Physical and Emotional Healing for A Cancer Patient

An Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner (EEM-CP) applied principles of Energy Medicine in the care of her aunt who was diagnosed with lung cancer. A wide variety of approaches and techniques were used to help with the fear associated with the diagnosis and with the actual physical symptoms. A welcome and unexpected benefit of the treatment was a deep emotional healing, and deeper bonding between the two women.

Ellen Farrell, EEM-CP, (since 2011, she's become an EEM-AP). At that time she had a practice in Savannah, Georgia, but now resides in NYC. Here is her story:

“It was my great pleasure to know I had some skills that could perhaps ease some pain and help to bring harmony to the energies of my mother’s younger sibling, my dear aunt. Two summers ago in July of 2009, I learned of her diagnosis for Lung Cancer and her impending surgery. Earlier that summer, concern was raised about her difficulty with breathing. A large white mass was found on her lung. A subsequent Petscan confirmed the presence of the mass that the doctors diagnosed as cancer.

When I learned of this, I wanted to try some of the Eden Energy Medicine balancing treatments that had yielded so many positive results for my clients. I knew that I could apply and teach her balancing exercises to help her get through what I knew was a scary process.

I made the 7-hour drive to visit her in Florida, and we agreed to work over the Fourth of July weekend. I found that she needed the 3 Thumps, Cross Crawl, Wayne Cook, Diaphragm, and Hook/Zip up corrections. Many Meridians were out including the area of her cancer (Lung), Stomach, Gall Bladder, Spleen, Liver, and Triple Warmer. I did Element corrections as well, and taught her the Triple Warmer Regulator exercise. I worked her Radiant Circuits and her Chakras (deeply and checked Chakra/Grid anchors). She was advised to practice the exercise corrections daily, and did so!

After my visit, there were many tests and revisions to the initial diagnosis. Biopsies revealed “atypical cells” but were considered insufficient in quantity and quality for full analysis. Malignancy was still considered most probable, despite the lack of complete evidence. In August an operation on her lung was performed. The surgery was considered successful and post-operative tests gave a reason for the doctors to reduce the diagnosis to inflammatory pseudo-tumor and plasma subgranuloma – in other words, non-cancerous tissue.

I share this story for two reasons.

One: I did not have these tools when, just after I graduated from college, my maternal Nana became ill with Breast Cancer that had spread to her lungs. She passed soon after. She was extremely dear to me. I wish I had known about a way to help her.

Two: almost a year after my visit to my aunt, my eldest son was graduating high school (June, 2010, and I had one going into 11th grade, and my youngest graduating middle school), so family came into Savannah for the events, my aunt among them. She is a pragmatic Metal Element type, and so I was touched deeply by her expressing her feelings with me. During a walk, we discussed how she had made it through the difficult surgery, and then she became very quiet, and tears welled up as she shared ‘I don’t know how, but I truly feel that the work you did made a difference.’

After doing the work, I had felt something shift, a gentleness and openness came over her, a change I did not expect but met with gratitude. At the time, I just prayed that the EM would make a difference for her in her process with cancer. It seems that it did, and much more. I feel so grateful for these tools, and we plan to continue with Grid work on her this Spring.”

Update: We did complete correcting the grid which further strengthened her on many levels... Ellen later realized that at that time, her aunt was actually in a Metal Element phase (grief related issues holding sway due to exhaustion on mental and emotional levels that eventually affected her physically). Her aunt is a Wood Element, and now back in her natural assertiveness flow!

This case illustrates several compelling benefits of applied Energy Medicine. First, there is the possibility that it was a factor in upgrading of the diagnosis from cancerous to non-cancerous. It is not definitive since the biopsy was inconclusive, but Ellen reports that the doctors were quite surprised by the findings of non-cancerous tissue post-surgery. Second, it provided a means of communication between loved ones during a very difficult time and created a bridge resulting in a deeper bond than had previously existed. And third, it created a sense of empowerment for a person with a very threatening medical diagnosis, giving her a means to confront the condition and work through the consequences without becoming completely overwhelmed.

(Compiled by Jeff Armstrong)