Unintended Weight Loss

Submitted by: Diane Grant

After enjoying a very healthy, athletic childhood and teen years, at age 18 my daughter tore her knee during a basketball game, leading to an operation, which resulted in a horrendous infection and subsequently she had a couple of year's worth of health/spiritual setbacks. Although somewhat thinner, she seemed to be doing pretty well and went off to University.

When she arrived home for her first break, we all gasped. She looked as though she was melting away and did not seem to think anything was amiss. One of the first people I thought of to help her was Diane as my daughter had responded well to her and the Energy Medicine sessions in the past.

After several sessions, close together, she seemed calmer and happier. Gradually, the daughter I had been so concerned about became healthier and is now doing very well in school and in general.

~ Katelin's Mother

Diane is as delightful and kind as she is effective. Her work is a true reminder to never underestimate the power and presence of energy and intention. I have had a great number of sessions with her in the past and will continue to see her as frequently as possible in the future. I highly recommend seeing her to anyone concerned for their health or simply their general well being and happiness.

~ Katelin

Practitioner's Comments:

I worked with Katelin for a few days in a row, as the family had flown me out to see her. I had worked with her on numerous other occasions, so she was very comfortable with me.

The family as well as the client were very concerned about anorexia. Eating disorders do run in the family.

The first day we did a session to bring her energy levels up as they felt quite low to me. She was also feeling that-- and she also felt quite scattered.

I also worked with her neurovasculars and electricals to bring strength within, as her energies felt "fragile."

On the second day, what presented was working with a past life experience. She saw herself being left by her family on a deserted farm. There was not enough room in the vehicle. She was about 12 she thought. They were to come back to get her, but they never did, and she slowly starved to death.

She felt a very big release following this treatment.

On the third day, we worked with star fish diagnostics and the control cycle. She was then shown how to "buzz" these points everyday for a couple weeks a couple times a day.

She felt a significant shift in her energies and her mood after these treatments. Subsequent assessment by a mental health professional indicated that she was doing very well.

Diane Grant, July 2006