Eden Method Teacher Training FAQ

Eden Method Teacher Training

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there a prerequisite for Eden Method Teacher Training?

You can take Eden Method Teacher Training if you have successfully completed Level 2. However, you are required to be a Certified Practitioner to be an authorized Eden Method teacher. (You may start your Eden Method Teacher Training if you are not currently certified, but you will not be authorized until you complete the certification process and pass Eden Method Teacher Training.)

Q. What happens in the Eden Method Teacher Training?

We will study the art of teaching as well as specifically teaching Eden Energy Medicine. That time is split between being together with the entire class of students/faculty and also breaking into small groups. Students learn from advanced teachers, give 10-minute “mini presentations” that are prepared at home before the class, observe other student presentations, give constructive feedback to peers, receive constructive feedback from peers, as well as receive feedback from their Small Group Leader.

Q. Will I be authorized to teach Eden Energy Medicine when I leave the class?

You will become authorized to teach several Eden Energy Medicine classes under the Eden Method banner after you take the class and complete and pass a 3-month mentorship. The mentorship consists of teaching and filming your first one-hour class so your Small Group Leader can provide feedback and mentor you in your strengths and challenges as a potential Eden Method teacher. Once you pass your mentorship, you will become an authorized teacher.

If your Small Group Leader feels you need some additional training, we will have options for you, and we will work with you to help you be the best teacher you can be. We will always help you find alternate paths to reaching your goal, if the first path doesn’t quite work out.

Q. Once I complete and pass the 3-month mentorship, what exactly can I teach?

You will be authorized to teach official Eden Method classes of 1-hour to 6-hours with our curriculum and handouts.

Q. What will these Eden Method classes be, exactly?

We will provide you the materials you need to teach classes based on simple topics like Pain, Stress & Anxiety, a Basic Introduction to EEM that might include the DER, and others. These will all be beginning classes.

Q. What happens in the small groups?

Throughout the 4.5 days, students practice giving presentations based on EEM techniques, theory, and protocols (everything you learned in your first two years of studies). The presentations are 10-15 minutes in length, and there is immediate feedback from the other students and small group leader. (We teach “compassionate feedback” in the class.)

Q. How much time is devoted to developing our presentation skills?

Your ability to convey EEM information effectively is at the heart of the program.

You will be doing two live presentations on Eden Energy Medicine topics. The presentations will be 10 minutes or less and you will be able to prepare for them in the weeks before you arrive to class. These practice sessions are to help you get comfortable with speaking in front of a group, and they are very important if you want to be a professional, solid, and excellent teacher.

Q. I already took TEEM 101 and I am authorized to teach “Introduction to Energy Medicine Classes.” Those are the 6-hour classes. Do I still get to teach those? And can I also teach the one-hour classes?

Yes. You are still authorized to teach the 6-hour “Introduction to Energy Medicine classes.” You will also be provided with the handouts and other material that allows you to teach the one-hour classes.

Q. Is being an authorized teacher for Innersource part of a franchise?

No. There are many differences between the arrangement with our teachers and a franchise. The biggest one is that franchise fees typically include a large initial investment, a royalty on sales, and a share of the company’s advertising costs. Our licensing fee is barely a tiny fraction of a franchise fee.

Q. What topics are covered in this course?

We change our curriculum depending on the class and faculty, but we usually have the following topics:

  • Energy Testing (on stage and in front of a group, which is very different than Energy Testing as a practitioner with a client.)
  • The Languaging of Concepts, Ideas, Protocols, and Techniques
  • Teaching to the Five Elements
  • Teaching to the Sensory Types
  • Different Teaching Styles
  • Dealing with Hecklers and Skeptics
  • Marketing and Promoting Your Classes
  • The Art of Public Speaking
  • Creativity in Your Classes
  • Voice and Vocal Exercises
  • The Partnership with Innersource
  • The Administration of Your Classes (rosters, handouts, emails, etc.)
  • How to Begin
  • Compassionate Feedback and How to Give It

Q. So, what exactly does Innersource include in the cost of this class?

· We create and provide your handouts.
· We create and provide flier templates.
· We train you on the most up-to-date marketing practices.
· We advertise and promote your classes on our Facebook pages (currently an audience of over 160,000).
· We list you and your classes on our website (36,000 average visitors a month).
· We provide a form on our website for the public to fill out when they are looking for a teacher in their area. You will have full access to see people across the world who are looking for classes.
· Our staff answers questions, on a weekly basis, about the beginning classes that come through emails and phone calls to our offices every week.
· Our staff answers questions, on a weekly basis, about the Introduction to Energy Medicine classes that come through our FB pages every week.

Q. Besides handouts and stuff, what else do I actually get for paying a fee to Innersource?

Besides what we have listed in the bullet points directly above, we also authorize you to use our materials under our brand – a brand that has been built for over 40 years. The Eden Method and Eden Energy Medicine are trademarks of a highly respected legacy company with name awareness, high search recognition online, a loyal customer base, and a strong community.

Q. When will the Eden Method Teacher Training be in the UK?

We don’t know when Eden Method Teacher Training will be in the UK again. 

Q. I already took TEEM 101, and now I think I want to come back and audit Eden Method Teacher Training. How does that work?

Come on back! We would love to have you. If you would like to audit and you haven’t let your authorization lapse (by teaching at least once in two years), you only pay half the price, which is $647. You would not do the three-month mentoring after the class.

NOTE: If you took TEEM 101 and became an Authorized Teacher, but you haven’t taught a class within two years, you need to audit EMTT. The audit consists of you attending the full class and participating in all activities, including the ones in the small groups. You do not have to take the mentorship phase. You would pay half the price, which is $647.


Q. How much does it cost to take Eden Method Teacher Training?

For the October 2020 class, the price is $1295.

Q. Does it qualify for my EEM continued training credits?

Yes. Yay!

Q. I want to be a Fundamentals teacher, and I already have a teaching degree. I would like to skip Eden Method Teacher Training. Who do I talk to so I can go straight to the Fundamentals Year Teacher Training?

Every student needs to go through Eden Method Teacher Training if they want to be a Fundamentals Teacher. There are no exceptions, even for people with a teaching degree. This is because teaching EEM is unique, and your mentor will observe your strengths and challenges over 3 months to make sure that you are ready to be an Authorized Eden Method Teacher. You also need to teach Eden Method classes before you become a Fundamentals teacher.

Q. I already took TEEM 101, and I am an Authorized Teacher. Will I get the materials for the one-hour classes that you are giving to the newer teachers?

Yes. Those materials will be on the Teachers Site when they are ready.

Q. The only reason I am taking the Eden Method Teacher Training is to get to the Fundamentals Year Teacher Training. When will it be held?

Please refer to the Fundamentals Year Teacher Training page for dates of upcoming classes.  

Q. I want to teach Eden Method classes, but I don’t want to take the Eden Method Teacher Training Program. Can I do that?

As a Level 2 graduate, you can teach whatever classes you want. The difference is that you are not authorized under Innersource. We will not help promote or market you, and you won’t have access to our materials, including our curriculum, handouts, or PowerPoints. You also won’t be listed on our website as a teacher of Eden Method classes. And you won’t have had the great experiences that the Eden Method Teacher Training Program provides.

Note: Energy Medicine stimulates innate health-promoting mechanisms that restore the body's natural state of well-being. It does not attempt to diagnose, treat, or cure illness.