Spleen Meridian Won’t Respond

I set up an urgent session over Skype with a client who was not well. It was late at night and too far for him to drive at that time feeling ill. Since I could not energy test him, I let myself be guided by his descriptions of his symptoms. He was receptive to my suggestions.

At one point, I asked him to strengthen Spleen meridian. He was clumsy at first, but eventually his fingers were holding the proper points. He was holding them but felt nothing under his fingers. His face was grim. To shift his energies and bring some lightness to what was feeling a dreary session, I asked him if he had seen the popular internet video of two cats playing patty-cake. He laughed intensely. Then the face on my computer screen was in awe. He said, "Now my points really are pulsing! You should feel that! It's like I have a giant antenna at my fingertips. Wow! This really works!"

His radiant energies fast-forwarded the energetic communication! It was a thrill to witness this. So evident, so empirical, so simple. He called me the next day. He slept for 12 hours after the session and woke up feeling good. He was late for work, but he got to work. He remembers now how joy feels in his body and what he can do when the balance is off. I told the story to David at Innersource, and he asked me to write up what he called my "Feline Patty Cake Maneuver." So there you have it, for your Radiant Circuit Toolkit.

While I'm at it, here's another quick booster. Doing the Three Thumps during physical exercise will speed your energies and boost your physical stamina for your workout. I've learned to start with Thymus Thump first. Thump 10 times, stop thumping for a few breaths, and start again, thumping for a full minute! Then go to the regular K-27 and Spleen Thumps. I started to do this when I run in the morning. I'm able to run twice as long or much faster. I shared the "tip" with a weight lifter friend. Every time he wants to add extra weight, he does the Three Thumps and his body takes the extra weight with ease.

(Compiled by Eva Gold, 2010)