The Power of Eden Energy Medicine for Emergency Eye Care

By Dr. Melanie Smith and Celia Hinton

Class 6 of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program was recently held in England. EEMCP faculty member Amy McDowell had just finished teaching Energy Medicine First Aid, including the Shock Point. She was just moving into a Tracker Demonstration when EEMCP Year 2 student, Celia Hinton let out a yelp. A wasp had just stung her very close to her eye, and she began to cup her eye and face as she was realizing the pain. Katy Nicol, her fellow classmate and friend, ran to Madison King for help. Madison began to guide Celia out of the room as she was going into total shock, feeling completely ungrounded with the worsening pain. She also began to cry and shake.

I immediately jumped up and ran out into the hall to see how I could help. Katy saw the stinger near Celia’s eye and removed it straight away as Maddie and Katy sat her down in a comfortable spot. Katy said, “use vinegar for wasps” and I mentioned we needed to put ice on the sting to ease the swelling. Katy and faculty member João Paulo Pestana ran to the restaurant to find both ice and vinegar.

Celia’s face was beginning to swell. Her eye was also quickly closing shut as João applied first the vinegar, then the ice. I started using various EEM protocols beginning with asking João to hold her Shock Points while I started Pain Relief techniques. We then began together to hold Celia’s Triple Warmer Strengthening Points.

Katy has three decades of experience as a crisis nurse working in the ICU, is a trained psycho-therapist, and is a spiritual healer who carries homeopathic remedies with her. She also had a recent personal experience with a wasp as she had stepped on one the week before, and she had just the homeopathic remedies needed for histamine reactions and Apis for stings. It was determined a high dose was required after we used energy testing for the substances.

I switched back to more pain relief techniques directly over the eye while João did the Brazilian Toe Technique to help with pain, inflammation, and grounding. I began using a variety of pain techniques including Pain Siphoning with my index finger and thumb, making the “Ok” sign as it siphoned out my pinky (Heart meridian finger); flipping a magnet to clear polarity; holding the north side of the magnet over the area for pain relief; and clearing the vortex with a crystal. Using a selenite wand, I began to do a mini Chakra clear over the eye, followed by tiny Figure 8’s and the Lotus Blossom. All of which began to give Celia some relief. Between Katy, João, and myself, we were quite our own EEM paramedic squad!

And now in Celia’s words:

I knew I needed blue somehow and just then Katy looked over to see Dr. Melanie had a cobalt blue silk pouch she was holding so she put it on my face, and it cooled the stinging right down. Throughout the entire session she and João kept asking, “How does that feel? Is this better or worse? What emotions are you feeling?” giving me such care and empowering me to say what I needed, just as we are being taught to do for our clients. Dr. Melanie then asked if I would like her to tone (not knowing that I am a musician and a composer and have worked with sound and singers all my life). She began toning and over-toning for me. At one point, she asked me, Katy and João to join in with her toning if we wanted to.

The higher range was uncomfortable, but the middle range started to feel and sound like my mother singing a lullaby. This was really soothing to the pain, which started to go on and off in waves. Dr. Melanie kept asking me about the emotion present. First of all, I felt embarrassment and concern that Katy was missing the tracker demo. Then I suddenly felt awful pain in my shoulders and in my back over my Heart Chakra. I felt freezing cold and even more stored pain in the back of my heart as Melanie tapped gently on my Heart Chakra. She encouraged me to go into the deep grief as she was using her Advanced Clearing and Manifesting Energies protocol to help me through my deep-seated emotions.

I sobbed and sobbed and “knew” I was crying for the time I spent in the hospital in isolation as a 5-year old child with scarlet fever, unable to see my parents for weeks and feeling abandoned. Waves and waves of grief overwhelmed me as I leaned over onto Melanie as if she were my Mum, allowing her to cradle me. João resumed working with my Shock Points as Melanie put her right hand on my forehead over my main Neurovasculars and asked me to hold the Lung Meridian Source Point. While I held these, Melanie sounded out the “sssss” sound to soothe the Metal Element and tapped rhythmically on my heart. She was also holding my back which was really comforting for me, all while using more toning and over-toning that felt like it was going deep into the heart energy.

Melanie then showed me how to do her “Heart to Heart Protocol” and asked if I felt like there was a tone for me to sing. I held my hands interlaced on the top of my head over the pineal gland. While my hands were there, the tone was a high “ooooo” sound, and then it became a very low tone over my Heart Chakra, almost as low as I can sing. The next sound I made was very soft and helped to send the energy into my legs for grounding. At some point, my calves were freezing cold and I asked João to hold them and to continue pulling the energy down off my feet, which made me feel much better and more grounded. All the while, my friend Katy was holding sacred space for me as she held my hand and comforted me.

I began to hum rather than tone, but that vibrated the skin where the sting was near my eye and increased the pain, so I went back to toning. Melanie began to trace more Lotus Blossoms over and around my eyes. After all this, I could fully open my eye and the swelling had gone right down, with reduced pain from 100% to about 15%. João made me laugh so much, saying the “sting” eye looked better than the good one, and was congratulating me for setting up this perfect scenario for deep healing.

Melanie then asked me if I had been named after the patron saint of music, and I explained I was named after my paternal grandmother, who had died when my father was 5 years old. I always knew in some way I had repeated that abandonment pattern of my Dad’s and saw that this was not only my clearing, but ancestral clearing as well. I had recently seen a Systemic Constellation Therapist who suggested that I make a collage of pictures of family members. It is in my meditation room and my Grandmother Celia is the one I talk to every time I go into the room.

I felt totally safe and held through the whole healing session (an hour and a half out in the hallway), and am so grateful to Katy, João, Maddie and Dr. Melanie for facilitating the clearance of this old wound. I previously had no conscious memory of it, but I knew it had deeply impacted my life -- leaving me mistrusting and fearing my body, terrified of hospitals, illness, and emotional abandonment. All of these have been repeating patterns for me.

I’ve tried many healing modalities from hypnotherapy to Emotional Freedom Technique, Sedona Method, Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu, and so many more – with very limited success.

The night before this incident, I had slept very badly. So, that morning I had set a clear intention that everything I did that day, would be to lean on Source energy and not on my adrenals as I have suffered with adrenal fatigue.

I am so grateful to everyone involved and especially to Donna Eden for sharing this incredible work with me and with the world. I feel very honoured to be a part of this community and to know this amazing tribe of Eden Energy Medicine healers.

I am also grateful to the Wasp Energy which acted as a catalyst and got my attention, so I could “SEE” more clearly and heal. Dr. Melanie shared with me the significance of the Wasp as an animal totem meant powerful female warrior and shamanic healer. The wasp is the symbol of compassion in its highest form and is here to assist in learning difficult lessons of power and humility. Only those committed to peace may walk with the power of the sting. The alternating stripes representing the Yin and Yang energies that, when alchemized in the Heart, creates and transcends to a beautiful whole. I know the Wasp Medicine was here to help me “Wake Up.” I completely resonated with her message.

Katy shared with me that the right eye was Yang energy – the analytical and skeptical, giving proof positive that this stuff works. This energy work I had done up to this moment invited me to access the deepest, longest-held wound. Plus, the ancestral healing shared through time from my orphaned father laid the ground work for that day’s profound healing.

Thanks to Eden Energy Medicine, I am happy to report the following morning my eye was completely healed!

A Closing Note from Melanie:

In closing, I would like to say thank you to Celia, Maddie, Katy, João, and most importantly Donna Eden for this incredible opportunity to experience the power of Eden Energy Medicine at its finest. It works beautifully for clearing and healing emergency situations, shock, allergies, pain, trauma, emotions, and most importantly supported her eye health. What an honor and privilege it is for me to share this work and be part of such an incredible healing community. Be Well Within, Dr. Melanie

Melanie Smith is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture Physician, an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner and Faculty for Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine Certification Program in both the USA and United Kingdom. For more information about Dr. Melanie, her practice, and workshops in St. Petersburg, Florida, visit