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Level 4: Advanced Protocols

Explore the Deep and Nuanced Layers of Energy and Become One of the Most Cutting Edge Practitioners on The Planet!

 Learn Donna's Grid and Regression techniques and open up to a new layer of healing for you and your clients. 
The application for US Level 4 is closed

This video was filmed for our Spring 2022 Level 4 US and European application period. It contains dates and faculty assignments for prior classes. Please refer to the class location webpages for current class dates. Faculty assignments are subject to change.

To clarify - In this video, we ask you for an assessment letter from the faculty who supervised your certification test. This has now changed to your Class 8 small group leader.

Click the video to watch Madison King, the Level 4 Class Administrator, answer some of the common questions about Level 4: Advanced Protocols.

The application for US Level 4 is closed

The Level 4: Advanced Protocols classes are designed for those practitioners who have established EEM practices, years of experience working with clients, and a constitution sturdy enough to take their clients to the levels of healing accessed with Grid and Regression work. Of course, pandemic conditions are disrupting many practices and presenting a specific set of problems that we feel impact the application process. To support students we are being more flexible than usual in these challenging times.

If you are eligible and have not received an email inviting you to apply for this year’s intake (check your junk) do contact Madison on [email protected].

The course work for Level 4 consists of two four-day classes that typically meet six months apart. The first class (Grid) teaches the EEM protocols used to access and repair the Basic Grid. The second class (Regression) teaches selected EEM techniques used to facilitate Regression.

The Basic Grid is the foundation or infrastructure of the other energy systems, like the frame of a building or the bedrock of a river. To those who see energy, it looks like a graph of energy lines over which the chakras are situated. If the Grid is impaired, all other energy systems in the body become compromised, less organized, less able to adapt, and less grounded. Physical, emotional, or spiritual trauma can break the Grid, affecting the energetic health of the whole person. Repairing the Grid re-establishes this core energy, which then has a positive, corrective influence on all the other energy systems. In situations where the Grid is badly damaged, the benefits of other energy interventions may not be sustained until the Grid has been repaired.

Regression is the process of energetically and psychologically returning to the time and place where core issues in our present lives became established. This may involve loss, betrayal, illness, injury, or other forms of trauma. When we have intractable physical, emotional, or energetic difficulties that seem to have no clear physical cause-and-effect relationships, a Regression session can illuminate how and when these patterns were created. In the energetic field of that earlier time, balancing and restoring disrupted energies using EEM techniques can be deeply healing. Sometimes a Regression session will bring the person to the time that the Grid was damaged and lead to Grid work. Conversely, Grid work can often bring a person back to an earlier period and may lead to a Regression session.

An important distinction of Level 4 is that the supervision is lengthier and far more in-depth than other EEM classes. Students are mentored for a full year and are assisted in moving through their first six Grid sessions and four Regression sessions with clients. Because of the deep nature of Grid and regression work, Level 4 supervisors help their students ascertain when clients are ready to have the Grid and Regression protocols safely administered and make themselves available to debrief after the sessions are completed.

Level 4 Qualifies for 26 Continued Training (CT) Hours per Class!

For me, Year 4 was really a turning point where everything came together and my understanding and mastery of EEM became much deeper. Reconnecting grids and facilitating regression is some of the most profound and cutting edge healing work on the planet today!

Dianne Faure

Dianne Faure

Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner

Year 4 brings in the spiritual aspect to the EEM work and this is huge with how I practice now. I love doing regressions. I have seen such impressive shifts in client’s lives delving into the uncovered stories that reside in their bodies on all levels. It was so worth getting to Year 4 to have access to the grid and regression training and to take my personal experiences to this level.

Christine Rose

Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner

Level 4 Is An Experience!

Level 4 classes are very different in structure and content than the previous EEM classes. Level 4 classes are much more intimate, with a maximum of 24 participants.  Care is taken to create a teaching space that is perfect for the depth and intimacy required for Grid and Regression work.

The Level 4 classes are also unique in that they go beyond simply learning the new protocols; you will be receiving and performing them as well. This means that in the Grid class not only will you have your own Grid repaired, you will also have the hands-on experience of repairing your class partner's Grid. Likewise, in the Regression class you and your class partner will trade Regression sessions. However, key to this is ensuring (before you come to class) that your basic energy systems are in the best state possible and therefore open to working at this level.

Aspects of the Level 4 classes include:

  • Lectures on the Nature of Both Grid and Regression
    You will learn how the energy of these systems looks, feels, and affects us. You will also learn about the supporting energy systems that need to be in balance before doing Grid or Regression sessions. This will illuminate why certain preparations are important for the safe administration of these protocols. It will also entail working with systems you have already studied, but now see through the lens of how they interact with and support the path toward Grid and Regression work.
  • Demonstrations of the Grid and Regression Techniques
    While complete Grid and Regression sessions will not be demonstrated in class given the lengthy and very private nature of this work, all the preparatory work will be demonstrated, as will select aspects of both the Grid and Regression protocols.
  • Creating your Healing Space
    Given the profound and intimate nature of working with Grid and Regression, each small group will have a private or semi-private space for their group work. You and your class partner will also have a personal healing space to add to the intimate nature of the experience as you work on each other. Students are welcome to bring items of personal significance to help create a sacred space. When you do Grid and Regression sessions in your own practice, it is deeply beneficial to take the time to clear your space and create a healthy atmosphere of peace and safety.
  • Substantive Small Group Sessions
    Time will be allotted to sink deeply into Grid and Regression sessions with your class partner. If you are going to have your Grid repaired or receive a Regression session, it is vital that you are prepared to handle the new energetic resources that will be available from the reparation of these systems. You and your class partner will have shared several of these preparatory sessions before the actual protocol is performed.

The application for US Level 4 is closed


Students applying to enter Level 4 must have completed Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. (Level 3 provides the requisite amount of hands-on experience to work with the Grid and Regression protocols in Level 4.)

  • Applicants must have a status of an EEM Certified Practitioner in Good Standing with a current EEM Continued Training Certificate.
  • Applicants must have an established EEM practice with paying clients who they see on an ongoing basis. This is necessary to ensure that they have clients who are appropriate and ready for the deeper work of Level 4. With Covid closing many practices, or restricting them, we are being more flexible this year but do ask you to consider if you will have enough regular clients to work with for 6 grids and 4 regressions. For Grid especially numerous pre-Grid sessions will be required and not everyone is open to Gridwork. We suggest an absolute minimum of ten ‘working’ in-person clients (not remote).
  • Applicants must have completed 100 EEM sessions within the last 18 months. It is important that practitioners not only have the appropriate levels of experience to work with the Grid and Regression systems, but that it is recent experience. Because of Covid we have extended this to 24 months.
  • Current Level 3 students and recent graduates will meet the 100 EEM session requirement from the Level 3 sessions. Earlier Level 3 graduates who are applying for Level 4 will have to verify the EEM sessions; they may be asked to participate in a conversation with the Level 4 Class Administrator to discuss how the student's use of EEM has evolved over time, or if Covid has dramatically reduced their in-person work.
  • Students of Level 4 are required to review and sign an Advanced Practitioner Agreement as proof of their commitment to follow the guidelines of practicing Grid and Regression.

Supervision and Requirements for Completion

The supervision phase for Level 4: Advanced Protocols Classes will be lengthier and more in-depth than for the EEM classes. After each Level 4 class (Grid and Regression), you will receive six hours of one-on-one mentoring time to confer with your supervisor about the clients you are preparing for Grid and/or Regression sessions. This means that by the end of the second Level 4 class you will have received 12 hours of mentoring time. This is a unique and valuable opportunity to work on a one to one basis with a senior, skilled faculty member and is an integral part of the advanced training.

The preparatory work you do can make the difference between a smooth, easily integrated treatment and one where there can be significant discomfort if the client has not been energetically prepared. Your supervisor will help you ascertain when your client is ready to have these protocols safely administered.

Because the Grid and Regression work will be new to you, your supervisor will also be available after each of your Grid and/or Regression sessions to answer questions and support you.

Please note: As you will be learning and practicing new techniques with the first six Grid and four Regression sessions, we suggest that they be done at no charge to the client. When your supervision phase is complete and you are listed on the Innersource website as an Advanced Practitioner, you may negotiate the price of Grid and Regression sessions with your clients as usual.

Graduates of Level 4 are also required to establish an Advanced Practitioner peer support network with at least two of their fellow program participants, in which Grid and Regression cases, ideas, etc. are discussed. Madison also has a closed Facebook Group where you can meet with past and present Advanced students and practitioners to share experiences, ask questions, share relevant information etc., LEVEL 4 MEETING PLACE www.facebook.com/groups/1393985107386069

The application for US Level 4 is closed

Level 4: Advanced Protocols Classes Application

The application for US Level 4 is closed.

The application process for Level 4 is different than simply signing up for an advanced workshop with Donna Eden. Grid and Regression are protocols that can only be safely administered by those who have the clinical experience necessary to take their clients to this level of healing, as well as being physically, emotionally, and energetically resilient enough to hold the deep energies that are accessed during these sessions.

The road to being an Advanced Practitioner of Eden Energy Medicine represents a significant investment of time and energy. Mastery of any form, be it music, dance, language, or energy medicine necessitates a meaningful investment of time for study, practice, and self-development. Rather than looking at Grid and Regression as just two more advanced classes to take, we would like to invite all who endeavor to become Advanced Practitioners to look at this course of study as an opportunity to deepen their own healing and personal advancement, and thus to be able to lead the way for others to do the same.

Because of this, all Level 4 applicants must be familiar and comfortable working with the energy systems that make up the bulk of Donna's approach to energy medicine. The EEM techniques and protocols should be a regular, familiar part of life, both in terms of personal self-care as well as in the services they provide. This foundational material needs to be more than just theoretically understood; it must be comfortable in the hands, as happens when one has been an EEM practitioner for years.

If you feel that all of the above can be said about you, we welcome you to apply for Level 4! But encourage you to be honest with yourself and if in any serious doubt consider waiting until the next Level 4 intake, working on yourself and clients to gain the fluidity and confidence in your sessions. This is especially valid if Covid has been particularly challenging to you over the past two years. We want you to relax and enjoy this training, so recognise if the time is right for you.

As we teach the Grid and Regression classes, it is our heartfelt desire to preserve and cherish the beauty and integrity of this sacred work. We look forward to sharing it with you.

To apply for Level 4, please compile the required elements as listed below and then complete the online application form (linked at the bottom of this page).


1. EEM Educational and Practitioner Prerequisites

To be eligible to apply for Level 4, you must have completed Levels 1, 2, and 3. As part of your application, you will be requested to indicate when you completed each of these levels. [Current Level 3 students may apply for Level 4 as soon as they complete their Level 3 requirements.]

You must also have a status of an EEM Certified Practitioner in Good Standing with a current EEM Continued Training Certificate; the application will request the Renewal Date listed on your certificate.

2. Clinical Session Requirements

All applicants to have completed 100 current EEM sessions (and be prepared to provide documentation if requested). We appreciate that due to the pandemic, some of these sessions will be remote/online. If you completed (or are completing) Level 3 within 18 months of the start of the Level 4: Advanced Protocols Grid class for which you are applying, the 100 sessions (client/self/online) from your Level 3 studies will qualify. If you graduated from Level 3 more than 18 months before the start of the upcoming Grid class, you will need to have completed 100 EEM sessions from the past 24 months.


3. Use of 100 Sessions from Level 3 for Level 4 Application

It is possible that you may be able to use the same 100 sessions used for your Level 3 requirement for your Level 4 application. This will depend on when you completed your Level 3 classes and plan to start the Level 4 classes. For example:

  1. If you completed all of your Level 3 classes and session sheet requirements 18 months before the start date of the grid class, you will not have to resubmit your session sheets. Simply indicate on your Level 4 application that you have already submitted 100 sessions as part of Level 3 and indicate the year you finished Level 3.
  2. If you completed your Level 3 classes and session requirements more than 18 months prior to the start of the upcoming Grid class, you will be required to show verification of having done 100 additional sessions in the past 24 months (because of Covid we’ve extended this from the usual 18 months). You will not have to submit 100 hard copies of these sessions. Simply fill out and sign a Session Verification form in word doc or pdf formats attesting that you have done 100 sessions in the 24 months leading up to the upcoming Grid class. This form must be uploaded into your online application. Even though you do not submit the 100 session sheets, for legal reasons we must ask that you be able to document these sessions if requested via your client records or at least your appointment book.

4. Information Regarding Your EEM Practice

Please note that to be eligible, you must have a working practice. We will obviously take into account that this may have been heavily impacted by the pandemic restrictions.

You will be asked the following questions on your Level 4 Application:

  1. Do you have a full- or part-time EEM practice? We have now extended this to include remote/online clients.
  2. How many paying clients do you see in an average week - in person or online?
  3. How many of your current clients do you think may be ready for Grid and Regression sessions?

5. Personal EEM Sessions

You will be requested to document 5 EEM sessions you have received in the last 12 months by entering the names of the practitioners and the dates of the sessions. These need to be specifically Eden Energy Medicine sessions with practitioners who are graduates of EEM Level 2: Certification Training. At least 2 of these sessions must be with more experienced practitioners (i.e. EEM Faculty or those listed as Advanced Practitioners on the EEM Certified Practitioner Directory). Because of the pandemic, we will accept 2 of these sessions to be online/remote. This is particularly relevant to European students who currently have no access to in-person Advanced Practitioners. These sessions do not need to be with 5 different practitioners. They can all be with the same practitioner if that is your preference. Sessions in other modalities are not applicable in this context.

6. Self-Care

A. You will be asked to describe the modalities you have explored to assist in your healing and self-development, as well as some of the self-care activities you practice on a regular basis.

We're interested in the tools you have developed to ground and center yourself, and how you have explored your own healing adventure. This is not a test! Simply talk a bit about what you do to help you stay grounded: EEM daily routine, other energy practices, exercise, music, meditation, journaling, dancing, etc.

Speak briefly in regard to any healing modalities you may have explored when working with the issues in your own life, including what worked for you (or didn't) and why: Energy sessions, acupuncture, homeopathy, psychotherapy, Touch4Health, etc.

Grid and Regression work is something our clients have to work toward with regular sessions and a commitment to their own growth and healing. For us to be able to go the distance with them, we need to have already gone the distance with ourselves. We cannot take them anywhere we have not yet gone. It is imperative that we walk our talk. It is also important to remember that at the Grid class, along with learning the actual techniques and repairing a Grid on your partner, you yourself may be having a Grid repaired. We're interested in what has been your personal preparation process.

B. You will be requested to indicate if you have had Grid and/or Regression work done, and if you have, to please list the practitioner and the date.

Note: At the time of applying, if you know you have a major Grid out, we suggest you do not have it repaired prior to the upcoming Grid class. Working with a major Grid in the class will have benefits in terms of your overall learning experience and that of your class partner. If you have already had all of your major Grids repaired, your class partner will do either a minor Grid or Cloaccal session for you.Timing is everything with Grid work and if a Grid does not present itself at class, then minor Grid and Cloacal work will be done, both of which can be profound.

7. Essay: “Why I think I am ready for Level 4"

You will be requested to write a short paragraph on each of the following:

  1. Why you think you are ready for Level 4
  2. The #1 way EEM has helped you develop as a person
  3. Name your key quality/strength as an EEM practitioner
  4. What is your perception of this advanced work and how do you think it will add to your work and fit into and enhance your practice?

8. Three written Faculty Assessments

Applicants are required to provide three written faculty assessments, specifically discussing the applicant's readiness to join Level 4: two from your Level 3 mentors (one from each) and one from your Level 2 Class 8 small group leader.

Applicants must already have notified faculty members that they want a Letter of Recommendation from them before they submit their application, and those names must then be listed on the application. 

All three of these letters need to be submitted by the faculty member using our online Level 4 Faculty Assessment Form (which they know how to access). When you contact the faculty members and supervisors requesting your letters, please remind them that they must submit their written assessments by the application deadline.


When you are filling out the application, we recommend that you gather all the information and documents you will need (details below) before you start. Also, write your longer answers in separate documents in advance and then either copy and paste them into the application or upload them (as specified on the form) to prevent the online form from timing out and having to start over.

Application Form

Level 4 Application is closed

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When is the application period for Level 4: Advanced Protocols classes?

The application for US Level 4 opens in late spring to early summer.

Q. How many days are the classes?

Level 4 classes are typically four days each, scheduled around a weekend.

Q. How much will it cost?

The tuition for Level 4 is $2345 per class, or $4690 for the year. Each class payment is due upon registration for that class.

Q. Does this include food and lodging?

USA - Food and lodging are separate, but Eden Method's discounted hotel rates are available.

UK – Accommodation (discounted rates available) and all food are separate with the exception of a simple buffet lunch on class days.