How Donna Works with Kids

I love bringing Energy Medicine to children. Children are closer to their instincts and can often feel the techniques working more vividly than adults. Many times, desperate parents have brought in a child whose ailments have stumped the doctors, yet when understood in terms of the energies being blocked or out of harmony, the path […]

Attuning to Cultural Differences

As the Introduction to this issue of the e-letter emphasizes, the fact we all have the same basic energy systems is a great equalizer. However, as energy healing practitioners, skillfully attuning to cultural differences can be the difference between helping or failing to help a client.David’s recent paper, Uses of Energy Psychology following Catastrophic Events, […]

Energy Medicine Wows a (Tough) Crowd in Taiwan

Annamaria Paciulli of Italy was one of our most talented and cherished EEM practitioners. She was also one of our greatest advocates. Sadly, Annamaria passed away a few years ago. However her passion and devotion to energy medicine live on in her students and in the lives she touched around the world. We remember a […]

Dr. Thema Bryant to Speak at Energy Fest

We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Bryant will be one of our keynote speakers in Cleveland this September. Dr. Bryant is President Elect of the American Psychological Association, the largest professional organization representing psychology. It includes more than 121,000 researchers, educators, clinicians, and students as its members.In explaining why we were turning toward her […]

They Were Smarter Than We Realized

A ground-breaking book by an anthropologist-archeologist team, more than a decade in the making, offers a new take on humankind’s history.  Why is it relevant for an energy healing newsletter? First of all, history is the foundation of our self-concept as a species, so evidence requiring a major revision is relevant to everyone. More to […]

The Brazilian Toe Technique

The Brazilian Toe Technique uses acupressure points to promote deep relaxation and activates the release of toxins. This simple method can help reduce emotional stress and imbalances, and overall physical pain and achiness. This technique also reduces side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, including restless leg syndrome, insomnia, nausea, and edema.NOTE: Unless you are a […]