Improving Vision and Eye Health Through EEM

Two Ophthalmologists and an Optometrist say, “It’s miraculous!”

By Sarah Owen

Initial Condition

In May of 2017 I had a flash of light in my right eye. It had happened before and ended up being nothing. I boarded a plane the next morning and left for a teaching assignment.

While away, my eye became more and more veiled until I had only a small area of peripheral vision. A trip to the ophthalmologist resulted in a diagnosis of detached retina and macula with much disorganization in my inner eye.

Sarah Owen

The best prognosis with immediate surgery and the addition of good corrective lenses was to have 20/40 vision in that eye.

The following week I had retinal surgery. I was determined to use all my Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) knowledge to improve my vision beyond that of the prognosis.

EEM Interventions

Immediately after the surgery, I checked and balanced vortexes that had developed. I also cleared the energy and traced figure 8s over my eye.

I continued this daily and added working with the 3 meridians most important for the eyes – liver, kidney stomach – flushing or 3-pointing them daily.

I discovered that kidney was the most important for me and still work with this meridian every day. Each time I strengthened kidney, I noticed a bit more clarity in my vision.

At my follow up appointment a week later my vision was already at 20/40 – without any sort of corrective lenses. My retinal surgeon was quite impressed!

Throughout the next 18 months, I continued EEM work and added numerous other eye exercises: spindle cell pinching around the eye and eyebrow, the crown pull, and gently pressing in around the eyeball.

Also, I did lots of tapping – on the stomach, cheekbone points under the eyes, and on my index finger on the closed eyelid. This latter exercise plus palming really gave both of my eyes the rest and energy they needed. I will continue these eye health exercises for the rest of my life.

Other Treatments

As predicted, a cataract grew over my eye and vision became fuzzier and dimmer. Lights became a hazy blur and driving at night was a stressful experience. The distance I could see well was decreasing.

Time for cataract surgery. This ophthalmologist was not very hopeful about my vision improving much. She was hesitant about doing the surgery at all.

Immediately after this surgery, I noticed a marked improvement, even while wearing an eye patch. My eye had continued to heal and improve underneath the cataract! The next day follow up appointment revealed my vision to be 20/30.

The Aftermath

Of course I’ve kept working with EEM for my eyes. My last check up two weeks ago revealed vision in this eye to now be 20/20! Another ophthalmologist has now stated that “it’s really like a miracle."

This eye, despite all of its trauma and because it’s had so much EEM attention, now sees better than my other eye. Time to intensify my EEM work on my left eye!

About Sarah

Sarah Owen, MS, LPC, EEM-AP, CYT is a founding faculty member of the Eden Energy Medicine Institute and a licensed psychotherapist. She combines EEM and therapy techniques with her clients and in her yoga classes. One of her favorite things (other than riding horses) is mentoring EEM Year 3 students! You can reach her at [email protected]