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The cultural historian, philosopher, and activist, Jean Houston, is a dear and cherished friend. For more than five decades, we have looked to her for guidance and inspiration. She has written the Foreword to two of our books, keynoted several of our conferences, and counseled us on many decisions. A few years ago, we put a very challenging question to her: “Jean, with so much suffering and threat facing the world, don’t you find it incongruent to consistently be putting out such a positive message?”

Her answer was decisive: “Your discouragement is because your primary source of information about the world is from the news. I’ve visited over 100 countries and worked with all levels of those societies, from the top leadership to the poorest of the poor. What I see is overwhelming good in people, constructive action, a hundred inspiring stories for every act of evil.” 

In her end-of-the-year message last month, Jean wrote to her large online community about the Silent Light of goodness she sees all over the world. It shines through “ordinary folks, sharing extraordinary caring. Their actions surround us every day while seldom being recognized.” She explains that the breaking news has “demanded most of the attention on the world stage,” but it only represents a small portion of today's realities.

It is the Silent Lights who are the “glue of our nations, silently, without fanfare, offering themselves to us every day.” She points to those working behind counters, sweeping floors, and harvesting our food in the hot sun; to the tireless nurses, doctors, medical staff, and caregivers who are there for the weary and sick; to the teachers who help our kids grow into responsible adults; to the protectors of our countries who would give their lives for our freedom and democracy.

We can only say, “Amen!” In our view, we are also on the cusp of a great revolution worldwide. To be sure, we are near humanity’s end if we don’t change our collective direction, from global warming to untenable economic disparity. It would be naïve to deny all that threatens our shared future. But it would also be naïve to deny what humanity is capable of. We are among the physically weakest of the large mammals, but we have dominated the world and stepped onto the moon.

What is new is that people are waking to the urgency of initiating major changes in the ways that we are dominating the world. Also new is technology that can galvanize profound shifts in consciousness and collective behavior. Far too slowly for the tastes of those who have long seen the dangers, and not always in the right direction, but towering positive changes are in motion as our pooled knowledge and capabilities become universally available. We are moving toward arrangements that have never before existed on Earth. Among many other things, this will involve a redistribution of power and wealth in the coming decades, with fairness rather than greed becoming the standard that is widely demanded.

That alone will result in a stronger, more resilient, more sustainable, more peaceful, and happier humanity. You can see the urge for such major changes peeking through all over the world. It’s already happening! Get some of your news from, or For a deeper personal dive into creating a positive 2023, consider Jean’s “Get Ready” online course, February 11-12.

Those in power will not embrace the changes that are unfolding, but the disruption and backsliding you will see in 2023 are part of a transformation. They are unfolding to be so embarrassing in the U.S. that they will jar people awake. In the larger story, we believe we are on a path toward a world that will ultimately be better than anything humanity has known. We believe that, and we encourage you to interpret events in this manner.

Seeing today’s injustices and horrendous political struggles as steps in humanity’s evolution and healing– like a fever fighting a body’s infections – will not only lead to greater inner peace in the coming year; it will also lead to better personal and political choices into the future. It will cultivate your inspiration. It will make your “Silent Light” less silent. You are living in one of the most interesting and consequential times in history. Keep your equilibrium (Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology can help!), find the legitimate reasons for hope, and cherish the ride.

To all the Silent and Not-So-Silent Lights in our Eden Method community, we wish you renewable joy, peace, and strength in 2023!


Donna and David

If these words have inspired insights, ideas or feedback or if you’d like to share your wishes and hope for 2023, please feel free to comment below. We’d love to hear from you!

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