Hypertension, Digestive Disorders, and Spiritual Awakening

Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner (EEM-CP), Gopita Manning, recently worked with a client who had a number of physical ailments. Application of Eden Energy Medicine techniques resulted in a dramatic alleviation of those symptoms; but more importantly opened her client energetically to a very profound spiritual transformation.

Gopita Katharine Manning, M.A., M.S.W., has an Energy Medicine (EM) practice in Southern California. One of her clients, Fritz Varga, came to her because he needed, in his words, “to find a direction to go to heal my body.” Fritz was 67 years old. He was suffering from hypertension, very elevated blood sugar, digestive disorders, and a tendency to believe he was inheriting his mother’s adult onset diabetes. Fritz was quite unhappy with his physical state. He was used to controlling things, “muscling through,” being a success and forging through his life. But now he found that this was not a successful strategy for dealing with his ailments.

Gopita tested his meridians and found that several were frozen or submerged. Fritz had very little energy running through his kidney meridian. Gopita began flushing and tracing and holding his kidney points. She noticed that his liver energies and chi were blocked. He was, in terms of Five Element terminology, a very “stuck wood”.

Fritz told her that he was doing hours of daily Tai Chi for exercise and to ‘de-stress.’ Gopita knew that he was motivated, so she taught him the Daily Routine and asked him to add that to the beginning of his Tai Chi exercises.

Within days, Fritz called her and said that he had seen a big improvement in his energies. His wife came for a session soon after. Both became clients and started attending workshops and seminars. The communication between husband and wife improved tremendously. The changes even brought Fritz closer to his two sons.

In a very short time, Fritz came back for a session with Gopita with very good news: his blood pressure and his blood sugar levels had moved to normal range. On top of that, he appeared to Gopita to be at least ten years younger. Fritz actually looked as if something had completely given way, revealing a vulnerable, sweetheart of a man, not at all intimidating, and always with a bit of a tear in his eye and a sweetness in his voice. He was filled with happiness and joy, whereas before he was tight, controlled and appeared angry a great deal of the time.

It seemed as if Fritz was having a spiritual awakening. In fact, he told Gopita that “when you put your hands on my head, something changed…” Gopita offered her interpretation that perhaps he had been going through an archetypical pattern some called a ‘dark night of the soul’. He had been struggling for some time, but his inherent tenacity and discipline had pulled him through. In terms of the Five Elements, this might be called the end of the Metal Cycle, or the Shaman’s Death.

Gopita suggested to Fritz that he seemed to be having a very profound spiritual emergence, likening some of his movements of energy to a Kundalini awakening, aided as a result of his hours of Tai Chi daily practice. She asked him to back off some of his Tai Chi and breathing practices, because sometimes wood element people need to try less hard. He took her advice and continues to excel.

Her last session with Fritz consisted mostly of a neurovascular treatment – holding his frontal eminence points for about fifteen minutes. She also hooked up his power point and third eye, and perceived figure 8’s almost galloping up his spine.

Fritz is doing well now. Gopita considers her experience with him to be one of the most successful sessions she has given. Not only because of the improvement of his physical condition, but because they were able to achieve a congruency and alignment that went far beyond a physical healing.