Flipping A Breech Baby!

By Rose Mattax, LCPC, EEM-AP

One Thursday afternoon, I received a call from a lovely young woman named Stacey (the names have been changed) whom I'd been seeing as a client for a number of years. But this time Stacey was calling on behalf of her sister, Jenny, who was pregnant with her second son.

Jenny was due to deliver the baby, already named Mark, any day. The problem was that Mark was in a breech position, with his feet sitting firmly on top of Jenny's cervix. Stacey explained that a caesarean section had been scheduled for the following Monday to surgically remove the baby.

With a sigh, Stacey asked, "Is there anything you can do to help?"

"Supposedly," I replied, "but I've never personally turned a breech baby before. Why don't you come in Saturday afternoon, and we'll see what we can do."

After the call, I immediately hopped onto Facebook and posted a query to the Eden Energy Medicine Facebook Group page. This page is a phenomenal resource for Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) practitioners. I always find a mix of fresh ideas and important reminders about much of what we've learned in our EEM training. My question that Thursday was if anyone knew how to help turn a breech baby using EEM.

Breech Baby

Breech Baby

As usual, my question garnered a number of responses from several different practitioners, and in this case they were all saying pretty much the same thing. Basically, I was reminded of Donna's advice to spin the second chakra counterclockwise (although some babies prefer a clockwise spin). A few other suggestions seemed relevant, especially to hold the main Neurovascular Points in order to reduce the expectant mom's stress.

When Saturday came, I felt well prepared to do what I could. But as fate would have it, Stacey and Jenny got caught in an awful traffic jam, and by the time they arrived, we had a scant 30 minutes to work together.

Determined to give it my all, I asked Stacey to hold Jenny's main Neurovascular Points while I commenced with spinning her second chakra in a counterclockwise direction. This seemed to meet with Mark's approval, as he was a very busy baby while I worked; we could actually see him bouncing around. At one point, his head was so prominently protruding near the top of Jenny's uterus that I could actually pat it gently. It was a wonderful way to connect! I also spoke to Mark throughout the chakra work, letting him know we were excited about his arrival.

"Every time I've done a chakra clearing on a pregnant woman, I can feel the child responding. The energies of the unborn child are distinct from those of the mother, and the child's response makes me happy."

~ Donna Eden, Energy Medicine, (p. 286)

However, as we worked, I began to pick up a strong, almost visceral, sensation of worry in Mark's body. Not cerebral at all; it was a definite physical sensation that seemed to emanate from the core of his little body. Quietly, I asked Jenny if she was worried about anything other than the breech birth. Jenny and Stacey shared the story.

Jenny's first son, Leo, was delivered the traditional head-first way, but it had been a traumatic birth because the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck. Everything turned out fine, but the wrapped cord had necessitated the use of forceps and suction, which really upset Jenny. She was worried this would happen with Mark.

"Well, no wonder your baby is standing on his feet," I said. "He feels your worry!"

Immediately, I checked the energy flow in Jenny's Stomach meridian, since its emotional polarity is worry versus trust. Indeed, it was in a state of over-energy, so I took time away from spinning the second chakra to sedate Jenny's Stomach meridian.

Then, with the few minutes we had left, I gave Jenny's second chakra several final counterclockwise spins. By then, Mark had become very calm, perhaps deciding it was time to take a power nap in preparation for the big event on Monday. I wished them all well and asked Stacey to email me as soon as Mark was born.

Monday morning, the day Jenny's c-section was planned, I received an email from Stacey with these words in the subject line: YOU DID IT! It turned out Mark had flipped over the weekend.

But Mark apparently hadn't yet gotten totally enthused about joining us; it was still a somewhat challenging labor. Mark was born Tuesday morning, weighing in at 8 pounds, 4 ounces. He was 21 inches long, and mom and baby were both happy and healthy.

By the way, Jenny had never experienced Energy Medicine of any kind before. I think this was a very good introduction!

Submitted by EEM Advanced Practitioner, Rose Mattax, May 2013.