing support so you can carry our message of empowerment out into the world.

We want you on our team.

Our authorized teachers report that out training has made a difference in their lives. They took the leap and went for it and were glad they did.

They jump started new careers. They developed confidence. They brought more healing to the world. 

Many teacher training programs start at $2,500 for 4 days. 

But we price Eden Method Teacher Training much lower than other teacher training programs because we want to get  more highly trained teachers into the world.

That's why we price our 4-day training at just $1295. 

Join a growing body of high-quality teachers who serve together in helping to create a healthier and happier world at this critical time in our history.

Join Our Teaching Team


Registration will open in 2024!

We accept major credit cards and PayPal.

Pay Pal users: You will receive a PayPal invoice within 48 hours after submitting your registration form with PayPal selected as your payment . Your registration will not be considered complete until PayPal (or other) payment is received. Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there a prerequisite for Eden Method Teacher Training?

You can begin the Eden Method Teacher Training if you have successfully completed Level 2. 

However, you are required to pass your Certification Exam and have a practitioner listing on our website before you teach your first class  - that’s the class that is a required part of your Eden Method teacher training.

Here is the information you need to get a Practitioner Listing: https://edenmethod.com/student-information/eem-certified-practitioner-directory-requirements-and-procedures/

Q. What happens in the Eden Method Teacher Training?

We will study the art of teaching as well as specifically teaching Eden Energy Medicine. That time is split between being together with the entire class of students/faculty and also breaking into small groups. Students learn from advanced teachers, give 10-minute “mini presentations” that are prepared at home before the class, observe other student presentations, give constructive feedback to peers, receive constructive feedback from peers, as well as receive feedback from their Small Group Leader.

Q. Will I be authorized to teach Eden Energy Medicine when I leave the class?

You will become authorized to teach several Eden Energy Medicine classes under the Eden Method banner after you take the class and complete and pass a 3-month mentorship. The mentorship consists of teaching and filming your first one-hour class so your Small Group Leader can provide feedback and mentor you in your strengths and challenges as a potential Eden Method teacher. Once you pass your mentorship, you will become an authorized teacher.

If your Small Group Leader feels you need some additional training, we will have options for you, and we will work with you to help you be the best teacher you can be. We will always help you find alternate paths to reaching your goal, if the first path doesn’t quite work out.

Q. Once I complete and pass the 3-month guidance, what exactly can I teach?

You will be authorized to teach official Eden Method classes of 1-hour to 6-hours with our curriculum and handouts.

Q. What are the class start and end times?

US Class
Class Dates: Thursday, August 18 - Monday, August 22, 2022
Class Times (California time): Most class days will run 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

We will have breaks, including a lunch break. 

Audit Option for Previous TEEM Graduates

Auditing is a great option if you've taken TEEM or Eden Method Teacher Training and would like to refresh your skills and get familiarized with our new class material.

Come on back! We would love to have you. If you haven’t let your authorization lapse (by teaching at least once in two years), you only pay half the price, which is $647. The audit consists of you attending the full class and attending the small groups. You would not do any presentations and you  would not have any after-class guidance.  

NOTE: If you have let your authorization lapse, you are required to retake the class to remain authorized. If you took TEEM 101 or Eden Method Teacher Training (EMTT) and became an Authorized Teacher, but you haven’t taught a class within two years, you need to retake EMTT.

Holiday Inn Bayside, San Diego

Hotel and Reservation Information

The location of the 2022 Eden Method Teacher Training class will be at the Holiday Inn Bayside in San Diego, California.

At the Holiday Inn Bayside, guests can choose from a wide range of modern lodging options. They offer Economy rooms, Poolside rooms with a private patio or balcony, Tower rooms accessible by interior corridors, and Executive guest rooms and suites, many boasting oversized windows and magnificent bay views.

All accommodations are non-smoking, and each room comes equipped with a refrigerator, Keurig coffee maker, hair dryer, iron & board, choice of soft or firm pillows, large work desk, free high speed internet, flat screen HDTVs, refreshing four function showerhead in the bathroom, bath amenities by Bath and Body Works, and complimentary high-speed WiFi.

Reservation Information

  • Reservations must be made before their cut-off date of: July 18, 2022. Reservations requests received after their cutoff date will be accepted on a hotel and rate availability basis.
  • Discounted rate: $169/night plus tax for a standard room.
  • Guests can click on this Innersource Room Reservations link to make reservations online. The link goes to the standard reservations page with the group code preloaded. You then need to input your arrival and departure dates and click “Check Availability” to go to the group’s specific rate and availability page. From there you will select a room type that you prefer and input your personal details to complete the reservation (please scroll down to see all available room types). You may also use your IHG Rewards number with the group rate.
  • Guests can also make reservations through the Holiday Inn San Diego Bayside Reservations office at 619-224-3621 ext 701 or 800-662-8899. Callers must refer to the Innersource Teacher Training – Code ASM Group Rate to book the group rates and be included in the group room block.

Extend Your Stay

Our special group rate is also available three days before and after the class on a space available basis for those who would like more time in San Diego. Students interested in extending their stay beyond that time should call the hotel directly to inquire about availability for those extra dates – and don’t forget to mention the group code to get your discounted rates!

Holiday Inn San Diego Bayside
Call 619-224-3621 ext 701 for reservations, or 800-662-8899

Roommate Information

If you do not have a roommate but would like one, we offer a Roommate Finder Forum

Hotel Amenities

A complimentary 24-hour San Diego International Airport shuttle; an on-site restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, and room service; free high-speed wireless Internet throughout the hotel.

The 24-hour Fitness Center is equipped with three treadmills, two elliptical machines, and two stationary bicycles for your cardio needs. Enjoy a universal weight set, free weights, medicine balls, and exercise balls to complement the rest of your workout.

Along with a beautiful outdoor pool, the hotel offers a lush landscaped area boasting table tennis and shuffleboard. The 9-hole miniature putt putt course is the perfect place for you to enjoy yourself. They even have free beach cruiser bicycle rentals for those that want to explore San Diego by two wheels.


Level 3 students will be provided the following on each day of their classes (Thursday to Sunday):

  • Continental Breakfast with fresh baked goods, juices, fruit platter, coffee/tea
  • Morning Break with coffee/tea
  • Lunch with coffee/tea/iced tea
  • Afternoon Break with beverages and light snacks

All other meals are on your own.

General Transportation

Students are responsible for making their own transportation reservations.

It is not necessary for students to have a vehicle once they have arrived at the Holiday Inn Bayside.

The Holiday Inn Bayside address is 4875 N Harbor Dr, San Diego, California 92106; phone 619-224-3621. They have a complimentary 24-hour San Diego International Airport shuttle.

Airport Information

San Diego International Airport (SAN) is the local airport.

Ground Transportation

All major car rental companies service San Diego International Airport. Guest transportation is available through various taxi and shuttle van services.

Uber & Lyft are an affordable option as well.

Covid Information

We are continuously monitoring the updates from global health authorities and local governments in the U.S. and around the world with regards to the ongoing COVID-19 situation. Conditions related to event attendance are subject to change or cancellation at any time. Please contact us with any questions.

Enhanced health protocols are subject to change by local authorities and may vary in certain destinations. At all times we will endeavor to comply with all current regulations as required, some of which can change with little or no notice, and are completely out of our control.


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Follow Your Passion!

Note: Energy Medicine stimulates innate health-promoting mechanisms that restore the body's natural state of well-being. It does not attempt to diagnose, treat, or cure illness.