Recovery from a Shattered Elbow Hastened by Energy Medicine

Helen Campbell has used her knowledge of Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) to help her husband, a dedicated racquetball warrior, to improve his game and aid in his recovery from a shattered elbow. Helen is an EEM Certified Practitioner (EEM-CP) in North Carolina, combining EEM with energy psychology and other modalities in which she is trained. Her husband was skeptical about Energy Medicine (EM) until she taught him the Daily Energy Routine and saw his racquetball game improve. But her real Energy Medicine work with him began after he threw himself across the racquetball court and landed on his elbow, breaking it into three pieces.

Surgery to reset and connect the broken bones was required. While waiting for the surgery, Helen sedated Triple Warmer meridian and strengthened Spleen meridian. She then traced all of his radiant circuits. He was quite relaxed and positive when they took him into surgery.

The surgery required a six-inch titanium plate, five screws and a long pin to hold the pieces of the elbow together. Although the process went well, the prognosis from the orthopedic surgeon immediately after the surgery was not entirely optimistic. He described the surgery like gluing the pieces of a broken china dish together. The pieces all fit, but the breaks would always be visible. He explained that since Helen’s husband is diabetic they should not be surprised if he ended up with a limited range of motion in the arm and suffered traumatic arthritis.

Helen wanted to do something to help the bone pieces knit together, but was not sure if using magnets, as described in the Energy Medicine book, would be wise given her husband’s diabetes. Instead, she used her hands as magnets, knowing that the palm of the hand and the back of the hand exhibit electromagnetic fields that correspond, respectively, to the south and north sides of a magnet. She held the palm of one hand at a point above the break and the back of her other hand on a point below the break. The flow of energy between the two points assists the energy of the healing bone. This was done about 15 minutes a day for four days in the first week and three or four more times in the second week.

After the first week, the doctor told him that next week they would be putting his arm in a plaster cast for six weeks followed by physical therapy for six weeks. At the two-week check up, the doctor was amazed at the x-ray. The breaks were no longer visible. They removed the staples, took his arm out of the splint, and decided he did not need the cast because the bone had healed so well. Six weeks later, at his discharge appointment, the doctor told him that he wished that all his patients healed as well as he had. He also mentioned that his level of healing was remarkable especially given that he is diabetic. The breaks were no longer visible in any way or from any angle with the last X-ray! Helen’s husband has no traumatic arthritis and has regained 90% mobility of the arm. He is still working to regain his full strength and mobility, but that is expected to come with time.

Helen says "This was so much fun! I am so grateful to be able to help my husband heal beyond his doctor's expectations."

(Compiled by Jeff Armstrong, November 2008)