Calming a Classroom of Children With Energy Medicine

Ramona Sidlo had a 6-figure salary working for Spotify in New York City and seemed to be living the dream. But the corporate lifestyle was draining her, making her physically sick. 

She had been in Alcoholics Anonymous for ten years, yet continued to spiral into negativity, and her relationships suffered. After her "dark night of the soul," she says, an act of divine intervention brought her to Hawaii.

Being in a relaxing environment and, for the past two years, taking a class that includes astrology, hands-on healing, property clearing, and Energy Medicine, she states, "Fundamentally shifted who I am as a person."

One of her favorite Energy Medicine action items is the Triple Warmer as well as tapping her grief and fear points. Since doing these exercises, Ramona has noticed striking improvements in both her physical and mental health. She has lost twenty pounds, her eyes are brighter, and she no longer feels stuck and hopeless.

As she "started to uncover [her] own childhood traumas," she felt a calling to work with children. She began volunteering at a women and children's shelter, assisting children with their homework as part of the afterschool program.

When the organization asked her to teach a 15-minute session for Mindful Mondays, she was on board.

"As someone who is being trained in hands-on healing, I thought this would be a good place for me to start working with kids and see how it feels to be in the classroom doing mindfulness," she says.

The first session did not go as well as she had planned. She was not 100% grounded, and she only had 15 minutes to guide a group of children into a state of calm.

Any teacher (or parent) knows that this is no easy task -- especially when the children have experienced serious trauma in their lives and may have resulting emotional and behavioral challenges.

Ramona spoke to her healing class about this experience, and her teacher suggested that she apply some of Donna Eden's energy exercises to her mindfulness session.

First, she used the Triple Warmer to get herself aligned before arriving at the shelter. To start the session, knowing that she only had a few minutes to get the kids engaged, she said, "Let's stand up and try something different."

Then she led the children through a series of exercises including the Four Thumps, Cross Crawl, tapping the Karate Chop point, and Connecting Heaven and Earth, followed by a breathing exercise for a minute and a half.

Ramona says, "I could not believe my eyes about what happened in our classroom." She had Mozart playing in the background, and the kids "were relaxed, focused, and just doing their homework. It was such a beautiful time for me to be connected with them."

She describes the experience as a "collective consciousness of calm." Normally, the kids would be running about or bickering with one another, but for once, they seemed to be on the same wavelength. This was in spite of the fact that they had been eating sugary food!

One particular moment with a little girl stood out.

"As a teacher, there's always that one kid who's a messenger," Ramona says. "She's exactly how I was at that age, so I can't remain neutral with her, and she triggers me every time. But this time, she came up to me and said, 'This music is so beautiful.'" 

Overall, this classroom experience was a major "aha moment" for Ramona, demonstrating how she could make an impact. It taught her to get out of her own way and gave her confidence in her healing powers.

"In that moment," she says, "I did not have self-doubt." 

This lesson is instructive for us all. When we first learn Energy Medicine, we may doubt our ability to help others. 

But even if you—or the people you are trying to help—are initially skeptical, the benefits of the medicine can be actively, and in some cases instantly, demonstrated.

Ramona's goal is to eventually open a wellness center in Manhattan inspired by the Hawaii healing vibration, introducing Energy Medicine to a mainstream audience so she can help a large number of people. 

"It makes so much sense now," Ramona says. "All the struggles that I've had could be integrated in a way to actually help someone feel better. I've done some amazing marketing things over the years, but [teaching Energy Medicine to children] has by far been the most rewarding experience."