Case Studies

By Alison Fernando

This photo of Frank and Alison was taken last year in Spain - about 10 months after his surgery. Frank was once again able to look forward to and enjoy going on holiday.

Hospital Staff Very Surprised by Quick Recovery

After a year and a half of increasingly severe back pain, in September 2018 my husband Frank needed a major operation called an Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (ALIF) to have two spinal vertebrae fused – S5 and L1. This also involved taking bone from his hip to fuse the vertebrae.

Following the operation, his immediate and longer-term recovery were described by the surgeon, the back specialist, and his physiotherapists as "unusual." They were surprised at how well he was recovering and especially how little pain he was in, as this was uncommon in their experience following this operation. The hospital staff was also surprised by how little pain medication he needed after the operation.

Frank was discharged less than 48 hours after the operation (normally you’d need to stay for about 5 days after the operation), and he was back to full-time work (with a 2-hour commute each day) within 4 months (normally, they would not expect you to return to full-time work before 6 months).

Preparing for the Operation

To prepare for his operation, Frank lost 13 pounds and swam 3 hours a week – the back specialist said that if you go into an operation fit, you will recover from it better.

I knew of Donna's work and that she had included a section in the second edition of Energy Medicine on using energy medicine before and after an operation. 

I asked Frank if he was willing to give it a try in addition to his other preparations. He agreed, so I drew up a programme of what would be possible for us to do. We started around the beginning of August that year.

We did:

  • the Daily Energy Routine every day (and possibly twice a day sometimes – I forget now!) and included the Homolateral Crossover, the shoulder cross-over pull, Rhythmic Eights, the Celtic Weave, and Connecting Heaven and Earth
  • Spinal Flush twice a day
  • Opening the Ileocecal Valve (every day)
  • Freeing the Diaphragm (every day)
  • Massaging the Neurolymphatic points (every day)
  • Triple Warmer Smoothie (every day)
  • Flushing Spleen meridian (every day)
  • Strengthening Spleen meridian by holding relevant points (every day)

Post-Surgery Exercises

As soon as I was able to see Frank after the operation, I swallowed my slight embarrassment at doing "strange things" in front of strangers (the hospital staff and the other recovering patient in the room with Frank) and set to work doing figure eights all over his body where I thought he needed it, as well as clearing his chakras, the Triple Warmer smoothie, flushing the Spleen meridian and strengthening it by holding the relevant points, and anything else I could do from the programme that I could access whilst he was on his back. He was not supposed to lie on his front for 3 months after the operation.

Something that transpired soon after the operation was that his lower left leg and foot were colder than the right. The hospital staff, after some checks, said they weren’t worried about it. 

I thought I would nonetheless see if there was anything I could try with the energy medicine. I did research and later that day held all the neurovascular points on his head in sequence. 

When I came back the next morning, his foot and lower leg were warm. That afternoon they were cold, though, so I just did it again. That evening, his foot and leg were warm. 

When we got home the next day, his foot and leg were again cold. We have an infra-red camera, so I took a photo of his foot and leg before yet again repeating the procedure. 

His foot and leg became warm, and I took another photo of them after the procedure so we had proof that it did work. For some reason the results didn’t hold, though. We eventually decided not to worry about it anymore, but we both found it fascinating.

In the two weeks after the operation, I did the energy work on him as he was not able to do so much himself. I did as much of the Daily Energy routine (with the above additions) as was physically possible, massaged the accessible neurolymphatic points, very gently did the ileocecal valve opening (he had been opened up on his belly, so I wasn’t going to press hard into those points!), freed the diaphragm, did the Triple Warmer Smoothie, and flushed and strengthened the Spleen meridian.

I continued to clear the chakras and did figure-8s over the two scars (on the belly and his hip). I also flushed the Kidney meridian.

Still Going Strong Post-Surgery

We continued with this programme for 3 months after the operation. Frank was able to do the Daily Energy Routine (with additions) on his own after 6 weeks. He was able to look after himself (cooking, etc.) after 9 weeks (I had a residential course away from home). 

I then added in flushing his stomach meridian on the advice of a friend who was a Shiatsu practitioner. Frank gently massaged the scars each day, too, as this apparently helps to minimise scar tissue. Meanwhile, he had been going for walks (and up and down the stairs), gradually building up the length of time and distance he went for.

In the next 3 months (up until 6 months after the operation), Frank continued with the Daily Energy Routine and was also still massaging his scars. He went swimming again and, in the evenings, I would flush and strengthen his Spleen meridian.

To this day, he still does the Daily Energy Routine. The unusual aspects of his operation/recovery were:

  • The surgeon needed to use less morphine than normal during the operation itself.
  • After the operation he was in very little pain – 0 to 3 on the scale of pain used  in hospitals. He didn’t require extra pain meds.
  • Only needed laxatives for 2 days after the operation.
  • Discharged less than 48 hours after the operation.
  • After finishing the meds (which included a low dose of morphine) from the hospital, which he did after a week, he was only using paracetamol as a painkiller. He phased this out completely over 3 weeks; so, 3 weeks after his operation he was on no medication whatsoever.
  • His pain after 3 weeks was due to muscles being used that were getting used to the new situation. The original back pain was gone.
  • 4 weeks after the operation – we had an appointment at the back clinic where they couldn’t believe he had so little/almost no pain. Apparently, normally you feel like you’ve been driven over by a bus after this operation, and you are in pain a long time.
  • The scar on his hip healed rapidly – you could hardly see it after about 5 weeks.
  • Back to work full time after 3 and a half months – again, the back-clinic doctor and physios couldn’t believe he was back so soon.

Nowadays, Frank is doing all the things he used to do – including some quite hefty DIY. He says he feels as though he never had a problem and forgets that he had such a big operation.

What Made the Difference?

Obviously, we will never know quite what the results would have been had we not done the energy work as we can’t repeat the same circumstances. I also have to add that a number of my spiritual friends were praying for him and doing a healing Yagna on his behalf, which I also consider to be energy medicine, but from a distance!

We both feel strongly, however, that the energy medicine work we did really made the difference in how he experienced the operation and post-operative recovery. In our opinion, the fact that the medical staff we spoke to afterwards was so surprised at his recovery lends extra weight to this conclusion. 

Frank still says that he reckons it made all the difference, and I suppose that’s the main thing – that he is again leading a normal life. He went from being someone who was gradually closing down to life and getting afraid of moving to being his old self again who I knew prior to November 2016.

Thank you for all the work that you have done over 40-odd years to make Energy Medicine available to the world.

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