The Power of Figure 8s for a Child Post-Op

Dan Zhou is an Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner in West Palm Beach, Florida. Dan met Janet just before the Christmas holiday in 2015. Janet’s husband had attended some of Dan’s Energy Medicine classes, and both he and Janet became informed as to how Energy Medicine could potentially help Christy, their two-year old granddaughter. Christy was preparing to have her third surgery on her face and neck over the holiday. Dan casually asked Janet if she would be willing to offer Figure 8s along Christy’s surgery line post-op. Janet said that she would try. After New Year’s Day, 2016, Dan received a grateful note from Janet, saying of the beneficial effects of the Figure 8 technique:

"I had to see it to believe it!"

Christy had been born with a branchial cleft cyst. In branchial cleft cysts, the tissues that form the throat and neck don’t develop normally, creating open spaces called cleft sinuses on one or both sides of the child’s neck. A cyst may develop from fluids that are normally drained by these sinuses. Christy’s cyst was unable to drain, and she had frequent ear infections, respiratory problems, and bouts of pneumonia.

The surgeries are very delicate as they were on the face, going through nerves and arteries. The first two four-hour surgeries were unable to remove the whole cyst. Coming out of anesthesia and recovery were very rough, with shaking, crying, fever, and intense pain. Christy cried off and on all night each time.

Her third surgery was another four-hour procedure. While Christy was still in post-op, Janet was invited in and did Figure 8s along the surgery line, initially for two hours. Christy would turn towards her hand, on the bandaged surgery side, and then nod off again. Christy was able to leave post-op in the early evening, and Janet continued to do the Figure 8s. While it is impossible to determine the role of the Figure 8s in Christy’s recovery, it was in stark contrast to the other two surgeries: only one reaction, which was to the elastic from the tape on her face, very little crying, able to eat a full dinner, and peaceful sleep through the night. Janet’s husband and Christy’s mother both witnessed it, leading to Janet’s comment that she “had to see it to believe it.” One month later, Christy had recovered beautifully.

Dan Zhou can be reached at [email protected]