Migraine Relief and NOW an EEM Student!

For over 25 years I had chronic Migraines. The headaches would come two or more times each week and sometimes last for days. I tried the traditional allopathic medicine route first. I took beta blockers, antidepressants and triptans. After a while, these lost their effectiveness and produced harsh side effects. I then tried various holistic medical alternatives. I was on a gluten-free, low-sugar diet and avoided processed food like MSG and artificial sweeteners. I took supplements like Magnesium and Vitamin D. I regularly visited the chiropractor and therapist. I occasionally had acupuncture, reiki or therapeutic touch treatments. I tried yoga and relaxation to decrease my stress. I spent thousands of dollars on treatments, doctors, therapies...and still found very limited relief. The most I could ever manage to string together was 2 weeks without a headache, and that was rare. I was extremely frustrated and overwhelmed.

Michelle Brzezniak

Michelle Brzezniak

Losing hope, in Spring 2016, I stumbled upon an email with a link to Donna Eden's Daily Energy Routine (DER) on YouTube. With nothing to lose I tried it, reluctantly. Per Donna’s suggestion, I committed to doing the DER once a day for a couple of weeks. For the first time in 25 years I actually made it two and a half weeks without a headache!! Not only that, my body felt completely refreshed and more alive than it had in a very long time. Convinced the DER was the reason for my success, I started doing it twice daily without fail. I also did it anytime I felt a headache coming on. When my Migraines returned again after two weeks, I looked on YouTube again for more help. I added Donna Eden’s Tension Headache relief exercise to my daily routine. This time, I made it an unheard of four and a half weeks!! Now I knew I was onto something miraculous. I continued the exercises for a few months and averaged about one headache per month. Gradually I found I could go longer and longer between them. Now that it’s been two years, I'm pleased to report that I rarely get a Migraine. When I do, they are mild in comparison and I immediately use the tools I have learned and recover quickly.

Reflecting back, I am still so amazed. I cannot express just how much this has changed my life. I really had lost any hope of freedom from my chronic Migraines. Twice a week, and sometimes for days I would live my life in pain, nausea and under a veil of depression. Each time I started to feel the familiar twinge of pain behind my eyes, I became overwhelmed. I felt I had tried just about everything and would be forced to live my life in pain. With this sudden unexpected relief...I really had to reinvent my life. Now I could shed the icepacks and start really living my life with my husband and two young children. Suddenly, I had so much more time, energy, and more zest for life.

With such extreme gratitude for this work, I decided to learn everything I could about Eden Energy Medicine. I really wanted to take her classes, but there were no practitioners or teachers in my area at the time. Traveling to Arizona was always an option, but was really not affordable or realistic to me. I focused on her books and videos.

About a year later I developed another physical issue. Confident that EEM could help, I looked online to see if I could find an EEM practitioner nearby. I was both surprised and delighted to find Mary Lichtenstein who lives only about one and a half hours from me. I jumped at the opportunity to work with Mary and have never regretted my decision. Within a few months Mary announced she was teaching Foundations, the first year of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program. This was the first year it was available near me and I was beyond thrilled. At first, I wasn't sure I could handle the investment of time and money. However, I just set the intention that it was going to happen and somehow it has all worked out. I’m currently halfway through Year 1, along with a wonderful, loving group of teachers and students. I really hope to be able continue with my studies. It is very intense learning, but it is so practical, and I use it all the time. I practice on my family, friends and myself...and it works so well!!

This literally has been a lifelong journey for me. For so many years I had been searching for a natural, simple solution to my years of pain and frustration. My dreams have indeed come true. Who knew the answers to my countless hours of pain were within me the whole time? Who knew I could do these things for myself at my own convenience? I sincerely thank Donna Eden for teaching this wonderful skill!! I cannot begin to express how grateful I am. I hope I can return the favor to others by helping them as I become an EEM practitioner myself.

Michelle Brzezniak
[email protected]
Rochester, NY