EEM Continued Training (CT)

For Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioners Who Want to Remain in Good Standing

Stay Current with The Latest Eden Energy Medicine Protocols and Reach More Clients Through Our Continued Training Program

Maintain your status as an Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner in good standing, and we will include your practitioner listing on our website so you can reach more interested clients, grow your practice, and make a living doing what you love.

What Sets You Apart?

When you’re looking for a healer, how do you go about finding one?

And when you DO find one, how do you know whether they are a reputable healer?

It’s something to ask yourself as you build your practice.

How are YOU going to demonstrate that you are qualified to offer your healing services to a complete stranger?

As an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner, you have completed a level of training that not many energy healers receive – at a minimum, 2 years of rigorous training and mentoring in the same techniques that Donna has used to heal herself and thousands of people in our community.

Your Eden Energy Medicine Certification means a lot to a person looking for healing services.

And when your clients find you on our Eden Method website, or through a referral from our customer service team, they know that they are going to see someone certified in the system developed by one of the most trusted healers of our generation, Donna Eden.

And that trust transfers to you.

That’s what sets you apart.

A Level of Excellence and Trust

We at Eden Method are committed to making sure our practitioners, practitioners who carry Donna’s name in their title as an Eden Energy Medicine practitioner, are the most qualified and highly trained energy healers in the world.

Like energy itself, Eden Energy Medicine is a dynamic system, adapting and responding to the changing needs of clients and the world.

To this day, Donna remains open and curious about changes in the energy of our environment and our bodies. She is continually updating and adding to her protocols.

To be a great healer, it’s important that you keep up with the latest developments and protocols so you can serve your clients in the best way possible.

In our Continued Training program, you’ll receive ongoing training in Eden Energy Medicine.

And as a result of your ongoing training, you will receive the benefit of being listed on our website as a Certified Practitioner where you have the potential to reach a lot more clients with your healing skills.

We call it being a “Certified Practitioner in good standing,” and because you have demonstrated a level of commitment to the work, we have the confidence and trust we need to list your practice on our website and offer referrals to you when customers call in asking for a practitioner in your area.

“Good Standing” Gets You Listed On Our Website and More...

The Eden Method website is the place people go when they want to find an Eden Energy Medicine practitioner in their area. Would you believe that our website now gets over 30,000 hits a month?

It does.

Donna’s effective healing approach is catching on with the mainstream. Our Facebook has almost 150,000 followers. Donna’s Daily Energy Routine now has over 1.5 million views on YouTube. And we are reaching more and more people every day.

Your practice will continue to reach more and more people as we grow.  Here are the benefits of renewing your EEM Continued Training Certificate.

  • Add to your legitimacy and authority as a healer by being associated with Donna and the Eden Method brand, which signals a high level of excellence and training so you can stand out among energy healers.
  • Increase your clients by having your practitioner listing on the Eden Method website, which on average serves 30,000 visitors a month.
  • Retain and expand your skills by staying up-to-date with the latest in Eden Energy Medicine training so you can build a name for yourself in your community as a healer who gets great results. 
  • Further your career as a healer so you can lead a life where you are in charge of your schedule, doing what you love, and getting paid for it.
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  • Receive referrals from Eden Method customer service when people contact us looking for a practitioner in their area.

Our Practitioner Directory Means a Professional and Searchable Listing for You!

Our Practitioner Directory not only looks great but has some wonderful features that give you more control over your listing: 

  • Improved search functionality so people in your area can easily find you.  
  • Ability to MANAGE your own listing so you can make your own updates at anytime.
  • Ability to add your specialties to your listing, such as Remote Healing Sessions, Reiki, Massage, etc., so people can get a more complete picture of your services.
  • A new booking feature where clients can book and pay for a session directly online so you can make the most of the moment when they are inspired to have a session. (Uses the Resurva Booking system.)
  • Geolocation services for all devices, which means the practitioner directory will automatically determine the individual's location and provide them a targeted listing of practitioners in their area if they desire.
  • Ability to upload videos and more pictures so people can get a better sense of who you are before they book a session. 

How To Renew and Remain in Good Standing

When you graduated and completed your Certification Exam, you received your initial renewable Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) Continued Training Certificate.

This certificate shows that you are an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner in good standing and has your issue date and renewal date on it. Your renewal date should be dated two years from the date you renewed, which constitutes one renewal period.

To renew, you FIRST need to complete 12 EEM Continued Training (CT) hours in an approved Eden Energy Medicine class by your certificate's renewal date. Click here for a list of approved classes.>>

Once you have successfully completed your CT hours you will receive a congratulations email from us and your Continued Training Certificate will be automatically renewed on your renewal date. 

Because we are automating the CT renewal process we are no longer charging the $100 fee to renew and there is no form to fill out. If you want to update your name and credentials from what appears on your last EEM CT Certificate please fill out this form (Continued Training Certificate Credentials Update Form). If you need to update your just issued EEM CT Certificate you will need to contact us at [email protected].

As an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner you are eligible to have a practitioner listing in our Practitioner Directory.

  • Click here if you do not yet have a practitioner listing, but would like one.
  • Those who choose not to be listed on our website do not need to submit insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are my CT hours transferable to another period?

Q. If I complete my CT hours early, does that change my renewal period?

Q. What if I don't attend a CT approved course within my renewal period?

Q. How do I return to in good standing status as an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner once I have gone inactive?

Q. What types of classes qualify for Continued Training?

Q. What if I lose my EEM CT Renewable Certificate or have a name change and want to replace it?

Rescinding Certification

Eden Method reserves the right, at its discretion and without explanation, to ask a student to leave an Eden Energy Medicine class or event, or to rescind their certification in EEM. This can be based on failure to meet the academic, behavioral, professional, or ethical standards of the training as determined by Eden Method staff.


Contact our Customer Service Team at [email protected].