EM and the Politics of Health Series

Energy Medicine and the Politics (Politeia) of Health

“Politics” is derived from the juicier Greek word, “politeia,” which implies an active engagement in which people empower each other to enhance their communities. – Jean Houston

“The Earth is what we all have in common.”

—Wendell Berry

Series Introduction

Donna Eden and David Feinstein

For the more than two decades of our organization’s existence, we have not advocated political positions. Our position is, rather, that our audience is anyone who has a body and is interested in keeping that body healthy and vital. Our mission, our company motto in fact, has always been “Raising the Vibration of the Planet, One Person at a Time.” We are intent that our work benefit everyone, regardless of where they fall on the political spectrum. We provide information and guidance on how to utilize an energy perspective to overcome illness and optimize your health and well-being. That is what we do.

While energy work is inherently apolitical, it does embody certain values that have social implications. For instance, our approach to health care is unconventional. To that end, we have encouraged our community to provide public comment opposing legislation in various states that would restrict innovative health care practices and practitioners. We have also consistently challenged the materialistic bias in medicine. We, rather, work with the inherent intelligence of the subtle energies that animate the human body. That is a scientific debate, but within our field, contesting the established medical paradigm is also a political act.

Despite these little forays into political matters, however, your political persuasion is unrelated to whether your body can benefit from energy-oriented procedures or whether it suffers when your energies are out of balance. Energy medicine is a great equalizer.

Our community has, in fact, let us know that they have plenty of sources for political opinions and appreciate that we do not try to be one of them. They have encouraged us to stay within our area of expertise: health care. But what about the area where politics impacts health?

Because a society’s choices exert such a powerful influence on the health of its citizens, we are introducing a new series, “Energy Medicine and the Politics of Health.” Links to the articles in the series follow and will be updated as new articles appear. We appreciate the opportunity to share these thoughts with you.