Pain Chasing for Pain Relief

An Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner (EEM-CP) practitioner teaching an introductory Energy Medicine (EM) class found an opportunity to use the EM pain chasing technique to help one of her new students. She was able to dramatically improve a painful case of tendinitis and teach her student how to manage a case of sciatica.

Melanie Foster is an EEM Certified Practtioner in Oregon. She was recently teaching a weekly one-hour class with a new student. During the student introductions, this student, Jennifer, told Melanie that she was suffering from a three-year bout with tendinitis which created considerable pain and prevented the use of the affected arm for energy testing. Melanie told her that after class she would look to see if anything could be done.

During the class, Melanie taught the Daily Energy Routine. By the end of the class, Jennifer's major energy disorganizations were cleared. After class, Jennifer showed Melanie two different places on the outside of her arm where she experienced pain. One of the spots was a few inches above her wrist and the other was below her elbow joint.

Melanie told her that it looked as if both of the pain points were on the same meridian - Large Intestine. Melanie explained the concept of pain chasing, showed Jennifer the pathway of the Large Intestine meridian, and started the process. During the pain chasing, they found about 7 or 8 sore spots along the meridian. They held and massaged each spot when they found it. When they reached the end of the meridian, there was still one sore spot. Melanie held it a little longer while she held the meridian endpoint and the pain left.

Right after the pain left, Jennifer said, "My arm feels different". A few moments later, she said, "My whole left side feels different." After about a minute, she said, "I feel like a different person." She explained that she had this "tendinitis" for three years and had been working with a doctor who finally told her he couldn't help her.

Jennifer came to Melanie's next two classes and reported that the pain stayed away for 4-5 days after the first pain chasing. She was disappointed that the pain came back, but Melanie assured her that they were on the right track. She simply required another treatment. They repeated the pain chasing process. This time the pain stayed mostly gone for seven days. A significant change was that when the pain did return, it no longer impeded Jennifer's activities.

Melanie also showed Jennifer how to sedate her Large Intestine meridian, as well as how to spin a crystal or a magnet over the meridian and sore area to keep the energy from building up again.

In addition to the pain in her arm, Jennifer also told Melanie about a sciatica pain that she suffered in her right hip. Melanie showed her how to sedate the Circulation/Sex meridian. Jennifer reported that the hip pain went away following this process.

Melanie described the experience as "exhilarating," seeing the pain chasing process work so effectively and exactly as promised.

Melanie Foster is available for comments and inquiries pertaining to this case. She can be reached by email at: [email protected]

(Compiled by Jeff Armstrong, June 2010)