Using Eden Energy Medicine to Stabilize Macular Degeneration

John is a 93-year-old client with macular degeneration that was first spotted, but not diagnosed, in 2000. John was challenged by a few setbacks including symptoms related to his diagnoses after surgery in 2010 for this condition. John began meeting with Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner Helga Holtmann (photo right) in 2013, and has since received much benefit from both his sessions with Helga and his dedicated self-care practice using EEM tools.

Macular degeneration is typically an age-related deterioration of the eye’s macula, a small area in the center of the retina. The macula is light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye that is responsible for central vision and detail. The optometrist at that time made a remark that he saw some defects, but he didn't send John to a retinologist until 2010, when computerized scans were done. John was told that there were cracks in his retinas that looked as if they were the wallpaper of an old house.

Helga Holtmann

Helga Holtmann

John then had surgery for cataracts, in which new lenses were inserted into his eyes. After the surgery, the macular degeneration got "wet," with fluid (lymph and blood) leaking out of his retinas. (There are two types of this disease, wet and dry.) He had a 30-40% loss of sight in his right eye and a 20-25% loss in his left eye. The degeneration was advancing over time.

Starting in December 2011, John received a series of Avastin shots (a very diluted form of a colon cancer drug) to dry out his eyes. The shots were not a cure, but the hope was that they would stop the degeneration. He was checked every six weeks, receiving booster shots. The deterioration continued.

John began working with Helga in January 2013. Prior to these EEM sessions, John had no knowledge of Eden Energy Medicine (and did not have Donna’s Energy Medicine book), but was well versed in meditation practices, doing them for several hours each day. Helga introduced John to the Daily Energy Routine, especially the Crossover, Hook-up, and Freeing the Diaphragm techniques. They also focused on Spleen, Liver, Kidney, and Stomach meridians, which were all out of balance. John did eye-balancing exercises for himself including massaging around his eyes, palming, figure-8s over his eyes, and deeply massaging under his collar bone and around the breasts. While improvement happened fast, it took about 1.5 years to stop the deterioration. There were other benefits making up for the long time and work: John felt better overall and his sleep also improved. John also made less bathroom visits during the night.

After the second session, Helga added the Triple Warmer Reactivity Pose (also called the Mellow Mudra), and found other ways to calm Triple Warmer. John served in the military early in his life, flew bombing missions over Japan, and described to me several life-threatening situations. Since then, he described being on constant “high alert.”

After only two sessions, in two weeks, his next visit to the doctor showed that the retinal bleeding had subsided. His eyesight had improved from 50/20 to 40/20 in his right eye, and from 40/20 to 30/20 in his left eye. He did not need a booster shot. That was very encouraging, and it turned out that John needed that boost for the long haul that followed.

John reported waking up more tired after having dreams. Helga included more Triple Warmer calming practices. He described his attitude starting in mid-2013 this way: “There was resistance to having to increase my practice. I wasn’t happy about what all I had to do. At the peak of my resistance there was a healing crisis: I had carpal tunnel syndrome, joint pain, my energy was way down. It was like we stirred up deep patterns having to do with a deep fear. At the beginning, I practiced EEM for about half an hour a day with resistance. Then I increased the practice, went deeper into it feeling-wise. As I went deeper, I spent more time. I then practiced 1-1/2 hours per day, split in two sessions, but now without the resistance. Around mid-2014, at first my left eye became stable (in terms of degeneration of the cones and rods), and then, about five months later, the right eye also. First I had to come back for an examination every six weeks, then every eight weeks, now nine to ten weeks. The doctor said it’s “rock stable.”

"My main improvement is the stabilization of the macular degeneration since mid-2014. My evidence is from reading of eye charts and the doctor’s examination both of retinal scans and direct examination through visual observation through his ophthalmology instrument. I am so grateful for this energy work because I was very worried about deterioration of my eyesight, and having it stabilized is such a gift. I keep practicing and it’s not getting worse now. “

Over this four-year period, John and Helga energy tested what was needed each time, which included almost all systems. They met for bi-monthly sessions and now check in once a month. As of the publication of this Case History, John’s condition is still stable, he continues to do his daily energy balancing practices, and he just passed his eye test at the local Division of Motor Vehicles at age 93!

Helga offers in conclusion, “Sometimes it's not a quick fix. It takes time. I'm so very glad we kept going. The result of having stopped the deterioration of John’s eyesight with EEM feels wonderful. “

This Case History was submitted by Helga Holtmann, Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner. Helga has an EEM practice in Oakland, California. You can reach Helga at [email protected].