Healing Lyme Disease

A psychotherapist learned of Energy Medicine at a conference she attended. At that time, she was suffering from Lyme disease and a constellation of symptoms, including high anxiety, intense sadness, and fear. Three years after that introduction, she became an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner (EEM-CP), the Lyme disease completely disappeared, and the stress, sadness and fear were all in the past. She now finds her life filled with promise and opportunity.

Sally Smith (for privacy reasons, this is a pseudonym) began working with Eden Energy Medicine in 2007. At that time, she was suffering from a deeply embedded, long-term sadness over her inability to have a second child. She had become pregnant after using fertility drugs but miscarried at 11 weeks into the pregnancy. She was overcome by grief. Though she expected to move through the grief and on to emotional recovery, her body was so depleted by the loss that it was vulnerable. In this state, she contracted Lyme disease, which resulted in a cycle of fear and worry that she now had a chronic condition from which she would never recover.

It was in that state that Sally first began working with Eden Energy Medicine. She had learned of Donna while attending a conference for psychotherapists, but she had not done any formal training. Still, determined to find some measure of healing, she invited a group of friends over to her house Sunday evenings to watch Donna teach the five-day introduction to Energy Medicine on DVD. It was a leap of faith for Sally, since neither she nor any of her friends knew anything about Energy Medicine. In that spirit of faith and wonderment, they practiced on each other in Sally’s basement.

Over time, a series of changes occurred:

  • Continued practice of the Daily Energy Routine helped Sally begin to feel energy in her body for the first time. As a result, she began to trust the innate healing power in her body.
  • In addition to performing the Daily Routine (several times a day), she used many other techniques during her transition to health, including:
  • Activating Radiant Circuits.
  • All methods of sedating Triple Warmer and strengthening Spleen throughout the day.
  • Holding Neurovascular Points to help alleviate stress.
  • Supporting her liver by tracing the meridian.
  • Keeping the gates on her hands open.
  • Energy testing potential medications helped her make better decisions. Since there is no standard protocol for treating Lyme, there were a number of medicinal options presented to her. Once she realized she was testing strong on herbs alone, she was able to move off antibiotics.
  • She became more mindful and self-aware, tuning into her heart center to discover the thoughts and experiences that created positive energy.
  • She made friends with a loving group of people in her study group, which reinforced the positive changes in her outlook.
  • She bought a massage table and began giving sessions to her husband and son. The spinal flush, Hook-up, and belt-flow became part of their family culture, replacing the fear and complete dependence on prescription drugs.

Sally felt well for many months and had been symptom-free and off all medications for eight months. Just three weeks prior to publishing this Case History, she got confirmation that the Lyme disease had been healed. She had three different tests for inflammation in the body and for evidence of common Lyme co-infections. Each of those tests had given very high readings when she was in the midst of the disease, and were all in the normal range as of this publication. Her hyperthyroid condition, which seemed to be related to the Lyme disease, had disappeared and her thyroid tests were in the normal range.

Sally felt Energy Medicine was a critical factor in her healing. She continued to work with a doctor throughout her healing process but felt that without Energy Medicine, the traditional medical approach would never have yielded such a positive result. She noted that with the exception of just a few sessions she received from others, all of her Energy Medicine work had been self-applied. She attributed her success to her persistent application of the basics.

She has moved into a new home and opened a private practice as an “energy-aware” psychotherapist offering her new healing insights in her professional role.

Sally also found that as her spleen energy came into its natural strength, she joyfully opened to the idea of alternative parental choices and began pursuing adoption. She sent figure-8s every night to the baby that she knew would find her at just the right time.

In her own words, Sally says:

“I am so grateful to Donna and David and Julie Lappin (her first teacher) and everyone at Innersource for living and teaching energy in a way that inspires and encourages us all to claim our birthright to incredible joy, peace, and health. I have befriended Triple Warmer, and my heart is wide open . . . and I suspect this is just the beginning.”