On-The-Spot Relief in India

Eva Gold is an EEM Advanced Practitioner and Certification Program Faculty Member based in Toronto. She teamed up with Donna and David in late January for a most interesting collaboration.

Donna and David were invited to present a keynote address at a major healing conference in India. Their travel schedule didn’t allow them to attend. Instead they delivered their presentation electronically from the U.S. while the entire conference was gathered and listening to them in India. Meanwhile, Eva flew to India to follow their talk with an in-person keynote and a post-conference class.

The response from the participants was overwhelmingly enthusiastic and Eva had many magical moments. One occurred when a physician attending the conference asked for Eva’s help with his wife.

Eva was outside during one of the breaks when she was approached by the couple. The woman was in considerable discomfort, and her husband asked Eva for help. The following is Eva’s account of how she was able to offer on-the-spot Energy Medicine techniques to help:

The woman was in obvious pain. Gently guided by her husband along the courtyard path, the middle-aged woman was hunched over and barely able to walk. They recognized me from a lecture I had given earlier that day. He approached me and asked, “Please, can you help us? My wife is experiencing the most severe headache and we don’t know what to do!” As it turned out, moments before the woman had tried out an electronic gadget that was supposed to be able to balance her brainwaves. Instead, it left her helpless and in pain.

Most of the energy work I do is within the confines of my clinic, but since EEM can be done anytime, anywhere, I sprang into action. Normally I would start with some energy tests, but given the urgency of the situation, I began to work on her right away. We sat the woman down and I started a vigorous crown pull, massaging deep into the scalp. I continued by tracing her Bladder meridian, slowly moving the charge away from her head and down the back and off the feet. I then held her feet down, connecting her to Earth. After three repetitions of the sequence I asked her how she felt. She opened her eyes, stood up, and smiled.

“It’s gone!” she proclaimed. Although I’ve seen many wondrous results with EEM, I’m always surprised and humbled at how powerful it can be.

One final comment: If the woman had energy tested the brainwave device first, she stood a good chance of being warned off from its use and could have avoided this unpleasant experience. The encounter reminded me of how difficult it can be to convince students and practitioners to use the muscle tests that are such an integral part of our EEM detective work. I must admit, as a student, it took me a long time to transform my attitude towards energy testing. I was reluctant to use the method at first, but it soon became a crucial part of my practice that I use with confidence every day. Today I view energy testing as both a skill and an art, but it has become my most trusted tool when working with people’s energies.

Eva Gold (CNHP, EEM-AP) is an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner (EEM-AP), Authorized Energy Medicine for Women Instructor, and Faculty Member of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program. She is also a Licensed Natural Health and Medical Qi Gong Practitioner. You can reach Eva at [email protected].