Level 2 Program Details

Level 2: Certification Training

Program Details

Goals and Overview

The goal of Level 2: Certification Training is for students to obtain a firm foundation in the approach to Energy Medicine that Donna Eden has developed over the past 3 decades, and to develop the skill levels necessary to begin using these techniques for promoting health. The majority of people taking the program plan to use what they learn in an energy medicine practice or as a complement to another healing modality.


Students must have completed the Level 1: Fundamentals Classes before entering Level 2: Certification Training. Reading Energy Medicine is also required.


Level 2: Certification Training is a one-year program that follows the Level 1: Fundamentals Classes. 


Level 2: Certification Training consists of four quarterly classes (4-days long each), plus homework after each class.

Teaching Modalities:

Each 4-day session includes a balanced mix of teaching and practice time, and is a class as well as a practicum.

Basic Content:

The curriculum in each of the four Level 2: Certification Training classes covers information and skills originally taught by Donna Eden, which is anchored with repeated practice during and after class. Also covered in Level 2: Certification Training are professional issues such as ethics and developing a practice.

Establishing Competency:

After each class in Level 2: Certification Training students submit an online "open-book" written test on the material covered in the class. They also perform a demonstration session with a “client” either via a videoconferencing platform (Zoom, Skype, etc.) or in-person with their assigned supervisor for that class, showing competency in the hands-on aspects of the material they recently learned.

Professional Listing:

Level 2: Certification Training graduates who have passed the Certification Exam and maintain a Certified EEM Practitioner status will have the opportunity to be listed as a practitioner on the Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner Directory.

Thereafter, in order to maintain a Certified EEM Practitioner status, Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioners must renew their EEM Continued Training Certificate. (See “Maintaining Certification” below.)

Other Benefits:

Graduates of Level 2: Certification Training qualify to go on to Level 3: Professional Skills Mastery after they have successfully completed their Certification Exam with Innersource and are Certified Practitioners.

Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioners are offered discounted "practitioner rates" on select Eden Energy Medicine conferences, as well as discounts on many Innersource products. They also have the opportunity to purchase personalized EEM promotional brochures designed exclusively for Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioners, as well as receiving other forms of professional support.


Level 2: Certification Training consists of Classes 5-8, which build on Classes 1-4 of Level 1: Fundamentals.

Class 5: Basic Curriculum

Advanced Five Rhythms:

  • Five Rhythms Cycle and Correspondences
  • Five Rhythms and the Human Body
  • Determining Primary and Secondary Rhythms
  • Five Rhythms Energy Testing
  • Five Rhythms Exercises
  • Five Rhythms Corrections
  • The Rhythm Points
  • Irregular Energies (Part II)
  • Energy Tracking

Class 6: Basic Curriculum

  • Energy Medicine for Hormone Health
  • The Vortex Revival
  • The Shock Point
  • Advanced Chakras

Class 7: Basic Curriculum

  • Assemblage Point
  • Vortexes
  • Seed Points
  • Anatomical Terms
  • Finger Modes
  • Radiant Circuit Pulse Test
  • Advanced Aura
  • Advanced Substance Testing

Class 8: Basic Curriculum

  • The Five Disruptive Forces
  • Infusing Blood with Energy
  • Client Intake Procedures
  • Creating & Running Your EEM Business
  • Marketing Your EEM Business
  • Professionalism in Your EEM Practice
  • Supplemental Material:
  • The Chakra Business Plan
  • Substances: When Energy Tests Lie
  • EEM and Medical Situations

Graduation Requirements

  1. To graduate from the Level 2: Certification Training, students must successfully complete all Class 1 - 8 requirements (Written and Demonstration tests).
  2. Upon graduation, students receive a diploma from the Level 2 Regional Program where they completed Class 8. This diploma signifies completion of the Level 2: Certification Training.
  3. The Level 2 Regional Program diploma is a prerequisite to apply for status as a Certified Practitioner. No title is given upon graduating from Level 2. A title will be given once a student becomes “Certified” – see “Certification Requirements” (below).

Certification, Continued Training, and Certificate Renewal

Becoming a Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner

As with other professional certifying bodies, becoming an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner is a sign to the public that you have met the highest standards of this profession.

Along with the being officially recognized, you will also become eligible to receive:

  • A Professional directory listing on the official Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner website with high quality graphics and navigation, making it unnecessary to host your own webpage for your practice. Many potential clients start their search for a Certified EEM Practitioner here, and the site receives over 20,000 visitors per month, so you have immediate visibility to your practice.
  • The ability for clients to book sessions directly on your Practitioner listing.
  • The authorized use of the Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner logo and branding for your practice, as well as access to flyers, forms, and promotional material for your business.
  • The opportunity, if you choose, to become an Eden Energy Medicine wholesaler, offering up to 40% off specific store items for resale.
  • The opportunity to establish an affiliate relationship with Innersource, providing a return to you of up to 50% referral commissions on a variety of online courses.

Certification Requirements & Exam

Once a student has graduated from the Level 2: Certification Training they are eligible to apply to take the Certification Exam, which, upon successful completion, qualifies them for the title of Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner (EEM-CP).

The goal of the Certification Exam is to show the candidate’s competency with the topics covered in Classes 1-8 of Level 1: Fundamentals and Level 2: Certification Training.

To apply for EEM Certification:

  • Fill out the Certification Application on the Innersource website (link will be provided at Class 8).
  • Pay the $450 Certification Application fee (subject to change) at time of application submission. 

This fee covers the cost of the first attempt at all three segments of the Certification Exam and the Professional Certification Certificate. (See details below regarding re-testing if necessary.)

Successfully complete the following three Certification Exam segments:

  1. Written Test: 100 multiple-choice questions online; 2-hour time limit. 
  2. Ethics Section: comprehensive test demonstrating a professional level grasp of ethical principles as it relates to an Eden Energy Medicine practice; consists of a multiple-choice and an oral component. 
  3. Demonstration Session: demonstration of typical skills used in a professional consultation between Practitioner and Client via a videoconferencing platform (Zoom, Skype, etc.) or in-person.

Candidates shall treat this Demonstration Session as if they were doing a real Energy Medicine session. Candidates are required to bring in a non-family member to use as a “client” during this exam so the Faculty member can assess the candidate’s ability to track and follow energy, move comfortably between the energy systems, and remain comfortable while maintaining sensitivity to the client and the client’s energies.

Certification candidates are not allowed to pick their Faculty at random for the Demonstration Session – they must choose from the selection that Innersource has listed online at the time of scheduling.

To schedule your Demonstration Session, log in to EEM Central after Class 8 (instructions will be provided at Class 8).

Select a date and time that works for you from the calendar. You will be able to see which Faculty members are available for Demonstration Sessions in that time slot.

Re-testing of each segment of the Certification Exam is available on an individual basis at the following additional costs (subject to change):

Written Test - $75
Ethics Section - $175
Demonstration Session - $300

Note: A Demonstration Session re-test may be done no sooner than three months after an unsuccessful attempt.

Innersource reserves the right at any time to request letters of recommendation from Active Faculty Members, or any other supporting documentation as they determine necessary, prior to granting Certification.

Once a candidate has passed ALL THREE sections of their Certification Exam (Written Test, Ethics Section -  both Written and Oral, and Demonstration Session), Innersource will issue a Certificate with the title of “Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner (EEM-CP).”

Maintaining Certification

To maintain Certification as an EEM Practitioner, the practitioner must obtain twelve Continuing Training (CT) hours in EEM every two-year cycle and pay a renewal fee. Eligible courses for CT hours can be found on the EEM website under the Continued Training section.

Baltimore, Chicago, Phoenix, and Dorking (UK)

Level 2: Certification Training Classes are offered in four regional locations. Each location will have their own unique experience, all while maintaining the same curriculum, educational opportunities, and quality teaching you've come to expect.