Preparing for the Exam

What to Study

  • Study the EEM syllabi and carefully review all components of each level of the EEM courses.
  • Read and review the Ethics Handbook for Energy Healing Practitioners by David Feinstein prior to the exam.
  • Make sure you are studying from recommended resources for the certification exam and that you respond to the test questions based on EEM’s course of study.

The day of the test

  • Get a good night’s sleep before the exam.
  • Eat a healthy meal prior to taking the exam (best not to load up on carbs and perhaps get sleepy during the test!).
  • If this is a live exam, please make sure you know where the test site is located and get to location in plenty of time. If you have elected to do the test over video conferencing, make sure you have the proper link, join the conference call in plenty of time so you can remain relaxed, and have gone through all the technical tests and requirements listed here:
  • If you are taking one of your multiple-choice exams on EEM Central, make sure you have gone through all the technical tests and requirements for accessing and using EEM Central. We have listed them here:
  • Come to the test well prepared (you have studied for the test, you are comfortably dressed, you might even use an essential oil to help diminish any feelings of stress and anxiety).

What to Bring to your Live Exam

In addition to a client, please bring a magnet (if you are not magnet-sensitive), a crystal, and a stainless-steel spoon to your demonstration session.

During the demonstration, you will be allowed to look up anything that one might expect to look up during a regular Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) session by bringing the following illustrations or charts with you to your session:

  • Sedating and Strengthening Acupressure Points 
  • NL and NV Points 
  • Source Points
  • Seed Points
  • Radiant Circuit Locations
  • Acupoint Locations on Spleen and Liver Meridians
  • Muscle Meridian Chart
  • Zone Tapping Chart
  • Revitalizing Electrics Protocol
  • Finger Modes
  • Wind Points
  • Xi Cleft Points

The test is intended to be comprehensive and will also include material that you are expected to know without reference to a chart. For example, you should know the locations of the Alarm Points and meridian pathways, as well as the information contained in the 24-hour Flow Wheel and the Five Rhythms model. During the demonstration session, you will be required to demonstrate competency in this basic level of material without referring to a book or chart.

During the test

  • Take a centering breath before you begin – take time to mentally prepare and focus on the task at hand before reading that first question.
  • For your multiple-choice exams, read each question twice before answering – make sure you understand what the question is asking. Think of your own response before you look at the response choices on the test.
  • For your live exams, don't hesitate asking the Examiner to clarify a question if you are not clear on what is being asked.
  • Promote your self-confidence before and during the test by using positive self-talk. 

Syllabus of reference volumes used for creating the test items

  • Level 1: Fundamentals Course Books Classes 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Level 2: Certification Training Course Books Classes 5, 6, 7 and 8
  • Ethics Handbook for Energy Healing Practitioners

To purchase Course Books in digital and/or physical form contact the Innersource Warehouse at (541) 281-1800 or email us at: [email protected].

For your EEM Written Exam, all items on this syllabus are intended to cover elements that may or may not be on your specific exam. Each exam is unique, and questions are randomly selected, so not all items will be covered on your tests.

EEM Certification Live Skills Demonstration Exam Content

The Live Demonstration Exam is based on the following items. You may use this list as a study guide.

  • The Daily Energy Routine
  • Meridian Tracing, Testing, and Correcting
  • Irregular Energies
  • Pain Management
  • Auric Field Issues: Testing and Correcting
  • Chakras: Testing and Correcting
  • Radiant Circuits and Their Exercises
  • Five Rhythms: Drawing the Model, NV Points, Star Diagnostic, Advanced Start Diagnostics and Starfish Connection Techniques
  • Advanced Substance Testing
  • Hormone Issues: testing and correcting, including the Liver/Spleen protocols
  • Electrics
  • Shock Points
  • Seed Points
  • Source Points
  • Vortexes: Testing and Correcting
  • Tracking Energy
  • The Five Disruptive Forces
  • Xi Cleft Points