Family Member Going Off Atenolol After 20 Years

By Karen L. Semmelman, EEMCP, JD, AAML

A family member (whom I'll call Mark) was placed on atenolol 20 years ago because he had a rapid heart rate during a stress test. No deficiencies were found in the heart structure or supporting veins. The cardiologist believed, however, that it was a good preventative to use this beta blocker -- to make sure excess adrenaline did not make its way to the heart with adverse effects.

I taught Mark some basics of Eden Energy Medicine (EEM), and he found that when he did have periodic arrhythmic beats of his heart, tracing Heart meridian forward at least three times or biting down on both little fingers at the nail beds (acupressure points at end of Heart meridian) would stop the irregularity. Encouraged by these results, he consulted with a naturopathic doctor who suggested that it might be in his best interest to wean himself from the atenolol.

Previously, at Mark's request, I had tested the atenolol against his alarm points, and they had each tested weak (even after I had corrected any irregularity in the alarm points). Also, when the atenolol was placed in his field, his previously strong Spleen meridian went very weak. Even Mark could see that the pills were considered toxic by his body.

Thus, with his doctor's blessing, over a period of several months Mark reduced his atenolol dosage from two pills to one pill per day. If he had any irregular heart activity, he traced his Heart meridian forward or bit on his little fingers. But when he tried to reduce the amount to ½ pill per day, Mark found that his heart rate accelerated markedly, so he decided he would just continue taking one pill per day until some indefinite time in the future.

Several months later, our family arranged to meet at a vacation resort. Mark left home on Wednesday and forgot his atenolol. For several days, he had only periodic symptoms of an inconsequential nature that he fixed in his regular way. But on Sunday morning, his heart rate, which was normally around 60, was now racing at 95 and had been up to 120.

Mark told me that he'd read online that the effects of withdraw from atenolol did include rapid heart rate. He thought that was what was happening and wanted to know if I could assist him. I gladly agreed but did suggest he contact a local physician to obtain his medication in case he needed it.

Mark didn't want to make a big deal out of the situation and asked if we could just try to deal with it in a casual way. I told him we could try for a while, but if his heart rate didn't stabilize soon, we would seek medical help. He agreed.

Settled quietly on the living room couch, I held the strengthening points for Heart meridian on Mark for about 10 minutes. While I held the points, I had Mark hold his own Heart Source Points. I then checked his Flow and Control Cycles and found that Water to Heart (Fire Rhythm) was disconnected, as was Wood to Heart (Fire Rhythm), so I reconnected them.

As we worked, Mark's pulse rate kept reducing. We were able to get the rate from 95 down to 80. However, we were both still concerned, so we moved into the bedroom so he could lie down and I could assess his energy systems more easily.

I did the following:

  • Checked and corrected irregularities in Lung, Heart, Liver, and Circulation-Sex Alarm Points (all of which relate to Heart meridian in one way or another).
  • Did a Quickie Energy Balancer.
  • Connected the Heart Electric Point to the Groin Electric Point.
  • Did a Deep Electrics session for one hour.

During the Deep Electrics session, since I was sitting at Mark's head, I found it very effective to place the top of my head at the pineal point against the top of his head at the same point. After holding this position with our heads touching for about 15 minutes, I felt a major surge of my energy tap into Mark's energy. I removed my head, rested for 10 minutes, then held my head against Mark's for another 10 minutes, with the same energy surge effect.

As the Deep Electrics session progressed, Mark checked his pulse regularly and found it was dramatically reducing. By about 30 minutes into the session, it was down to a 68 pulse rate, and by the time the Deep Electrics session was completed, his rate was down to 62. As I finished the session, sedated Kidney meridian, and stabilized his body with figure 8s, his rate was at 60, where it held.

The next morning, Mark reported that his rate was back up to 80, and I reminded him that he needed to hold his Heart Strengthening Points each morning and hold the Heart Source Points several times during the day. I also showed him the homework for the reconnections we had made with his Flow and Control Cycles.

He has done his homework faithfully, and his heart rate has stayed regular without the atenolol. I am so appreciative, as is Mark, that we had these tools at our fingertips to support his body and help it regain stability. This truly is the magic of Energy Medicine.