From Wake-Up Calls to Waking Up

Energy Medicine and the Politics (Politeia) of Health

“Politics” is derived from the juicier Greek word, “politeia,” which implies an active engagement in which people empower each other to enhance their communities. – Jean Houston

“The Earth is what we all have in common.”

—Wendell Berry

7th of Series

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From Wake-Up Calls to Waking Up

David Gruder, Ph.D., DCEP

Virtually every day, yet more Wakeup Calls are issued to humanity via a relentless parade of ongoing upheavals. Here are but a few examples of the range of Wakeup Calls I'm referring to:

  • Ideological divisiveness in which political parties are drifting further to the extremes regarding virtually every societal, economic, and environmental challenge that exists.
  • The hijacking of journalism in which more and more media outlets function as mainstream or alternative narrative mouthpieces that collectively escalate conspiracy confusion and government distrust.
  • Increasingly toxic struggles for power among internationalists, nationalists, and localists.
  • The hijacking of health in which healthcare professionals and patients are divided into those who place almost blind trust in public health officials and the conventional medical system, and those who have almost blind distrust of them.
  • Economic roller coasters from broken supply chains, the crumbling of fiat currency, spiraling inflation, and a vanishing middle class.
  • Seemingly relentless waves of mass killings in the United States.

I'm confident you don't need to see research or statistics to know that you and every one of your clients are stressed by one or more of those issues.

How can we best help ourselves and our clients deal with our alarmed reactions to these issues? To answer that question, I am going to challenge you to consider whether these Wakeup Calls are unrelated or if they all point toward a shared underlying issue. An issue that I believe we as helping professionals, and especially as energy-oriented helping professionals, would be wise to explore.

We will be developing a psycho-social-spiritual perspective on what's currently unfolding in humanity and offering some ideas about how we, as energy-oriented helping professionals, can more effectively help our clients deal with these societal dynamics. More specifically, here's what we will cover:

  • A "common denominator" root cause for today's wide variety of relentless upheavals.
  • A framework for helping your clients thrive more fully in the face of this root cause.
  • A range of themes you might choose to address and roles you might choose to fill in addressing these issues with people you serve.
  • A brief buffet of potential next steps for you to consider taking if what we cover in this article speaks to you.

A Possible "Common Denominator" Root Cause of Today's Wide Range of Wakeup Calls
I'll begin by posing these two questions for your consideration: 

  1. What if the constellation of symptoms I mentioned in the first section of this article is fueling within our clients a deep terror that the version of humanity our species has identified with for thousands of years might be in the process of crumbling?
  2. What responsibility do we have to our clients to help them come to grips with an issue of this magnitude? 

I am far from alone in having concluded that the species of humanity called Homo Sapiens is in the process of becoming extinct and that a new species of humanity is in the process of emerging. If you share this appraisal of our situation, this has massive implications for how we assist our clients, including these:

  • Evolving beyond Homo Sapiens into the next era of humanity is the "common denominator" root cause of today's seemingly disconnected parade of upheavals that are keeping many of our clients in perpetual distress. Tip of the hat to David Feinstein for dubbing this transition period “Homo Transiens.”
  • Never before in history have humans been required to adjust to more changes in the outer world or make more changes in their inner worlds, and in a brief timeframe, than right now.
  • We don’t feel wise about managing these challenges – we only know that we are going through a time of enormous transition with no reliable maps or traditions to guide us. (The etymology of Sapiens is “capable of discerning.”)
  • Many of our clients are terrifyingly confused about the meaning of these relentless upheavals and how to deal with them.
  • Those who don't deal with their distress by sticking their heads in the sand, or anesthetizing themselves, commonly attempt to reduce their confusion by siding with leaders and narratives that they believe will rescue them from their inner terror.

If, like me, you believe that we energy-oriented helping professionals are uniquely positioned to help people come to grips with all of this in ways that can leave them far better off as a result, please keep reading.

Which Version of the Future of Humanity Do Your Clients Seek and Which Versions Do They Fear Will Emerge Instead?
As helping professionals, we know that mostly our clients’ “presenting problem” is but a symptom of an underlying cause that the symptom is trying to alert them to needing to address.

Many of our clients are so focused on societal and planetary issues – or so focused on insulating themselves from these – that they don’t recognize how these issues are outer reflections of insufficiently addressed inner wars. Beneath our clients’ chronic stress, depression, anxiety, anger, hopelessness, helplessness, entitlement, and/or addiction, is a core existential fear. This fear is theirs and yet at the same time it is not merely theirs. We're all feeling the collective distress of the passing of the Homo Sapiens stage in the evolution of our species. This existential issue goes far beyond individual identity and even societal identity. It is about the dissolution of our humanity's collective identity.

Some of our clients are desperately clinging to the version of Homo Sapiens species that humanity has identified with for a very long time. Others sense -- or in some cases are clear -- that we're becoming something beyond that version of Homo Sapiens. There are also those who believe or fear that our species is careening out of control into extinction.

  • The clingers are led by those who want us to return to "the good old days" that they have romanticized and otherwise revised in their minds.
  • Those who believe that extinction is our future are nihilists who only live for today since they're convinced there will soon be no tomorrow.
  • Some who believe we are emerging into the next major evolution in humanity are hoping that it will reflect their utopian visions while others fear that a dystopian future has become inevitable.

Have you been asking your clients which version of the future they want and which ones they fear will emerge instead? Have you been asking them about the impacts their beliefs about humanity's future are having on their internal state and external choices?

What Many Clients Sense But Can't Adequately Put Into Words
Here is a brief portrait of what I believe many of our clients are sensing and deeply troubled by, even though for many of them it's on a largely pre-verbal or unconscious level.

Historically, a small group of people have decided the future of their society or country. Today, a small group of people are in the midst of deciding the future of humanity itself. Leading the way, with the greatest amount of economic, technological, and political clout, is the World Economic Forum. The WEF and other similarly influential groups, like the Bilderberger group for instance, believe that the species Homo Sapiens is over, and another species has begun.

These massively influential global influencers have rallied around the name for this new species that Yuval Noah Harari, the author of the immensely popular book Sapiens, has given it in his subsequent book with this title: Homo Deus. What is Homo Deus? In Latin it literally means "Human God." This terminology raises the hackles of some, while others immediately identify with it.

My strong impression is that the majority of people now sense that a post-Sapiens age is already upon us even though, as I said, many struggle with how to put their sense of this into words. For some being post-Sapiens is repulsive, for many it's terrifying, for most it’s confusing, and for some it's exhilarating.

Whether you like the term Homo Deus or not, it is catching on and is being used in two very different ways. One version holds that humans are smarter than God/Source/Spirit (or have outgrown God) and the other holds that humans are being called like never before into being effective conduits for and manifesters of Higher Love, Wisdom, and Power, in the material universe.

At this moment in human history, I see us as being very much in the midst of deciding which of those versions will dominate humanity's next era. It seems clear to me that Yuval Harari’s views Homo Deus as a post-Sapiens species that imagines itself as smarter than higher love and wisdom.

What Harari calls Homo Deus, my wife Laurie and I call "Homo Machina" (Human Machine), because this version of humanity’s future involves creating hybrid human-cyborgs who are used as chattel (commodities) by those with the most wealth and power. Groups like the World Economic Forum (WEF) are, from my vantage point, trying to lead humanity toward the Homo Machina version of Homo Deus, and Harari has become one of their most visible spokespeople (you can view some of his WEF videos on YouTube).

I encourage you to form your own perspective about this. Use your favorite internet search engine to read or view videos about what the WEF calls "Agenda 2030." This might look high-minded on the surface but if you dig beneath the surface, I believe you will reach the same conclusion I did, which is that Agenda 2030 is about ensuring that Homo Machina (again, what they call Homo Deus) prevails.

There are others who also use the term Homo Deus as the name for humanity’s next evolution although, in sharp contrast to Harari/WEF version, this version is Divine Human. Laurie and I call this version Homo Spiritus (Human Spirits) because this vision of Homo Deus is about creating (if I can word it poetically) heaven on earth -- embodying higher love and wisdom in our individual and collective expression in the material world.

To summarize: I believe that Homo Sapiens (more discerning than the apes and better at technology) is intended to transition (Homo Transiens) into Homo Spiritus (embodying higher love and wisdom). Yet, there are those with immense power who are instead attempting to transition humanity into Homo Machina – an arrogantly false version of Homo Deus (playing God instead of being a conduit of Spirit in the physical universe).

This leads to what's hopefully your first takeaway from this article: Many of our clients are deeply distressed by the end of Homo Sapiens and the conflict over Harari’s/the WEF’s version of Homo Deus will prevail as humanity’s future, or whether Homo Spiritus will prevail instead. Our clients who don't yet have the words to name this are no less distressed -- they might indeed be even more distressed because they know something is deeply amiss but can't quite put their finger on it. I therefore believe that the first gift we can give our clients is to make this dynamic, which is weighing massively on our collective unconscious, conscious.

Then What Are Our Clients Seeking From Us, Even If They Don't Yet Know It?
Since many of our clients aren't yet able to name the crossroads humanity is current at as clearly as I hopefully have in the above sections, we can't expect them to know what they're actually seeking from us. However, my experience is that this clarity can rapidly emerge once our clients have acquired that clarity. My experience is that all of this is even still elusive to many helping professionals.

So, allow me to walk you through one way of conceptualizing this, in the hope that you might find it helpful. Consider the possibility that humanity's identity is indeed crumbling. Consider the impact this would have on the spirits, psyches, and energy fields of our clients, ourselves, and indeed humanity as a whole. Consider how this negative impact is further magnified when people do not fully grasp what is happening.

In this type of scenario, what might clients be seeking from helping professionals, even before they recognize on a fully conscious level what that is? Might they not be seeking assistance with what we might shorthand as Soul Evolution? If so, my sense is that this includes two levels of intervention by us: 

  • Level 1 - Resilience Restoration: Freedom from chronic distress and limiting beliefs resulting from a combination of unresolved trauma and societal programming.
    • Common symptoms of this include but are not limited to:
      • Depression, which fuels and is fueled by hopelessness
      • Disempowerment, which fuels victim rage, learned helplessness, or entitlement
      • Crucifixion Fear, which fuels objections to becoming visible, speaking out, or playing large
    • We energy-oriented helping professionals have unparalleled tools to help our clients remove those blocks so they can restore their resilience. We can use those to help our clients remove whatever combination of personal trauma and societal programming stands in the way of their capacity for authenticity, connection, and impact. This is the heart of healing. Expressed as a rating scale, Resilience Restoration is about taking clients from minus 10 to 0, where zero is the absence of debilitation.
  • Level 2 - Purpose Alignment: Stepping into clarity about, devotion to, and capacity for living their purpose in the Homo Spiritus era of humanity. Some useful facilitation focuses include helping our clients...
    • Optimize their Source alignment.
    • Craft and commit to helping to build the vision of the future of humanity that they yearn for.
    • Develop a clearly worded personal purpose statement that is about their role helping that future emerge without sacrificing their personal wellbeing or cherished relationships.
    • Create doable sequenced plan for living their purpose, including how they will develop the skills they will need to elevate in order to enact their plan.
    • Expressed as a rating scale, Purpose Alignment is about taking clients from 0 to plus-10, where +10 is full resonance with their version of connection with Source and their personal purpose: the permission, devotion, and capacity to effectively fulfill their unique personal role in helping to catalyze their version of humanity's best future.

Why Does Providing This to Our Clients Matter?
As I’ve said, my experience is that more and more people know in words, or intuitively sense without knowing how to put it into words, that humanity's species that has been called Homo Sapiens is over and that, a post-Sapiens species of humanity is emerging. Whether the Spiritus version is a new species, or humanity is emerging into what we were always meant to be, is a matter of perspective. What I believe is not up for debate is that the Machina version of humanity would indeed be a new species even if it remains capable (at least for a few generations) of producing fertile offspring with Spiritus humans.

My experience is that the folks who are desperately attempting to cling to or restore Homo Sapiens are having the toughest time of all. They deserve our heartfelt compassion instead of being criticized or attacked for their advocacy of returning to what they conveniently misremember as "the good old days." More importantly, those who are suffering from this and are nonetheless guided into psychotherapy, counseling, or coaching, deserve our being skilled at helping them face their worst fears and move through grieving this loss of their sense of humanity and within that their sense of self.

That said, my impression is that the majority of people who these days are seeking the assistance of helping professionals, are looking for what I outlined in the prior section, even if they don't yet know how to put that into words.

Themes That Your Clients Likely Need Your Help to Navigate
The most common struggles I'm seeing people grapple with seem to stem from deep struggles with meaning and appear to sort into three themes -- Purpose Alignment, Tensions Competence, and Impact Literacy:

  • Purpose Alignment themes that I am seeing people grappling with (especially after I raise them) revolve around a need to clarify their own vision of the foundational purpose of humanity, and integrating with this, the purposes of...
    • Source connection
    • Free will
    • Individuality
    • Society
    • Economic structures
    • Governance
  • Tensions Competence issues that I am seeing people struggling to navigate (again, especially after I raise them) include paradoxes like these...
    • Connection with higher love and wisdom versus being controlled by separation-based fear
    • Surviving or coping versus thriving
    • Individual freedom versus the common good
    • Freedom versus responsibility
    • Regulation versus deregulation
    • Centralization versus decentralization
    • Tribe loyalty versus species loyalty
    • Profits versus people and planet
  • Impact Literacy issues that I am seeing people needing to uplevel their relationship with include...
    • Not recognizing when their intentions are not reflected by their words and actions, and not seeing the impacts this misalignment has on themselves and others.
    • Being toxically judgmental of others who are unaware of their negative impact because we have forgotten that sometimes our own words and actions have negative impacts despite our good intentions.
    • Not knowing how to dig beneath surface positions and advocated solutions in themselves and others, so they can focus instead on discovering and honoring the high intentions and deep concerns that led to those positions and solutions (see my prior article in this series for details about this).
  • Additional themes to be prepared to help your clients with include...
    • Managing Symptoms is Not the Solution: Like all attempts at symptom control, stress and anger management equip people to better tolerate the unacceptable.
    • Trauma Healing is the prerequisite for becoming able to embody personal power with love and wisdom.
    • Learned helplessness or resentment-based entitlement
    • Dealing with power and money shadow so they can step into a healthy relationship with these
    • Propaganda-Proofing: upleveling their critical thinking skills

As in my prior article, I leave it to you to weave in your Eden Energy Medicine (and other healing approaches on your toolbelt) to supercharge your effectiveness. Also consider whether you have sufficiently addressed these themes in yourself to be able to facilitate your clients in dealing with them. If you haven't yet, I encourage you to seek support with these so you can more effectively help your clients navigate and thrive during our highly disrupted period in human history.

Choose the Roles You Feel Called to Fill in Helping Humanity Emerge into Its Best Next Era
Being a healing presence can take many forms in addition to healthcare, psychotherapy, counseling, or coaching. I encourage you to find the courage to fill the roles you feel most called to embody at this time. Do some deep soul-searching to illuminate the ways you most want to assist people in flourishing during our current chronic crises and beyond that as we usher in humanity's next era. Then confront and overcome any "Who am I to do this?" objections you might have. Look over the following roles and identify the hats you're most drawn to wear:

  • Role Model: I view being the change we want to see as being the most foundational form of healing and leadership that exists. How well we wear the other roles we're called to fill will only be as good as what we genuinely embody ourselves. This is why our own healing around the themes I have raised in this article is so imperative.
  • Facilitator: This hat can take any number of forms, including but not limited to healthcare professional, psychotherapist, counselor, coach, trainer, mediator, or trusted advisor.
  • Innovator: If you're a trailblazer, wear the hat of an audacious way-shower of new approaches and build your best avenues for doing this, such as books, videos, courses, etc.
  • Influencer: If you recognize that you have a lot to say, select the bully pulpit that most matches your superpowers -- hats to select from include keynotes, blogs, podcast hosting or guesting, media interviews, etc.
  • Leader: If you have a leader's architecture, own it, discover the contexts in which you're called to wear this hat (professional guilds, community organizations, spiritual communities, nonprofits, politics, business, etc.), and the kinds of leadership roles that most allow you to express your superpowers.

A framework for how you might assist your clients in shifting from Homo Sapiens through Homo Transiens to Homo Spiritus is what I hope is your second takeaway from this article. Make sure you get whatever support you need in order to fill the roles you're called to fill. That support might include help in getting clear about the hats you're called to wear, in clearing objections to stepping into those roles, in upleveling the skills you need to fill these roles well, in creating structures that enable you to fill your hats without sacrificing your personal wellbeing or cherished relationships, or in finding a support community so you don't feel alone while you're out on a limb in the world.

Next Steps to Consider Taking and Resources to Assist You

  • For more on my perspective about the evolutionary leap that humanity is currently undergoing, visit You'll find a collection of support resources toward the bottom of that page.
  • Add yourself to my contact list for those who are called to fill whatever their unique role is in helping humanity to leap into our new Homo Spiritus species:

Your Turn...
None of us can do all that is needed for humanity to outgrow species Homo Sapiens and emerge into species Homo Spiritus. If each of us fills our appointed role, all the bases that need to be covered will be covered. If not you, who? If not now, when? I encourage you to share with your Eden Energy Medicine community the vision of humanity's future you are called to help usher in and the roles you feel called to fill in helping humanity step into that future.

Dr. David Gruder, PhD, was ACEP's co-founder and first president. He is a clinical & organizational development psychologist and bestselling 12-award-winning Human Potential Strategist, Culture Architect & Business Lifecycle Psychologist, who was named America's Integrity Expert by Radio-TV Interview Report. Having written, contributed to, or been featured in, 26 books, he has also been featured multiple times in Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, and Nonprofit Performance magazines, in addition to hundreds of other media and podcast interviews. His mission is to catalyze Self-Sovereignty That Serves Us All & Governance That Serves Self-Sovereignty™, through providing keynotes, training programs, consulting, and mentoring worldwide. Read his perspectives on the future of humanity here: