Matters of the Heart: Finding Soul Satisfaction in World-Class Athletic Performance

Two-time Olympic runner Robyn Meagher first became aware of the world of energy medicine during her years as a competitive athlete. “During my competition years, I utilized energy-based methods to support my own performance,” she shares. “It began with seeing a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine for acupuncture to treat my Achilles. I had exercise-induced asthma, and she also treated me for that with many benefits,” she recalls.

That first unforgettable experience with energy medicine eventually led to Robyn becoming a major advocate for the power of energy-based techniques in supporting, healing, and boosting sports performance.

Today, Robyn is an experienced registered clinical counselor and a health and performance coach in private practice. She is also a Level 3 graduate of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program and she often turns to energy-based tools to assist clients in overcoming various mental, emotional, and physical challenges.

Robyn regularly teaches clients Donna’s Daily Energy Routine and the Five Rhythms/Elements to help them incorporate and balance their energy in their daily lives. “Activating the Radiant Circuits is a strong emphasis,” she says. “Because emotional issues are a primary focus, neurovascular work is important.” 

Robyn also shares how some people describe their experience on her table as being able to ‘access deep states of peace that really support their recovery and sense of well-being.’ “When people are in a greater state of harmony and balance, they are more adaptive and resilient and more capable of performing at their best.” 

Robyn knows precisely what it takes to perform at the highest levels from personal experience. She started competing at the national level in Canada when she was just 12 and spent 17 years with the national athletics program beginning with the national junior team at age 17. 

Robyn’s talent, discipline, and focus took her all the way to the Barcelona Olympics in 1992 and the Atlanta Olympics in 1996. She was a Silver Medalist at the 1994 Commonwealth Games and in the World Cup, and she has been repeatedly ranked in the top 10 in the world in middle and distance running events. 

Robyn fondly refers to her years as a world-class track and field athlete as “a rich journey of mind, body, spirit integration.” She shares how a lot of her current work is focused on building an athletes’ own skill and awareness to work with their innate ability to optimize their state.

The biggest impediments and opportunities are typically matters of the heart,” she says. “You can be a world-class athlete, but if you don’t have a sense of who you are as a human being beyond your sport and have warm, caring relations that are not conditional on your athletic performance, it will be difficult for you to find the freedom to perform at your best and have a sense of soul satisfaction doing it.”

Robyn believes it’s essential for everyone to work with energy-based tools because, as energetic beings living in an energetic universe, we need to appreciate and understand not just our physiology but the interplay between our energetic systems, the body, and mind. “Energy-based tools can help accelerate balance and harmony, healing, resilience, and adaptation.” These are, no doubt, the exact traits that let this two-time Olympian turned counselor and coach achieve success in anything she sets her mind to.