Supplement to Encountering Dark Forces: Bringing Dark Forces Into the Light

by Donna Eden

We've never had an article get such a strong response as "Encountering Dark Forces" in our October e-Letter (excerpted from the epilogue of Energy Medicine, pp. 361-363). Working on "Jim," what seemed to have been an "entity" – a dark, energetic force with a will of its own – left Jim's body and apparently entered mine. This created some intense challenges for a little while. Many of the people who wrote us about it found the piece to be disturbing. A typical comment was, "If Donna was having trouble with this, who am I to think I can tackle such things!"

First of all, this kind of experience is extraordinarily rare. In fact, the process of doing healing work has almost always been revitalizing for me, and the forces from the other side have almost always been benevolent. Because I believe in the good and perceive what is good, the good almost always comes my way.

Donna in Blue

Donna Eden

But I needed to learn that there is more than just benevolence. There is dark as well as light, and if I am going to do deep work with people, I need to not only believe in the good but to maintain my own energetic balance and stay awake to what is in the room. So let me reflect here with you on what I have gained from my own mistakes which have included:

  • I've ignored my instincts about not giving a session when they conflicted with simply liking the person.
  • I have stumbled when I was too invested in helping.
  • I have given a treatment when I was exhausted, emotionally drained, or on the edge of illness.
  • I've ignored the wee, small voice within telling me to back off -- as with Jim -- and I have rushed in to try to help where wisdom would fear to tread.

These errors in judgment have consistently gotten me into trouble, though never in such extreme ways as with Jim. Usually it is much more subtle but still not easy or pleasant. The client might be in great shape by the end of the session, but I often wasn't.

When you fully open yourself to working with another's energies, you are involving yourself with that person intimately. Your client's energies impact your energies. Because my craft is to bring flow and harmony to my client's energies, by the end of the session, I am almost always feeling vitalized. But if I ignore the above lessons, I am opening myself to feeling drained or worse by the end of the session. That's what happened with Jim.

From that day on, when clients have told me that they believe they are possessed or have an entity inside them, I take it seriously, and I treat it like I would treat any other energetic disturbance. I will tell them that my hands carry electromagnetic energies that can lift and direct this energy, and I very carefully and deliberately move it out of their body. If they have vivid images, I will have them imagine it moving out as my hands move it out. Whether or not I believe it is what they believe it to be, we are on the same wavelength that there is an energy in them that needs to be removed.

So you need to learn your own internal gauge for being available to work on another for many reasons, including that if you encounter such forces, you meet them with your full presence. A rule of thumb for me is that if I cannot relatively easily get my own energies flowing and crossing over with the Daily Energy Routine, I shouldn't be working on someone else. Almost always, I can. And when I can, I'm in the flow, my instincts will guide me to be cautious where caution is due, and dark energies are transformed by the light. It's a great profession!