The Life-Saving Power of the Daily Energy Routine

by Vicki Goodrich

I experienced a miraculous transformation in my mental and emotional health from diligently performing The Daily Energy Routine. To my amazement, these techniques released me from a lifelong battle with depression! I had my first bout of major medical depression as a young child in the third grade, and for the next 40 years I lived in a state of dysthymia (chronic low-grade depression) with occasional serious episodes that were debilitating.

I did the best I could to function in life, and I finally received professional help as well as medication in 2002 (which I took for 6 years). Although I credit medicine for saving my life, it did not provide me with much relief from having “the blues” - in addition to which, I gained a lot of weight. Eventually, I weaned myself off from medication as I looked for solutions from a variety of healing modalities, none of which proved to be substantial.

Then by a stroke of luck (or more likely by the grace of God), I found myself in a workshop led by Donna Eden. At that time, I was yet again in another very dark period and asked David Feinstein for help. He emphasized an exercise called the Homolateral Crossover, which was specifically designed to assist the chronically ill and depressed.

I decided to take a stand for my health and committed myself to doing the routine for 21 consecutive days as the benefits are accumulative and need consistency. Using The Burns Depression Checklist (a highly accurate test for distinguishing levels of depression, created by the psychiatrist David D. Burns MD), my condition was rated at the highest (and worse) level. However, after only three weeks of performing these simple yet potent techniques, my depression improved by two levels - a dramatic and remarkable result!

The recovery of my energy and vitality is a gift that I will always cherish, and often brings tears to my eyes. I am now dedicating my life and career to the study and practice of Eden Energy Medicine, as it’s my heartfelt wish to assist others who may also be suffering from depression or illness.

Editor's Note: In a follow-up phone conversation with Vicki, she said, "I was basically asleep for 40 years. Now, I feel like I'm awake and plugged back into LIFE! This work has restored my passion and has given my life a purpose. I look forward to being of service."

Vicki Goodrich is a recent Year 2 graduate of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program and lives in New York City. You can contact her at [email protected].