Staying Hopeful in 2023

The cultural historian, philosopher, and activist, Jean Houston, is a dear and cherished friend. For more than five decades, we have looked to her for guidance and inspiration. She has written the Foreword to two of our books, keynoted several of our conferences, and counseled us on many decisions. A few years ago, we put a very challenging question to her: “Jean, with so much suffering and threat facing the world, don’t you find it incongruent to consistently be putting out such a positive message?”

Her answer was decisive: “Your discouragement is because your primary source of information about the world is from the news. I’ve visited over 100 countries and worked with all levels of those societies, from the top leadership to the poorest of the poor. What I see is overwhelming good in people, constructive action, a hundred inspiring stories for every act of evil.” 

In her end-of-the-year message last month, Jean wrote to her large online community about the Silent Light of goodness she sees all over the world. It shines through “ordinary folks, sharing extraordinary caring. Their actions surround us every day while seldom being recognized.” She explains that the breaking news has “demanded most of the attention on the world stage,” but it only represents a small portion of today's realities.

It is the Silent Lights who are the “glue of our nations, silently, without fanfare, offering themselves to us every day.” She points to those working behind counters, sweeping floors, and harvesting our food in the hot sun; to the tireless nurses, doctors, medical staff, and caregivers who are there for the weary and sick; to the teachers who help our kids grow into responsible adults; to the protectors of our countries who would give their lives for our freedom and democracy.

We can only say, “Amen!” In our view, we are also on the cusp of a great revolution worldwide. To be sure, we are near humanity’s end if we don’t change our collective direction, from global warming to untenable economic disparity. It would be naïve to deny all that threatens our shared future. But it would also be naïve to deny what humanity is capable of. We are among the physically weakest of the large mammals, but we have dominated the world and stepped onto the moon.

What is new is that people are waking to the urgency of initiating major changes in the ways that we are dominating the world. Also new is technology that can galvanize profound shifts in consciousness and collective behavior. Far too slowly for the tastes of those who have long seen the dangers, and not always in the right direction, but towering positive changes are in motion as our pooled knowledge and capabilities become universally available. We are moving toward arrangements that have never before existed on Earth. Among many other things, this will involve a redistribution of power and wealth in the coming decades, with fairness rather than greed becoming the standard that is widely demanded.

That alone will result in a stronger, more resilient, more sustainable, more peaceful, and happier humanity. You can see the urge for such major changes peeking through all over the world. It’s already happening! Get some of your news from, or For a deeper personal dive into creating a positive 2023, consider Jean’s “Get Ready” online course, February 11-12.

Those in power will not embrace the changes that are unfolding, but the disruption and backsliding you will see in 2023 are part of a transformation. They are unfolding to be so embarrassing in the U.S. that they will jar people awake. In the larger story, we believe we are on a path toward a world that will ultimately be better than anything humanity has known. We believe that, and we encourage you to interpret events in this manner.

Seeing today’s injustices and horrendous political struggles as steps in humanity’s evolution and healing– like a fever fighting a body’s infections – will not only lead to greater inner peace in the coming year; it will also lead to better personal and political choices into the future. It will cultivate your inspiration. It will make your “Silent Light” less silent. You are living in one of the most interesting and consequential times in history. Keep your equilibrium (Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology can help!), find the legitimate reasons for hope, and cherish the ride.

To all the Silent and Not-So-Silent Lights in our Eden Method community, we wish you renewable joy, peace, and strength in 2023!


Donna and David

If these words have inspired insights, ideas or feedback or if you’d like to share your wishes and hope for 2023, please feel free to comment below. We’d love to hear from you!

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Thank you Donna and David for reaching out to the EEM community to share your concerns and outlook, along with your friend, Jean Houston.

As a journalist watching social media form networks of community algorithms over time… where many find solace while isolating themselves in a self-reality of truths (beliefs)…. I fear our brains are being shifted which impact the human systems of energy, soul, mind and body.

We are in a new spiritual quest of having to disengage, transform and become better super souls. Some of us may survive to help Earth heal and transform. This is how I see it.

I am grateful for having met Jean back in 2000 in Seattle before the 4th UN Women’s Conference, as well as hearing her comforting point of view of us becoming renaissance butterflies. I continue to do the Diamond-in-Lay to help clients evolve, ground, breath into new light and love to ascend.

The BBC, The Christian Science Monitor, Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, Le Monde, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times… are journalism newspapers keeping watch on the events of our times. It’s possible to navigate “left and right” views through them.

Although the CSMonitor is my favorite (, keeping neutral while reporting on progressive angles of a same story. Their spiritual articles which are boxed separate from the opinion Editorials too serve to inspire readers to handle their own fears and concerns to help a world in need.

I am grateful to know Donna is doing much better along with the team and family that have been there to help her heal, recover and stay in her radiant Joy!

I wish you all a wonderful, joyful, deep healing 2023 year!


Woo Hoo a million times!!! Brilliantly spoken, offered and I take this in Jean, Donna and David. Thank you…I love and honor all of you…Fantastic!!! Linda Carr, Taos, NM

Cathy Weseluck

Dear Donna and David! Thank you, THANK YOU, for always providing, promoting and highlighting the Light, Healing and Good whether it be from within our own powerful and magical bodies, or, in our ‘outer worlds’. It is indeed our own lenses that choose the foci upon which we dwell, moment to moment creating, and then calibrating our inner barometers to induce the quality of our lives from the source of our flames within. And so the time, seemingly more than every before is now, to hold the highest focus of hope, positivity and possibility, that Love provides. My primary focus and directive at this time, is Gratitude. When I was 17, a poem reflecting the Soul’s magnificent journey, came through me, and I thought I would share it with you now. I’ve entitled it, ‘Ode To The Soul’. Blessings for a beautiful 2023, and ‘Moment To Moment’, beyond. (Cathy Weseluck, February 2020 EM Foundations Grad).


What is it now,
Oh restless Soul…
How oft do Thy qualms persist

Inherent are Thy desires
To probe the Unknown…
Unsatisfied by Truths
That exist

Or so it may seem
At least to the Mind
So much is there still to explore…
Uncharted Worlds
Mystical Dreams
Obscure, opaque, limitless shores

And yet this desire,
This blindfolded Quest
Leads me to ponder at length…
The Soul’s very Self
It’s Fabric and Form
And the Source…
Of It’s Infinite Strength

-Cathy Weseluck- c2023


I love these stories! I always get inspired whenever I read anything from the Eden Method. I have always believed in being able to heal yourself . And I have had much success with doing that for myself using metaphysical tools.
I am so happy to have found Donna Eden and Eden Energy Medicine just last year, in 2022. I wish it had been much earlier. I do the Daily Energy Routine every day, plus other EEM exercises and they help start my day off in a balanced and happy manner. I love the exercises!
Thank you, Donna and David and Titanya and Dondi for sharing your gifts with all of us.
Many Blessings,
Greta Laurence


Thank you so very much for sharing this when I had hit a hopelessness bump. I am inspired & grateful, so very, very grateful for you & Jean’s message. lovingly, Lonni Poe Munson

Gail Bradley

A great message of hope and love. I see Silent Lights in my village everyday as I walk my dog, help with the community wood, join the kitchen helpers for the village lunch, see the volunteers in our amazing village shop, the community freezer where those in need can get wholesome meals – the many ways we are helping our community and individuals to be resilient in these difficult times. Jean is right. Silent and Not-So-Silent Lights are everywhere if you look for them. We are many. We are unstoppable because Love Is. I see the Eden Method as an important contribution. Blessings to all. Gail

Maria Andrade

I totally agree with Jean Houston and with Donna & David. I see the fundamental good in people in my community who care about others and are working in a variety of ways either to bring economic and social justice, peace, or ecological protection to this earth. I see a positive future ahead! That future will bring an evolution of consciousness towards unity world-wide and the recognition we are One.It only takes a certain number of people to change the collective world.