Coping With COVID Using Eden Energy Medicine

Eden Method Team: Can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

Shawn Doubiago: My name is Shawn Doubiago. I live in San Francisco, California. I am a professor of Comparative Literature, an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner, and I am currently training to be a Fundamental year teacher. I am also Donna Eden’s niece.

EMT: Can you share a favorite memory growing up as Donna’s niece?

Shawn Doubiago

SD: I have a very distinct memory of being with my cousins, Titanya and Dondi, in the back seat of my aunt Donna’s little VW bug as she drove us from my home in Malibu to San Francisco for a road trip. I must have been 6 or 7 years old; Titanya would have been about 5 and Dondi around 2. We drove up the coast of California, stopping in places like Solvang, the Madonna Inn, and the Hearst Castle. We played the whole time. There was something so cozy and wonderful about being in this little car, the four of us, on a trip, as free as birds.

EMT: What was your first experience with Eden Energy Medicine (EEM)?

SD: My first experience with EEM was when I was 14-years-old. It was in 1977 and Donna had left Titanya and Dondi with my family in Mendocino while she took her first Touch for Health Class. When she came to pick her girls up, she was so excited about her week. She knew she had finally found her calling.

As a young teenager, I would get cold sores periodically. I was developing a cold sore when Donna arrived. She did some energy work on me to help relieve my symptoms. I like to think that I was her first client.

EMT: What were your biggest fears when the pandemic first hit in 2020?

SD: My biggest fear when the pandemic first hit was that my loved ones (particularly my mother and my husband) were vulnerable to the virus. I completely isolated myself from the world to protect them. My second fear was for the world. There was inconsistent information everywhere, and it felt like the whole world was in crisis. My third fear was being in the house 24/7 trying to learn completely new online teaching methods and online energy work.

EMT: When and how did you find out that you had Covid?

SD: I managed to get COVID in August on a plane on my way home from France. Despite being vaccinated and everyone on the plane having a negative COVID-19 test 48 hours before boarding the airplane, the passenger sitting next to me was unknowingly carrying the virus, and he passed it on to me. His initial flight had been delayed, which caused him to miss his connecting flight to Seattle. The airlines rerouted him on my flight (in the seat next to me), but he was delayed in Paris for 24 hours. I imagine that the delay was enough time for him to either get COVID or to become contagious. To make a long story short, he showed symptoms the day after the flight. I showed symptoms 3 days later.

EMT: Can you please describe what happened when you contracted the virus?

SD: I began to manifest flu-like symptoms. It felt mild initially, but I got tested that night because I was concerned about spreading it. My test didn’t come back until three days later, and it was positive. By then, I was fairly sick. I spent the next eight days in bed. I have never stayed eight days in bed in my life—this was quite an out-of-the-ordinary experience! I didn’t have a fever or respiratory issues, but I had terrible headaches every day and extreme fatigue. It was strange and vague. I felt like my body had been taken over!

EMT: When did you first begin working with EEM to help support your healing and recovery?

SD: I have been very diligent about doing the Daily Energy Routine (DER) for years now. COVID did not stop me from doing this, even if I had to do it in bed! After feeling ill for a couple of days, I began working with several COVID techniques shared with me through my EEM community.

EMT: Please describe some of the EEM techniques that you used?

SD: I worked mainly with polarities, wind points, and third-year EEM heart protocols. I checked the polarities of my alarm points, organs, and every day my polarities were off. I also found that my wind points were out. Cloacal and minor grids were another issue. Last, I knew that my assemblage point was shattered. This wouldn’t be corrected for some time.

EMT: When did you first notice that EEM was making a difference in your healing and recovery process?

SD: Recognizing that I had to work with several protocols every day was an essential step in feeling better. Because I’ve been working with energy for a while now, this didn’t come as too much of a surprise. But what did come as a surprise was the shattered assemblage point and the heart issues. Doing the DER, polarities, wind points, and heart protocols allowed me to get back to work.

EMT: If there’s one key thing you’d like to say to people about protecting against/healing from Covid with EEM, what would it be?

SD: I am still feeling the effects of COVID two months later. I have what they call “long haul” symptoms. But I also know that I am much better off having EEM tools to rely on. The strange process of COVID is that it comes and goes, ebbs and flows. It tricks one into thinking that it is over, and then it rears its head again.

I sense that it will take a while to eradicate the symptoms, but I can’t imagine what my experience would have been without EEM. I would urge everyone to check their polarities and wind points daily, keep their heart energy balanced, do the DER, and have regular sessions with practitioners if they can.

EMT: Is there anything else you’d like to share about your experience with COVID and EEM?

SD: The lasting effects that I am experiencing now are mostly COVID brain fog and fatigue. I forget quite easily, and I am not able to completely rely on my abilities yet. At some point during the day, I realize that I can’t do more. That is it—there is no room for arguments. I can’t do more. For someone who doesn’t know how to stop, this is a strange phenomenon!

I have also come to understand that this virus is not intending to do us harm or evil. It feels like adolescent energy that doesn’t mean to harm, and yet, it has caused so much damage. If we can somehow recognize that its intentions are not to harm, it might help us control the virus.