Helping a Toddler with Reflux Issues

by Meredith Brown

As a new mother, I was frustrated with the feeling of helplessness that came with a sick baby with reflux issues. Not knowing what to do, I would call our pediatrician or take my daughter to the doctor’s office. I was completely dependent on whatever the doctor told us. Sometimes medications were prescribed, and sometimes we were told to “wait it out.” As so many of you know, there is no pain like seeing your child suffer. 

I happened upon Donna Eden's work during a parenting workshop, and I purchased her book, Energy Medicine. I hadn't even read the whole thing yet when my daughter, 3 years old by then, came down with a stomach bug. This, of course, meant bouts of unpleasant vomiting—for both of us!

I had just started to learn about muscle testing and kinesiology, and I knew that something from Donna's book would be beneficial for my daughter. With testing, sedating the Stomach meridian came up. I could see that my daughter was nearing the point of vomiting again, so I called to my husband to come quickly and help me. I had him hold the sedating points on one side of her body while I held the others.

As my husband and I worked through both sets of points, I could visibly see her demeanor change. She calmed down very quickly. Within five minutes she was peacefully asleep on the couch! To see such a rapid and complete shift was really unbelievable! Just moments before, she had been showing the telltale signs that she was about to vomit. Then just minutes later she was peacefully sleeping! For this gift alone, I am eternally grateful!

We had been using essential oils since she first showed signs of illness. They were helpful, but they didn’t produce the astounding effects that sedating the Stomach meridian provided.

I was completely blown away by the effectiveness of sedating the Stomach meridian. My heavens—imagine if every mother knew how to do this for their children! The feeling of EMPOWERMENT that these techniques bring is priceless. As a mother, to be able to DO SOMETHING to help my child—I cannot describe the sense of comfort that brings. 

With love and gratitude, I thank you, Donna Eden, for sharing your gifts with the world! 

Written by Meredith Brown
[email protected]