Relief from Chronic Pain with Energy Medicine for Self Care

On an otherwise normal day in May of 2014, Jalyn started feeling an unusual pain that radiated down the entire left side of her body. It was so intense that she couldn’t move her left shoulder or her neck, and her fingers were numb. For more than 20 years, she had been dealing with chronic pain stemming from various car and horse accidents. These incidents had left her with compressed and bulging disks and pinched nerves in her neck. But the sensations she experienced on that Wednesday in May were different. A nurse-friend thought she might be having a heart attack or stroke and urged her to get to the ER immediately. By “chance,” she was already registered to start the first year of Eden Energy Medicine training a week later, and with the variety of techniques she learned in the following months, she was able to heal herself and avoid surgery. But first . . .

She did go to the ER where she was rushed into a room and hooked up to monitors. Over the next three days, doctors ran every imaginable test. They found nothing abnormal, except for severe deterioration in her upper spine. MRI and x-rays showed that two disks had eroded to the point where they were bone on bone, and doctors told her they were worried about the bones breaking. The pain that sent her to the ER was caused by the bones pressing on nerves.

The surgeon on call wanted to operate as soon as possible, to put spacers between four of her vertebrae. Jalyn was reluctant to undergo surgery and told the doctors she wanted to get a second opinion. Luckily, it was a holiday weekend (Memorial Day) and the surgery couldn’t be done until the following week. On Tuesday, Jalyn saw another orthopedist who was more supportive of her resistance to surgery. He thought she would ultimately need it, but he was willing to try cortisone injections into her neck. Jalyn left his office with topical cortisone cream and an appointment for injections the following week.

As it happened, Jalyn’s first year of Eden Energy Medicine training, the Foundations program, was starting that weekend near San Antonio, Texas, with Eva Gold as the regional teacher. Jalyn didn’t want to lose the opportunity so she decided, against the doctor’s orders, to drive the four hours from her home in Houston. Before getting into the car, she applied the cortisone cream, doing it again before bed that night. The next day, she was so engrossed in the class that she didn’t notice until the evening that her pain was much less and her numb fingers were tingling with feeling. She had spent the day learning and practicing techniques for self-healing. She hadn’t gone to Eva’s class to work on her neck and back, but the pain relief was encouraging. Driving home on Monday, after a weekend filled with practicing her new skills, she realized that she had forgotten to put on more cream. Feeling hopeful, she cancelled her cortisone shots and decided to use the EEM techniques she had learned.

Says Jalyn: “We had learned about meridians, but I couldn’t tell you that I knew them very well. But I had brochures, so I started intuitively tracing and rubbing different areas on my arm and shoulder and literally feeling the pain. I was doing it multiple times a day. I would touch to feel a tender area and would trace carefully along what I knew was a meridian, and I would either hover above it and do figure 8’s or vortex to remove the energy. Come to find out later, I was using a more advanced technique that I hadn’t learned yet, chasing the pain, and also clearing the meridian.”

Within a week, Jalyn was amazed to find that she had a normal range of motion in her neck and virtually no pain. She never had the cortisone shots or the surgery. A year and a half later, she has not been back to the doctor. After several decades of dealing with pain, Jalyn now has a method for working on herself when issues arise, such as hints of pain after she’s been sitting for long periods. She addresses it by tracing her meridians and doing the 5-minute Daily Energy Routine. Usually it’s gone in a few minutes. She has completed Year 1 and Year 2 of Eden Energy Medicine training and is looking forward to Year 3.