Using Eden Energy Medicine Basics to Alleviate an Auto-Immune Disease

A new student recently attended a training session with Donna in San Diego. Before she arrived for the training, she had already successfully used Energy Medicine for the relief of a restrictive and debilitating condition in her shoulders, back and upper arms. Disciplined study and diligent practice over a four-month period resulted in the alleviation of an auto-immune disease which she'd been told could only be treated with a steroidal medicine.

In September 2009, Julie Ann Matheson noticed soreness, stiffness, and reduced mobility in her shoulders, back, and upper arm muscles. In November, she asked her internist about the symptoms. The doctor advised that she "do more down dogs" (yoga postures). Julie Ann tried that, but the pain and constriction in her upper torso and arms continued. The symptoms were especially bad when she woke up in the mornings. It was a struggle of considerable pain just to raise herself from bed, and very difficult to raise her arms above a 45 degree angle to put clothes on. In December, Julie Ann started taking Chinese herbs, and improved her diet, but did not notice any amelioration of the symptoms.

In late January, she sought another internist's opinion. Blood work revealed high inflammation levels in her blood, and this doctor suspected Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR), an auto-immune disease related to Rheumatoid Arthritis. The doctor prescribed the drug Prednisone and indicated that the symptoms would disappear overnight. Julie Ann was also referred to a rheumatologist, who confirmed the diagnosis and prescription. Julie Ann did her own research into Prednisone and found that it is a cortical steroid with 16 undesirable side effects. It is also the ONLY remedy Western medicine uses to treat PMR.

Julie Ann decided that she would not take Prednisone, and would seek alternative healing methods. On the recommendation of Elsie Kern, a friend who happens to be an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner (EEM-CP), she studied some of Donna's student handouts and began doing some of the exercises. She also started an Ayurvedic diet March 10, 2010.

Julie Ann did 20-30 minutes of Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) exercises each morning and had her blood tested every 6 weeks. She also bought the Energy Medicine and Energy Medicine for Women books, as well as the DVD set of Energy Medicine Essential Techniques, which led to expanding her daily routine to 45-60 minutes.

Gradually the blood inflammation levels decreased. It took four months for the physical symptoms to go away. By July, there was no sign of her illness. Her rheumatologist was amazed. She's never heard of a person treating PMR this way.

Julie Ann states:

"Not only did Energy Medicine cure me of this auto-immune disease, it made me a lot happier, consistently optimistic person. I am now learning from Donna's Radiant Circuit DVD's how to incorporate more of these easy, powerful techniques into my daily routine, and looking forward to learning more about the fascinating world of energy medicine. As David Feinstein says, and I've found to be true, 'Energy Medicine will change your life!'."

(Compiled by Jeff Armstrong, November 2010)