The Power of Eden Energy Medicine with Fertility

By Paige Apgar

Helen and her husband John had been trying for years to conceive. Helen came to see me at the age of 37, two years after having miscarried, with complaints of infertility, lack of passion, “overall” pain that came and went, and insomnia. She had received acupuncture off and on for years and was aware that she had a Kidney deficiency. She and John had given up on trying to get pregnant, and they had changed their life plan from starting a family to building their careers and focusing on physical/emotional/spiritual healing. They were interested in trying new therapies to heal past traumas and for personal development. In Helen’s first session she said “I’m not here to work on fertility, I just want to feel happier.” I had a premonition at the time that she would get pregnant through the course of the work, but that it would be a few months before we got there. I kept this to myself however, and we began our assessments.

Paige Apgar

Paige Apgar

The two things that stood out immediately were Helen’s Triple Warmer, which was highly reactive, and her K1 point (beginning of Kidney meridian line on the bottom of the foot), which was closed shut. It was as if the doorway to the Kidney meridian (and connection to the earth, grounding, yin cycle, et cetera) was closed with a huge heavy door and bolted shut. I probably spent about 20 minutes in the first session using magnets to open the K1 points and correct their polarity, as well as her overall polarity. Not surprisingly, Kidney meridian was quite weak. Helen decided to come in for a session every other week. Her homework for the first few weeks, in addition to the Daily Routine, was to use the Mellow Mudra hold for Triple Warmer reactivity and to bolster Kidney meridian by holding its acupressure strengthening points. As we progressed, we added emphasis to the Penetrating Flow, Belt Flow, polarity, grounding, cross-overs, and strengthening Spleen meridian, both during the sessions and in her self-care.

Over the next few sessions, Helen’s Triple Warmer reactivity calmed, Kidney meridian strengthened and held its energy, and her K1 points shifted from feeling like a door with iron bolts to a closed door, then a swing door, and finally to a door that would stay propped open! This was supported by her diligence with her daily self-care.

Her big shift, and one of the most amazing things I’ve felt in my work, came in the fifth session with the Deep Healing Electrics protocol. Near the end of the session, after about 45 minutes of holding the main electric points, a beautiful radiant energy started pushing up from underneath, marked by an undeniable will to live, and to be connected to this physical experience. As it pushed up, I held the space open for it to move, as if I were holding open heavy doors and waiting for it to pass through. Just as I was wondering how much longer I could hold this opening, it expanded into the field, releasing the need to hold the space, and shifting the energy into a beautiful encompassing glow. I knew we were complete. At the time, I interpreted this as Helen’s own will to live a full, joyous life coming through.

After the Deep Electrics session, the Triple Warmer reactions stopped. Two weeks later Helen attended a retreat where a psychic took one look at her and said “when are you due?” When she responded “what do you mean?” the woman said, “well, you’re pregnant, didn’t you know?” She recounted this one month after the electrics session, with some discouragement. She had gone to get a pregnancy test that came back negative. My thought was it wasn’t quite time yet, but maybe we were close. Again, we focused on healing her system and emotions.

One month later, and four months after starting Eden Energy Medicine, Helen came in and announced with a smile that she was pregnant! In the subsequent months, she continued to do EEM and worked with TRE Trauma and Tension Release Therapy, which she’d begun just before the pregnancy. She experienced deep trauma release in the first trimester, and the EEM techniques were important in stabilizing her system through these releases. We focused on keeping Kidney and Spleen meridians strong, chakras clear, and clearing out residual energies from old traumas. The pregnancy was smooth and painless, without any nausea or other discomfort, which Helen believes to be the result of the ongoing EEM work. Their beautiful baby girl was born in March (exactly one year to the day after beginning EEM), and mom, dad and baby are all doing well!

It’s clear to me now that the radiant energy that pushed through during the electrics session with such a strong will to live was the energy of the baby moving into the physical plane, and that this energy was already accompanying Helen before the biological reproductive process was fully underway. What a wondrous experience it was, and such a gift to have been a part of it!

Paige Apgar is an Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner in Tallahassee, Florida. You may contact Paige at [email protected] .