Locked Jaw

Submitted by: Diane Grant

Client's Comments:

My jaw locked in the middle of the night when I yawned. I ignored it thinking it would go away on its own.

It got to the point that I was having problems eating and even talking.

Went to the family Dr., who thought it was Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) and referred me to a chiropractor to try and do some active release. It didn't work.

The Dr. then arranged an orthodontic surgeon, who also couldn't do anything, and then went for an Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This had now been going on for about 6 months without any relief.

My wife made an appointment with EEM Certified Practitioner (EEM-CP), Diane Grant as a birthday gift, as it was something I would never have done.

During the initial session (the only one I ever had), I came out of the office with the jaw problem gone, and it has never returned.

Time period on this problem was from January 2002 when it started to September 2002 when it was gone.


Practitioner's Comments:

When Steven came into my office, he was quite pale and his energy level was low. He was unable to open his jaw more than one inch and it was hard for him to talk or eat. His energies were running in a homolateral pattern.

We did a the Five-minute Daily Energy Routine together and he laid on the table. When scanning his energy holding K1 points, I could feel his energy flowing much easier through one side of his body.

We worked with Triple Warmer and Spleen, and also Gall Bladder energy.

I also worked directly with both jaws, with stretching and spindle cells, and also showed him how to work with these.

As Steven stated when he came out of the session, the problem with his jaw which had been locked for 8 months was gone.

This session was done very gently, and with much respect for the client as they all must be. He had never had an Energy Medicine session and was a true skeptic when he came in.

Diane Grant, July 2006