Quick Healing for Ocular Migraine

Ocular migraines cause temporary though periodic visual disturbances. Mary Brophy found that she could use Energy Medicine techniques to quickly alleviate the symptoms.

Using Eden Energy Medicine, Mary went from seeing everything through a blurry jagged spike in one eye, to quickly being free of that and seeing normally once again. Energy healing often involves the systematic application of a set of techniques in order to change entrenched or habitual energy patterns. Sometimes however, the effects can be very rapid, as was the case for Mary, who found nearly instantaneous relief from the symptoms of ocular migraine.

Initially, she inexplicably began experiencing a visual disturbance in the form of a vertical, jagged-edged bar of light appearing over everything she was seeing on her right side. It shone with silvery intensity and shimmered like heat waves. Mary later learned that this visual disturbance, called an ocular migraine, can accompany a migraine headache, although she did not have a headache.

Mary had self-studied several of Donna's and David's books and DVD sets and had taken classes on Energy Medicine for Women from Donna's student Devi Stern. Looking for relief, she tried the variation of the Wayne Cook posture Donna outlines on Card 22 of the Energy Medicine Kit. Mary simply did the first three steps of that process:

  1. Extend your left hand in front of you, turn your palm to the side, and cross your right hand over your left wrist.
  2. Clasp your fingers together and pull your hands underneath and up to your chest. If you are sitting, cross your ankles.
  3. Take four slow, deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth.

At first, as she held the posture, she could still see the intense white bar of light in her right field of vision, even with her eyes closed. As she relaxed and breathed, the light gradually faded and dissolved. In a few short minutes she opened her eyes and could see normally again. The visual disturbance has not returned since that time.

Update from Mary:

Now, I almost never get ocular migraines, so when one appeared in my right eye recently it gave me an opportunity to test whether the Wayne Cook self-hug would be effective. Though using the Wayne Cook posture by itself did not work for me this time, I was able to stop the ocular migraine in less than 10 minutes using energy movements.

I was sitting in a room near a lit table lamp when the ocular migraine started. First I did the Four Thumps and then Wayne Cook. Nothing improved so I held my forehead in one palm and the back of my head at the base of the skull in the other palm, but still got no relief. I massaged around my forehead, closed eyes and temples. It did little good. I told myself I needed to get up and do something different. I walked into my living room and started swinging sock poi in spirals and figure 8s. Immediately, the ocular migraine disappeared.

The light in my living room was pleasantly cloudy and had a greenish cast because of a leafy tree directly outside my windows. I felt more relaxed in this light than I had in the other room, sitting near the table lamp. I also felt more vibrant swinging the poi. It was a physically potent way to zoom out of homolateral and into joy. Why the change of light and my standing up and swinging poi worked is mysterious to me, but I am inspired by how Donna Eden so often improvises and shows various ways to get powerful, happy results.

Here is the new breakdown of what was done:

  1. Four-Thumps
  2. Modified Wayne Cook. I kept my legs crossed with both feet on the floor.
  3. Frontal/occipital hold (one hand on my forehead, other hand at the back of my head at the base of the skull )
  4. Massage around forehead and closed eyes.
  5. Swinging sock poi in spirals and figure 8s -- as inspired by Titanya Dahlin on a DVD of a workshop with Donna and David.

Again, the ocular migraine I'd been experiencing went away almost instantly when I moved to a room that was more pleasantly lit and began swinging sock poi. All of the above took about 10 minutes. Maybe next time something else will work.

Have you experimented to stop ocular migraine using energy techniques? If so, what happened? If we were to find something that worked for many people much of the time, that would be very exciting, don't you think?

Warm regards,


As a bonus, Mary has since found that this exercise, done for three minutes, can be effective for stopping hiccups. 

Mary Brophy