Nerves on Fire: Overcoming Decades of Severe Pain from a “Mystery Condition”

For most of her life, Holistic Prosperity Coach Jewal Lavine, struggled with a host of health challenges, including chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. 

At 13, she began experiencing symptoms of a “mystery condition” that left her in severe pain all over her body. “The pain wasn’t just in the joints but in the connective tissue, and it felt like my nerves were on fire!” 

Jewal also struggled with debilitating fatigue, painful ulcers in her mouth, dry eyes, and the occasional skin rash. It would take 10 long years before doctors finally diagnosed the unknown condition that had plagued her for so long -- it was Lupus.

Handfuls of Painkillers

Jewal was immediately asked to take various prescribed medications, which offered welcome relief with some of the symptoms but did not reverse her condition. “I still took handfuls of painkillers just to survive the day!” She was in so much pain most of the time that simple tasks like turning a faucet, picking up a coffee cup, or putting on her bra became almost impossible to do.  

Despite these challenges, Jewal continued to bravely navigate life over the next few decades. By the time she reached her 40s and became a mother of two, Jewal had resigned herself to her fate: she would have to live with Lupus for the rest of her life. Then one day, about 3 years ago, everything changed. It was the day she found Donna’s Energy Medicine.

Truth Chills

Jewal remembers feeling intuitively drawn to Donna’s book. “I had full-body chills -- I call them Truth Chills -- and my higher self affirmed this was the first and very important step of my healing journey!” 

Jewal purchased and read the book and joined one of Donna’s online courses. “I have taken Donna’s course on Mindvalley and enjoyed it immensely!” Armed with a sense of determination and newfound knowledge, she began practicing what she had learned. Her personal routine involved various energy medicine tools, including the Daily Energy Routine (DER), a Triple Warmer technique, and Crossover Shoulder Pull. 

Jewal added some of her own flavor to Donna’s classic techniques. “I love doing my DER to music and dancing!” She also included some of her own healing methods.“ Very often, I do what I call ‘running light’ where I take my awareness from the earth’s core up to my midline, up to the heavens and stardust, then back down.”

String of Surprises

Slowly but surely, Jewal began to notice significant improvement in her health and overall wellbeing. A year and a half later, she was free of all symptoms related to Lupus. Her anxiety, depression, and insomnia were also gone, and the results were beyond anything she could have imagined. “What a lovely string of surprises that I was blessed with!”

These days Jewal is a huge advocate of energy medicine. “I believe in energy medicine so much that I have videos that I expect my clients to do every day even though they come to me to build their businesses!” she says with a laugh. “I joke that at 47, I feel 17 except that I was a very sick little girl at 17!” 

When it comes to finding deep healing with energy medicine, Jewal has one key piece of advice to share: “I know it can be hard to ‘feel’ like doing the practices when you are feeling so dang low and maybe outright awful, but it’s worth it! Keep it up, it’ll change your life, and it might even save your life.”